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ELDER MUSIC: Classical Predilections 3


EDITORIAL NOTE: No excuses – I just got behind on everything this week so today's Interesting Stuff is shorter than usual.

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Big Geek Daddy tells us:

”Duffy the dog has a tough time catching tennis balls so his owner decided to film some of his efforts in slow motion and the result is awesome. The soundtrack for Duffy playing catch is Vincerò which opera lovers will recognize from Puccini’s opera “Turandotas” as the concluding cry of the aria 'Nessun dorma'.

“Dog lovers who don’t know anything about classical music will recognize it as a song of triumph over failure.”


My god, I wonder how long it took these two guys to make all this happen exactly right.


As Bored Panda explains:

”72-year-old British man Stephen Mckears began to question his sanity when he started noticing objects had been moved around in his shed overnight.

“And they weren’t just being randomly placed, things like clips and screws were somehow finding themselves neatly packed back into a tub as if to chastise Mr. Mckears for his untidiness. Just who was this fastidious phantom, this organized apparition?”


Adventurer and filmmaker, JJ Yosh, resides in Boulder, Colorado with his black cat Simon. He adopted the feline 2016, and they have been traveling together across land and water ever since - with Simon normally nestled in his backpack.

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Thank you, Ronni. Short and sweet....

Loved, loved the dog and cat. Never thought I'd say this, but I could use that mouse in my house...

Pass the salt was great!

The dog finally catching the ball was wonderful.

All such fun! Thanks!

Your Saturday stuff always makes me laugh!

I think I got a little misty-eyed during the dog video. Maybe because I've had several shelties in my life?

Great choices today, Ronni! Thank you so much.

Loved the cat video. I think I've seen this young man and his kitty before, but as cat-mom to two senior black kitties (now WAY beyond athletic endeavors, as am I), I always appreciate cats.

The ability of animals to adapt and to do amazing feats always surprises and delights me. Even a tiny mouse can be surprising. I loved the inept dog and cheered for him when he didn't give up.

Thanks for a day brightener.

The dog video reminded me of the Sheltie (Shetland Sheepdog) I once had - I tried to train him to play ball with me, thinking that when I threw the ball he would love to bring it to me to throw so he could chase it again. No! He would run to it and then sit and stare at it. About a year after I'd given up, thinking I was a failed trainer, I learned that Shelties are herding dogs! He did what he was innately bred to do - he got to the ball and then waited for it to move so he could herd it back to me. Duh, the ball never moved!

Thanks for the renewed laugh at myself!!

Just one question for the Tidy Mouse........ "Why???"

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