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A TGB READER STORY: The Sunflower Meditation

By Judy Anderson

Hi, Ronni. Several months ago, you made a list that stuck with me. It did so because I’d recently done a meditation that evoked your desire to be surrounded by puppies and kittens who would tumble and play and make little kitten noises and generally entertain themselves by squirming in and out of the circle of your arms.

Here is that sunflower meditation:

The field is covered with millions of yellow sunflowers: some giant size, nearly two feet across, some as small as a quarter. I love these sunflowers, they are so cheerful that I yearn to bury myself in them.

Instead, I sit down, pulling them toward me, rubbing my face with their scratchy black seed heads.

Voices. I look up. Laugh. I’ve never seen such a sight. The sunflowers have all turned into yellow cats and kittens, millions of them. Some 10 or 20 of them have assigned themselves to me, leaving an overflowing basket of yellow kittens on my lap.

They’re crawling in and out of the basket, meowing in their sweet little kitten voices, looking up at me, hoping I’m Cat Mom with milk. Mom cats try to keep up with their babies. Some shy cats hide underneath cats not so shy.

More yellow cats than I’d ever seen. There are hundreds of them with jobs: a band of feisty yellow cats patrols the perimeter. Curious big cats at the Cat Border Inspection Station inquire of my provenance.

Jellicle cats, want tips on breaking into Broadway. Muscular tough yellow cats patrol the subway stations in New York, tiny mischievous cats put their cold noses in my ears, and Quizzical Cats call out to each other with the answers to Cat Jeopardy.

A big floppy avuncular cat crawls onto my chest and stares me down, looking for a serious tete a tete. I pretend to understand him and respond in my version of Cat Talk.

He nudges me, commanding my attention. Full of advice, he nods his head sagely, pats my cheek with his big soft paw, and says, “It’ll be okay, it’ll be okay.”

* * *

EDITORIAL NOTE: You are a prolific bunch of writers and there is now a backlog of reader stories to carry us almost to summer. So for awhile, I am not accepting new stories until we work through some of the ones already on the list.


Love that. I will substitute puppies but either is great.

I love this so much I'm printing it out, adding some stock images of sunflower fields and yellow kittens, laminating it, and putting it up to read when ever i need to remember that “It’ll be okay, it’ll be okay.”

Love today’s post!

I'll bet that Millie Garfield will love this Meditation because sunflowers are her favorites.

Flowers to kittens - very sweet.

This is wonderful. I must change kittens to puppies though--hope you don't mind. Thank you, Judy!

AHHHHHHHHHHHH! I'm lovin' it, thanks, Judy!

Ronni, just a thought...if you have the money I'd take a trip to South Africa, a place where you can hold and play with baby elephants. Kittens and puppies are wonderful too but imagine how wondrous it would be to have a baby elephant on your last amazing adventure...only for's your life. Just do it.
A friend.

Dozens of West Highland Terriers and sunflowers will do me nicely, thanks, Judy!

Ohhh, love the image feel-goods! Cats, dogs, babies, all nurture nicely.

Thank you for this!

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