Oops. Sorry About My Wednesday Mistake

INTERESTING STUFF – 9 February 2019


What an outpouring of thoughts, hopes and prayers from you, dear readers, on yesterday's post about my mistake in regard to CT scan results. Apparently all your efforts worked.

My new oncologist telephoned Friday at the time we had agreed to with excellent news. At both cancer locations, one lung and the peritoneum, lesions have decreased in number. Exactly what the chemotherapy is designed to do. Woo-hoo! I thank you all and will have more information on Monday.


Thank you, John Gear, for sending this tweet. I know exactly how this man felt and I'll be furious with the cosmos if the same happens to me.

Some comments at Twitter.


Okay, it's just a commercial for Coke but it was fun to watch and I got a good laugh too.


The other animal videos today are nowhere near such tear jerkers as this.




Purl, directed by Kristen Lester and produced by Gillian Libbert-Duncan, features an earnest ball of yarn named Purl who gets a job in a fast-paced, high energy, bro-tastic start-up and tries to fit in.


As YouTube explains:

”A sweet dog named Löwe who had never howled before, found her voice by watching a video of another dog howling on the computer...It took quite a while to finally get her to howl, and when she did we were not prepared for the majesty of her regal voice.”


Hank Berez sent my favorite animal video this week.

* * *

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Oh, I am so glad your news was good!

Cause for celebration.
Have a wonderful weekend.

No wonder the sun is shining brilliant colors this morning....

Thanks for sharing your good news with us promptly, Ronni. It has me starting my day with a smile. Hugs!

So glad holding our breath until we saw today’s post helped. A huge
virtual hug to you. Crummy chemo gave happy results.

Happy Dance! 😄


A much deserved star for your crown! Shine on, shine on!

Oh, what wonderful news! ❤️

Oh Ronnie!!! What fabulous news! We are all smiling and laughing with you!!

Your news gave me the biggest smile ever Ronni.

I'm so pleased you got good news.

Mazel tov! Every last minute with you, Ronni, is a good one................. Barry

So happy to hear your scan results! Long may you wave! Loved the tweet. I have a 94-year-old friend whose big wish is to live long enough to vote again and see the current administration tossed out.

What a wonderful way to start the day. Fantastically great news. I am so happy for you.

Great news, Ronni. Thanks for keeping us informed.

JOYous news. Thanks for sharing. XX

My heart is smiling for you. May you enjoy many more good days!

Very pleased to hear your good news asI'm sure you are, too. That was a heavy burden you carried this week.

Great news! Now hope you can relax, have a great day, great week and eat more ice cream.

Woo-hoo indeed! And a relief to passengers on the good ship Time Goes Bye Our captain reports the winds are fine, we are nowhere near port , and can continue to sail for a long Long time.

Overjoyed that the chemo did it’s job. Every extra day we get with you is a blessing. LMAO with the post about dying man and the Mueller report. When I watch Trump’s theater of the Absurd I often think about how my late husband would have reacted and so wish he was here to share his insights with me.
Namaste and peace, definitely feeling thankful for your results.

Loved all the laughter from this post -- as well as a chance to shed some tears. The news at the beginning made all this fun possible. So happy for you, Ronni! And, for us as well.

Phew! Yahoo! Hooray.

I plan on being especially greatful today. Really good news, Ronni. You are a treasure to all of us and your news is a joy to share.

Whew!! Hang in there.

Wonderful news.
Yes, I cried tears over the video too.

Great News!!!!!
Hugs to You!

Hot dog!!!!! Such good news! Dee:):):)

So grateful for your good news and have a good wknd!

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Fabulously good news and great videos, Ronni! So relieved and grateful!

Thank you for sharing the great news!!

Soooo happy, Ronni ❤️

I add my huzzahs to all the others. hooray! Yes, have a lovely, bright weekend, and eat all kinds of no-longer-forbidden goodies!

many cheers, ruth-ellen

Yes! Reading the comments was like watching a happy dance and/or the Coke commercial.

Thanks for great news. happiness is indeed contagious. :-D

Such great news, Ronni. From smiles and a few tears of joy to more smiles and tears. Emotional roller coaster today.

Yeah! HOORAY! Cheers, and all that stuff.

Hope it's not snowing as hard in OR as it is near Seattle, WA! We have 8-9" and it's still going. . .We're not used to this much snow here.

We collectively let out the breath we'd been holding since you went for your scan.
The best news EVER!!!

The Coke commercial and it's message is a good way to follow up.

I attended the funeral of a friend years ago during the drama of the OJ Simpson trial. She was an attorney and was very caught up in it. In her son's eulogy, he said that now she would know if OJ did it or not. Maybe the 93 year old is reading the Mueller report already. But I would be pissed off too.


What great news! I am so glad to know the chemo is doing its job. Very happy for you, Ronni.

Such good news! Laughter is so contagious and think of all those healing endorphins released in the process.

High five!!!!!

Celebrating your news with a bowl of chocolate chip ice cream.

Blue skies over Costa Rica.

Rock on, Ronni.

Wonderful! I'm so happy for you!

That was quite a ride you gave us with this post. Pure DELIGHT at the great news from the tests. Wow.
A healthy dose of the giggles sharing the contagion in the subway.
Then out right sobbing at the dog video.
This post had it all. Thank you.

So happy to hear your good news! May this trend continue and spring arrive soon bringing you more energy and joy! I hope you're enjoying a nice glass of wine (or 2) to celebrate -- CHEERS!

Thank you for all the interesting stuff today. I needed the cathartic cry that came with the beautiful dog video. I think I'm tearing up again right now just thinking about it.

When my sister was coming back to consciousness, the nurse started asking a battery of questions to determine awareness. When asked who the President of the United States was, my sister replied "45". The nurse repeated the question. My sister replied "Number 45. I refuse to say that man's name." The nurse accepted the answer.

It's a wonderful day......enjoy your gift of good news


Super news Ronni!

Yay Ronni!!! And I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but Yay chemo!!

grinning from ear to ear. will be all day. congratulations!!!

Thank you Lord for the gift of time!

So, so happy for You! Cake for breakfast!

Simply outstanding news. I feel so happy for you.

Good on ya !

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