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She's Ba-ack, Along with The Alex and Ronni Show

Did you miss me? I sure missed you – five days of no access to Time Goes By, nor to email. I left a couple of notes about the problem on Facebook so you wouldn't think something terrible had happened but it's only a small group of you who access TGB from Facebook.

Sorry to have put a scare into you.

The problem came about last Wednesday when I was switching from one domain registrar to a new one. It's been more than a decade since I last did that but as careful as I was I screwed up, losing the blog and email.

Email mysteriously returned on Saturday after several semi-productive telephone conversations with the help desk at one of the registrars. I still don't understand how that happened. I'm just grateful it has returned.

Then, the always wonderful people at the Typepad help desk (which has hosted TGB for all 15 years of its life) restored Time Goes By to its – ahem – glory, and now I'm ready to get back to blog business.

The return of TGB began yesterday with posting a new Reader Story. The fix happened so late in the day, I was too tired to write a new post and I was otherwise engaged on Tuesday so I just went with this explanation and the bi-weekly Alex and Ronni Show. I think after today I'm back to usual TGB form.

This is what should have been last week's episode of The Alex and Ronni Show.

The video is frozen for some seconds at the top of the video and it's out of sync otherwise. Alex has been having sync and other problems with the latest version of Skype and we both ask your indulgence as he works out the difficulties.



So Happy to have you and TGB back!

Very, very happy to have you back!

Whew! I’m sure I wasn’t the only reader to be concerned, Ronni. So glad it was “only” a glitch in technolgy.

Good to "see' you as well as read you. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

I'm with you on all this "fighting cancer" talk. How long any of us survive with cancer has very little to do with grit or determination. I understand the "brave face" aspect of it, but for someone as recognizable as Alex Trebek is to say he's going to beat cancer sets him up to ultimately "fail" and that's unfortunate.
Good to see you back!

Great to see that beaming, beautiful face!

Missed you so glad you are back, You are an inspiration

I, as well as many others, I think, didn’t realize there was a TGB Facebook page. Following today’s blog, I tried to access it, but came up only with other TGB pages, Bogie & Bacall lovers for example.
Anyway, welcome back! This is my favourite morning read.

I'd been checking for TGB every day. Yesterday, voila! I can only imagine the frustration and sweat time you must have spent in sorting out the problem. Dealing with internet entities is never fun. So glad you are ba-a-a-k !

So good to see your shining face again today! And Alex's, too.

As annoying as it may have been for you while the tech glitches were going on, I hope you found at least a bit of respite and pleasure in your universe-imposed down time.

Yes, I definitely noticed and missed you, and I checked with fellow subscribers to make sure that they were having the same issues! Because of the message that we were getting when we tried to log on, we did figure that it was probably a computer issue not a 'you' issue, which was reassuring...although I know just how frustrating those computer problems can be, too! So glad you are back, and I look forward to watching the latest Alex and Ronni iteration soon!

....just so very glad and grateful to see you back, Ronnie. Blessings, Nancy

Yippee, Skippee ~ I was so worried when you didn't post your blog....and then I thought maybe it was my computer not interfacing.....Thank goodness it was a computer glitch.. Welcome back~~~ Giggles of relief!!

Spent an inordinate amount of time fooling with my computer and I-Pad thinking it was on my end that I'd lost TGB!!

Glad (??) to know it was a technological glitch, but must admit I feared something dreadful had happened to you and was the reason your blog was suspended.

Welcome back! A clear example of how much we depend on technology no matter how much we fight it. I don't FB so I didn't know about the explanation you posted.

Don't you just love/hate technology? I had to ask others before I was convinced the problem wasn't just me. So glad to have you back!!!

But where s the Akex and Ronni vid?

Sorry, found it! X

Hey. Different Mug! Did the one your grandson made break... 😯


Not broken - I'm careful about that. It was in the sink with other dirty dishes and I didn't feel like washing them when the coffee was ready.

You are right, I should have checked facebook. So very nice to see you.

Enjoyed the video with the two of you!

Enjoy the Spring day..

Big love from across the pond.
Saw your FB post and fab to read all sorted 😃

Thanks for setting my mind at ease about the Mug. Are they almost moving towards your nick of the woods?

I so agree with you and Alex about the cost of medicine and the way you find out about the side effects. I just found out that three of my prescriptions can cause major depression. Since two of those medications are not for my heart, I have discontinued them, but the third one is used to control the possibility of my Afib recurring, so I can't just drop it. I did notice in the week since I have dropped the two medications, the depression I have been fighting for the last several years has largely lifted.

So glad you're back. I was a bit worried, but since my computer program has been giving me trouble, I did not freak out. Happy Happy to see you.

So good to see you - in or out of sync, no matter! Happy first day of Spring from upstate New York!

I don't mind you being out of sync since I listen to your conversation, a la podcast, while putting on my makeup to make ready for the day.

How fine you are back! I don’t do FB either, am a rebel in that respect—but I contacted my talented computer-savvy friend who came by and sort of figured it all out. She couldn’t correct the problem but her diagnosis was spot-on.

Whew. Great relief!

The First Day of Spring and you.
Perfect!! Glad you are back.

Missed TGB too. The error message I encountered gave me the clue it was not a problem with you, but a website issue. Glad it is solved. I wanted to email or contact but all contact was via the then unavailable website. :(

I don't do Facebook. FB is evil in case anybody needs to know. I can understand why people might use it, but it is not for me.

I was so glad to see your post on FB that it was an internet glitch. Welcome back!

Whew! That’s the sound of my big sigh of relief upon learning that the temporary loss of TGB was a computer glitch. Like Irma, I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to find out what had happened, but since FB is not in my frame of reference, I never thought of looking there. Anyway, I am very happy that you and all of TGB’s friends are back online with the conversations about aging that we all need so much.

Oh, duh, I thought the glitch was on this end. Glad to be reconnected.

All the above comments.


A million fans can't be wrong.

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