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INTERESTING STUFF – 8 December 2018

It's a Wonderful Life

Because my son and his family are due here this weekend so we can spend some in-person time together, I've been looking for a quick way out of having to think too hard for a post today while I get ready for their arrival. This may be a nice solution.

Crabby Old Lady's disdain for the months-long holiday season in the U.S. notwithstanding, there is at least one classic Christmas movie I watch almost every year.

Is there anyone alive who can resist Jimmy Stewart in It's a Wonderful Life?

Like two other favorites of mine - Casablanca and The Third Man - I pretty much know the entire script by heart but, like many little kids, I still enjoy having a familiar old story retold to me.

Back in the 1930s through part of the 1950s, there was a popular radio program titled Lux Radio Theater. The show recreated Broadway shows and, later, popular movies for radio audiences using the original actors. I listened to a lot of these when I was growing up.

One of the great values of radio (and, these days, podcasts) over television is that you can do all kinds of other things while listening and last year, I discovered that some of these old radio programs are available for free on Youtube.

This has come in handy in recent weeks as, due to the lung cancer, my energy level has diminished a great deal and I need to do everything much more slowly than before, leaving less time for video or TV.

So I've substituted podcasts and some old radio shows to listen to while I get other mindless chores done.

This “Lux Radio Theater” production of It's a Wonderful Life was first presented on 10 March 1947 starring the original actors from the movie, Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed who, of course, your grandchildren have probably never heard of. Oh well.

You're stuck with Lux soap commercials but they're kind of interesting in their own right as advertising artifacts from a distant past. There is no video – just the black screen and the audio. I hope you find time to enjoy it.


I'm so excited for you that you'll be spending time with your son and family--I think that's wonderful!

Regarding Christmas stories, my book club's selection for December was a short, easy read--"A Christmas Memory" by Truman Capote. I think that too is a classic, as is the Emmy award winning tv movie of the same name, done in the 60s, narrated by Capote and starring Geraldine Page. It's available also on you tube.

An in-person visit with your son and his family this weekend! I’m so excited for everyone. No creative medium or message can surpass your magic reunion this season and those to come. XO

This will be a memorable weekend, and did you consider having an experience so weighted with emotional possibilities, new perspectives and attitudes that will likely arise, at this age? How freakin' exciting!

More people to welcome and fit into your already-full, and readily-expandable heart.

Just wow.

It's a Wonderful Life is one of my two favorite Christmas movies. I didn't know there was a radio version. Can't wait to listen to it.

Enjoy your time with your newly found family. There will be a lot to process, I imagine.

Wonderful, I will be thinking warm thoughts of you all this weekend.

It's a Wonderfulf Life- my all time favorite movie. My mom, who lives with me, was a radio soap opera star in Canada in her younger career, and I think she and I will enjoy listening to this recording very much.

Wishing that each of you find your visit together comfortable and meaningful.
PS My favorite holiday movie is Rare Exports (Finnish; 2010) Weirdly wonderful.

Have an excellent visit. I love podcasts too.

Thank your for the link to It's A Wonderful Life. I love the movie and have watched it at least every year at Christmas, but I wasn't aware that there's a radio version. I'll definitely be checking it out!

I also love the movie that Nana Royer mentioned already -- Truman Capote's A Christmas Memory is one of my favorites too. It's available on Youtube also, and so calming and good for the soul.

I hope your visit with your son and his family goes very well. I'm so happy that you all have this opportunity.

And your life is also wonderful. Thanks for the radio link...can't wait to listen!

This all sounds good to me.

Thanks for this, and have a wonderful visit with your family, Ronni!

How wonderful that you and Tom and his family have this chance to meet and get to know each other! I hope it is everything that you and he could wish...and more!

Love podcast, too.

Soak up every bit of this weekend and enjoy!

Sounds like a very special holiday season is coming together for you. Enjoy!

Wishing you, your son and the rest of your family much joy and lots of fun!

