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Twas the Day After Christmas

Just checking in. I'm home from my little trip and getting settled in again.

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday, however you celebrate (or not), that there were plenty of friends and family to enjoy and lots of seasonal food to savor. This is not the time of year to worry about calories.

Soon, we'll be back on the good ship This End Up here at Time Goes By, moving into the brand new year.


Welcome back Ronni; I hope you had a wonderful time away.

Calorie regret has not set in here yet, but that's what New Year's resolutions are for. I am feeling super guilty though, having just read an article about Skip Bayless, sports media person, and brother to Rick Bayless, the prolific foodie who specializes in authentic Mexican cuisine. Skip is 67, claims a personal body fat of just 5%, says he has eaten the same exact thing for lunch and breakfast Monday - Friday for decades, and maintains an extremely disciplined work, exercise and nutrition regimen. Despite my moment of guilt today, I will not be adopting him for a role model anytime soon, unless I am transmogrified into a droid.

Welcome home. Hope your holiday was excellent.

Welcome back. I hope you enjoyed your time away. We had a good family Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with friends.

Good to have you back.

I bought a luscious-looking peach pie. I gave it a few days to consume. It took 8 hours.

Walked extra time today, so there's that. Sky was baby blue, with the sun rising and upon hitting clouds turned to a girly pink. What a sight!

In my area, there's no one about. Half the community is on vacation and it's pure bliss.

What is usually a sight of frantic riders bumper to bumper, already late for work due to freeway traffic is but a trickle of relaxed meandering at a slow pace, allowing time for them to see the surroundings and sights they pass by every day.


A day for baking biscotti and finishing up a weaving for my granddaughter's first apartment. Then packing for a trip to Boston tomorrow with my daughter to see the rest of the family. Christmas extended!

Happy week, Ronni and fellow Ronni fans!

Tis the day after Christmas, always a struggle fighting my annual depression, but it's going fairly well so far. Visiting grandchildren whom I see once in a year (I ceased doing planes a few years ag0) ..... are at the kitchen table doing a fun science experiment with their (shhh) favorite aunt. They are making something like magnetic slime, wearing goggles and face masks. I thought it better to leave the room for now.

The children are far smarter than the last time I saw them, and the oldest is taller than I am. Is it possible I have shrunk ?

The 10 year old is thrilled to show me her newly pierced ears, and her younger brother is sporting new braces and a bright tee shirt with the name and number of a favorite soccer player.

It was not easy to create a Christmas dinner last evening, but it worked !! My better half has a limp not evident last year and I, with my walker, stay away from cooking activity as much as possible.

In a few days, my better half and I will stand on our little front porch to wave good-bye to our adult children and their wonderfully perfect offspring. Chances are good that I will cry, but I hope I'll have the good sense of locate my gratitude journal and make a happy entry that we have lived through yet another Christmas.....it was good.

In following days, we two will probably slip back into a daily habit ~~ watching frightening "news" most days, and praying each evening for the next generation and generations following ~~ as the world turns. Sunshine most of today's morning was a treat.

Welcome home! So glad you felt well enough to be away! Wishing you the best of new years! May you confound and amaze the doctors!

Oh, I should have wished you all the best during the remainder of these holly-days. I surely have known you, Ronni, for ages and I'm happy to hear you had a few days' mini vacation. I hope it was good..for the most part !!

Hmmm, I note one teeny typo in my posting
~~ time to give up trying to be perfect. It never happened in my 80-some years
~~ guess it's time to let go.

And, oh, it's been ages since I had the urge to position myself under mistletoe. I barely remember what it looked like, anyway. With overnight family here for these few days, there have been hugs enough to go 'round, and that's been great.

Christmas Day this year was spent mostly worrying about an impending snow/ice storm. And wandering through the airport trying to find my daughter, who had arrived [she texted me] but then who was not to be located. Eventually we had our reunion - came home, vaguely sunny! skies above -- and the snowstorm apparently deciding to go elsewhere.

Today is Boxing Day, and we are celebrating by inviting a third person to an early supper that we will provide, all three of us. Lots of talk. The little Fraser fir tree that I ended up buying [after many years of no trees whatsoever] is delighting us. It smells wonderful.

And then there will still be days together, mother and daughter, catching up, laughing, engaging in spats, whatever. All to the good.

Happy return home, Ronni. I want to echo Ali and not only wish you a fine new year but also that you totally confound your doctors...

I join the others in welcoming you back. I also hope you had a memorable time and enjoyed every second.

My daughter went all out to make this the best Christmas ever for me and for her daughters so it was a very festive time.

Next comes New Year's Eve and, for some, parties and fun times. I no longer participate in such festivities and don't miss the excitement, but once upon a time I looked forward to it.

Dear Ronni, I cant remember how I found your blog so many years ago, but I am so happy that I did. Reading your thoughts on aging, and the links you provide to news, music, ideas, science, etc....has brought many smiles to my face!
I have the good luck of working at our local Senior Center here in West Seattle (I am a Social Worker who graduated with an MSW in 1982 and focused on Gerontology) I often bring an article or thought from your blog to share with our "Aging Well" support group. I know that the name of our group is not perfect (for so many reasons!) but that is our groups name, and most importantly, we are appreciative of a place where we can share our thoughts, fears, and just reality check ins with one another as we grow older together. You have been an inspiration to us for years, and I wanted to be sure to let you know that.
I am delighted that you have connected with your son, and family, I can only imagine the sweetness of this connection for all of you!
I want to say how deeply moved I am that you are sharing your end of life journey with us, your readers, and me. It is just another example of your open and brave heart. Thank you and I look forward to sharing 2019 with you and your readers! Sincerely, Holly McNeill

You and everyone here are a solid, supportive, sane, savvy bunch. I thank cyber-deities and earthlings for this priceless gift. Wishing all a hope-filled 2019.

Welcome back Ronni.
Personally, I just go through the motions on holidays but my wife goes all out, therefore it ends up a meaningful success--thank God for her. A relative sent us a big box is Swiss chocolates obliterating my restraint regimen. Oh well.

We tried something new on Christmas Day this year. My boys did not fly to AZ this year from Seattle (too damn expensive so one came early) so we celebrated early with the rest of our blended/extended family and then wondered what to do on Christmas evening since we didn't want to go out this year.
We recently moved into golf retirement community and have been feeling our way slowly, making a few acquaintances and staying away from discussing politics until we got to know new folks! But we posted a general invite on our Facebook page for a simple potluck dinner Christmas night and ended up with 10 attendees and a wonderful meal and evening of sharing our best and worst holiday memories! And as it was a potluck, it was a cinch to do!
Somehow we finished off 4 bottles of wine! Not sure how...
Ronni, glad you got away for a few days hopefully near the ocean! Thinking of you often.

Glad you could get away for the weekend. Enjoyed FaceTime with family members in distant states — seeing and talking with one another as presents opened. Technology brings communication wonders.

Oh, yes, I look like fat and ugly. So after the first of the year, we both will take action.
I hope you had a good time away.

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