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INTERESTING STUFF – 19 January 2019

This is an extremely short Interesting Stuff today. I don't know if the internet is just less interesting this week or I'm behind in my regular rounds to see what's out there. So here are three I like.


Zeus is a Husky. He doesn't want to get out of bed. As the YouTube page says,

”He likes to sleep in, which isn't always a bad thing, but when it's time to get up and go outside, he protests. He generally likes going outside in the morning and smelling for any critters that might have passed through the yard during the night. But this morning, he struggled to get motivated to get up. Can't we all relate?!”


Chuck Nyren of Advertising to Baby Boomers sent this video. Technology has come a long way in our lifetimes and what's obvious to you and me, isn't so to two teenagers.


My friend Hank Berez sent this kitty video:

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Hi Ronnie. I so loved your talk with Alex this week, and your reflection on “fighting” cancer.

Today’s post seems to have the wrong videos - but thanks to that I did finally watch the “new old people are hoping to suck” routine. Have to send that to my 30-something son. There is still time to stop photographing himself eating!

Okay - as soon as the first comment posted, the videos corrected!

Thanks Ronni! Good way to start the day! Dee:)

Just s I started watching the Husky, a movie flashed on our TV (Jim was scrolling the info) titled "The Case of the Howling Dog". What are the odds???

I still have a rotary phone, in full working condition, and in use!
My grandchildren have all tried to use it. The younger they are, the soonner they find out how to! It is so funny! They feel so sorry that we, older people, had to use such ungainly gadgets, ahahahahah!

I'm almost 75 and not even sure I remember how to use a rotary phone :)

My childhood phone number, however, is permanently embedded in my memory.

Short post, but hilarious. The phone dialing was especially funny since my grandson is the age of those boys. I wish I had an old rotary phone to put in front of him.

Zeus' whining about getting out of bed is too funny! Thanks for making me laugh out loud.

Three knock 'em outta the park videos!

Laughs are always good.

Zeus reminds me of my children when they were teenagers. It was like pulling teeth to get them to leave their warm cocoons. So funny.

While we find the kids trying to use the rotary phone funny I wonder we would do with the household "inventions" of our grandparents.

Especially kitchen gadgets that are no longer needed. Living in a rural State you see all kinds of old household gadgets that I sure can't figure out. I guess our grandparents would find it funny that we could not figure it out.

I mean what the heck is a "potato ricer" or a cherry pitter or that funny looking 4 sided metal pyramid "thing" that sits on the stove burner to make toast.

I can remember the first time I used a mobile phone about 30 years ago and was waiting for the "fail tone" :-).

So let's cut them some slack.

Three great videos, Ronni! Laughed out loud at the kids with the phone.

Good fun.............never would have thought that the young 'uns would have a hard time figuring out how to use a dial phone!

Good ones, Ronni!
I remember when pushbutton phones came in. My very young daughter found the buttons and dialed someone in Africa! I was in a panic over the price of that call. When I reached the operator and asked for help, she laughed and told me not to worry, they were getting a lot of that with the new pushbutton phones and she would direct me to the people who would give me a credit for the call. Gloriously, they were very sympathetic, gave me the credit, and I promptly put the phone on a higher shelf out of her reach. She vehemently protested for about 5 minutes ... then she found something else to mess with, as usual.

That Husky says it all!

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