Move in a little tighter shipmates......we need to make room for Tom and his family!
Thinking of you this weekend and so happy this is happening for you, your son, and his family.

Enjoy your visit! Thank you for the link. I’m cross stitching gift tags today and look forward to listening to this. I watch this and other classics every year while I wrap gifts but my favorite has always been A Christmas Carol with Alastair Sim. Watched it yesterday.

Best wishes for a warm and successful family reunion.

The only Christmas film I ever watch is “We’re No Angels”, the 1955 version with Humphrey Bogart, Peter Ustinov and Aldo Ray.

It's a Wonderful Life is a favorite of mine, too. I even have a Christmas village of the buildings that were in the story. I think Target or Mervyns produced it a few decades ago. I've not put the village out the past few years due to lack of time and energy but have been thinking about the little buildings, all stored away right now in boxes in a storage unit a couple of miles from here. Doesn't do anyone any good tucked away like that. The school librarian where I volunteer and read stories to first and second graders may take the boxes of buildings to use in her Christmas display.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend getting to know a family you didn't know existed until a few months ago. I think grandchildren are just the best thing.

I am so happy and excited for you and your son that you will meet after these many years. The grandson and daughter-in-law will be icing on the cake. What a wonderful gift for the holiday season.

I know Tom will be so proud of his fantastic Mom and I wish for all of you a joyous time of getting to know each other.

"A Wonderful Life" is just the tonic we need to escape the toxic climate of today. The story is one of happy endings and we all hope for those.

I’m so happy that you and your family will be getting together. Enjoy!

Many good wishes for your family gathering! May love reign supreme.

I too mostly disdain the holiday kerfuffle, though I do love to see holiday lights twinkling from between the trees, or in the countryside, over a hill. And I love Solstice, the return of the sun, the bonfires we used to have to celebrate that. And yes, I also love "It's a Wonderful
Life," and will undoubtedly watch it again this year.

What a momentous occasion for you and your son with his family — sending warm caring feelings for a memorable experience this special season and at this time in your life.

Lux Radio Theatre was a favorite radio program I enjoyed listening to when I was a young girl. I’ve enjoyed viewing on occasion the movie you mention, but there are none I watch every year. I do enjoy replaying lots of favorite holiday music with my older preferred orchestras and performers as few of the current new songs, or current renditions of my old favorites give me the same pleasure, or elicit treasured memories.

What fun! Have a great weekend.

So glad you are going to spend a weekend with your son and his family and get to know each other.
I must say i had never thought DNA tests very useful (except in police matters of course) but your story made me change my mind.
Enjoy this time together!

I will look forward to reading about your reunion, if it's not to personal to share. It's difficult for me to even imagine the emotions.

Your mention of the "The Third Man" reminded me that I'd recently seen it on The New Yorker's list of what to watch this weekend (on netflix). The theme from "The Third Man" was the only request my poor old alcoholic father made for his funeral services (that and his wish not to be embalmed, which we were unable to fulfill due to the existence of his wife of the moment).

Anyway, I know that just watching it will not enlighten my siblings and I as to the significance of that song, but I think I'll watch it anyway.

Does anyone else love "The Bishop's Wife" as a favorite holiday film? Just lovely and dreamily beautiful. (How could it not be with Cary Grant and Loretta Young!)

I too watch It's a Wonderful Life every year - I remember waiting with anticipation for it to be shown every year when I was a kid. I am smiling to think of the weekend you and your newly discovered family members will have. This may be better than hanging out with puppies.

Good luck with your visit! I hope it all goes well.

I listen to a Saturday oldies radio program online. Old time radio was before my time. Really enjoy it.

A woman in my kettlebell class always watches The Bishops Wife every Christmas. She loves it. I plan to see it. I just saw A Christmas Story this afternoon and loved it. I am planning on seeing a Barbara Stanwyck movie that is not a Christmas movie but takes place around Christmas.

I know you will enjoy the family visit. Look forward to reading about it!

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