ELDER MUSIC: Christmas 2018
A TGB READER STORY: You Want Me to Do What?

Merry Christmas 2018

Greetings a day early because I will be away for the next few days and offline. There will be a Reader Story tomorrow but I'm taking off the rest of the week.

It's been an amazing year for me navigating my way through this cancer stuff. Your support and love and care and concern mean everything to me and there are not words to thank you all for being here day in and day out.

And meeting the son I gave up for adoption 56 years ago, getting to know him and his family has been a magnificent surprise out of nowhere I could never have anticipated. The happiest event that has happened to me – perhaps ever.

And now for what has become a Time Goes By tradition, the seventh annual playback of Penelope Keith's marvelous reading – as Miss Cynthia Bracegirdle – of And Yet Another Partridge in a Pear Tree: A Cautionary Tale for Christmas Showing That it is Better to Give than to Receive.

It was originally broadcast on the BBC (Radio 4) on 25 December 1977 – and is wickedly funny.

Penelope Keith - And Yet Another Partridge in a Pear Tree

Whatever you celebrate this time of year, Ronni and Crabby Old Lady thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the fine community you create and sustain here all year every year and we wish you a big, fat, bright red



Enjoy and savor the feelings, the atmosphere, the food, the silence - whatever strikes you, wherever you are, during the holiday.

Thanks you Ronni, Peter, Norma and all of you fellow commenters for inspiration, honesty, help, belly laughs, new perspectives, with mutual companionship on this ship and before, as we wrote and and at times struggled our way over the years to where we are now.

Happy Holidays to you too, Ronni. You have been such a joy to know over these years. All the very best to you.

Wishing for all the friends, and especially you, Ronni, a lovely week of rest, repose, and-(lifted from an old song by *Bread* in the 70s-The Diary) "All the sweet things you can find."

Remembering too...This IS the irrational season. If Mary had been filled with 'reason' there have been no room for the child.

Whether one feels religious or not, a child, anyone's child, always opens my heart in ways I do not understand, but cherish. Perhaps that is a "Religion'' in itself for me. ..or at least the wee girl still residing inside.

Happy holidays to you and yours ... and hope to see plenty of posts in the new year.

Making a wee secret wish just for you, Ronni! Beyond that hope your holidays are especially filled with love and laughter.

Have a good time, where ever you're spending the holidays.

Wishing you a time of celebration as well as respite. Go, enjoy...

A big, fat, bright red Happy Holidays back at ya, Ronni & All!

Ronni's Mother and Son reunion is The Wonderful Life Story for evermore!

Have a happy time being away from the keyboard and screen for a few days. I'm so very grateful for all you've given here...what a bliss to share your experiences, friends, conversations, laughs, tears.

Hugs to you Ronni - for everything.
I hope you get to have your razor clams over the holidays.
Warmest wishes for the season.

Sending you holiday hugs 🌟❄️


Wishing you and your new-found family all the peace, love, and joy of this holiday season.

Happy holidays to you and your family. I am thrilled you received such a wonderful gift in getting to meet and know your son and his family.

Thank you for all YOUR support, bravery, thoughts, encouragement...you are a treasure, Ronni.

Happy, Happy Holidays to you and yours too!

Thank you so much, Ronni, for your clarity and vulnerability, your wit and wisdom, and your ability to share all of it with us. I read every day you post but have hardly ever responded--I have been deeply moved without having been moved to act, and I feel bad about that. But, however belatedly, I want to thank you and to wish you a peaceful, joyous holiday respite.

Thank you so very much for sharing your energy with us.

Enjoy your Holiday and new-found family. Thank you for all you've shared. Much happiness in 2019.

Have a wonderful week, Rooni. I hope it's being with your family and you are having a wonderful time.

To all of my friends on the good ship as we sail through the days on TGB have a super joyous holiday season. Peace and good health to you all.

Happy Holidays Ronni! You are and have been a tremendous blessing! Peace & Serenity to all.

Merry Christmas to you and a thank you for helping through my year after my cancer diagnosis

Merry Christmas Ronnie and all. Peace and happiness in large and small doses to you all.

What Simone and everyone else has said.
Luv U

My very best wishes to you, Ronnie, for a happy and peaceful holiday season. And to Peter and his assistant musicologist, Norma, thanks for filling our year with music. To this terrific community of commenters, blessings on every one.

Thanks, Roni for a great post re:Partridge in a pear tree.

Happiest of holidays to you, Ronni!

I am so happy that you got to meet your son, and more importantly, that he got to meet and know you!! What a lucky guy to discover that you're his mother. I'm sure he's already proud of you.

I hope you will somehow get to stay around longer - we need and want you here!

Blessings to you and yours.

Merry Christmas to all here! Wishing each and every one a warm and wondrous holiday!

Ronni, I hope that you are basking in love and joy, where ever you are this week!

Big hugs to you Ronni! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!! Thank you for everything you do. You are amazing.

Happy holidays to you, newly acquired family!

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