ELDER MUSIC: Happy Birthday, Ronni
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Cancer Update Plus The Alex and Ronni Show

Thank you for all your lovely birthday messages over these past couple of days. Friends, my son, grandson and neighbors came by on Sunday with lots of wine and food and a good time was had by all.

My apologies for the emails I have not answered. I've been extra tired this time from the chemo infusion last Thursday and I just ran out of steam. Know that I appreciate every one of you and read every message.

I never believed I would make it to this birthday, number 78, and that's not hyperbole. I didn't think I would live this long but here I am and I'm going to stop predicting – what will be will be.

And now I have some cancer news.

Remember two months ago when the CT scan showed that cancer cells had shrunk and some were not visible at all?

This time, last week, the new scan was almost as good as that one – so much so that the oncologist ordered up the next scan to be done in three months rather than the two we've been doing. And he said this too: “You're going to be with us for a good while yet.”


Okay, I don't know the definition of “good while” and, probably, the doctor doesn't either. But it's good to hear anyway.

My former husband and I recorded our bi-weekly chat, The Alex and Ronni Show yesterday. It says some of what we've talked about in this post, but here it is.

It was a nice little vacation from blog work but I'm happy to be back in the groove.


I’m so happy to hear this news. I haven’t been commenting much lately but this latest post on your cancer status makes me want to give you a hug AND a pat on the back. I’m delighted we’ve got you for a little longer. x

Good news! Blessings.

OH RONNI!! What a birthday gift. Yay!!! (Running around in circles jumping up and down.)

Wonderful news! Your upbeat note to Annie the other day struck me that making plans to meet up with her meant you'd gotten good news.

Carry on, and here's to the gods, the dogs and the cats that play their parts in how this world turns, which of course we'll never know....

Stay always present and enjoy your self.

So glad to read this, Ronni. I'm at a loss for a comment that isn't full of happy commonplace best wishes, so let me just offer them: I hope I get to read a TGB 79th birthday post next year. Who knows? Could happen!

Absolutely overjoyed to read your post this morning. Happy birthday, happy life! Have a wonderful day.

What great news Ronni! May this be a year of fewer medical visits and increasingly good news.

I'm glad you were able to enjoy your mini vacation and celebrate your birthday with people who love you as much as those of us here do. And, as always, enjoyed seeing and hearing you and Alex again today. Looks as though that sync problem may be a thing of the past.

It's wonderful that you have reconnected with your son. Made your birthday an even more happy occasion I'm sure.

Excellent news! Hugs

What your dr. said can be said for all of us. We still have some time left. That's my feelings at 82, exactly. Almost said Good bye to TGB last year, but I beat the odds & I'm here to wish you the best during this time. Be well, keep on truckin' & all that good stuff. Dee:):):)

Oh, wondrous joy and abundant relief. Special hugs for you and for darling Henry! XXOO

Fantastic news you so richly deserve. I know cancer isn’t based on a merit system, but you know what I mean.

I'm very happy to hear this.

Good news for the moment is good news indeed. None of us have any promises, but you have gotten pretty close. Keep living each day to its fullest. That's all any of us can do.

A magnificent way for me to crawl out of bed this morning and gear up, at least mentally, for the "bomb cyclone" of snow/ice/high winds/ etc. we are awaiting in MN. It is hard to put in words how really really happy and delighted I am with your latest medical news. Your Sunday birthday party with your family and friends was a celebration that you richly deserve. There is reason for all of us to celebrate, at least epistolarily, with you!

Hooray! Enjoy every day. And know how your TGB crowd (including me!) is cheering for you.


Congratulations on your good news! I am so happy for you!


You have worked hard for this good news. Richly deserved. Thank you for teaching us all that you have...and, please, keep on keeping on.

Woo-hoo, indeed!!

Great news!!! So happy for you...and us!!

Great news Ronni! Love seeing you talking on the screen. Also glad to hear they are working on the cough/breathlessness. Love you much.

Can I just say, Rejoicing in your news!

My brother always says “Well the doc says it’s ok to buy green bananas this week.”

Such good news, Ronni. Mazeltov! And a belated happy birthday!

Such good news Ronni! So happy for you!

I'm so happy to read this news, even though I note the 'almost'. Just carry on with whatever keeps you happy, writing your brilliant blog and feeling OK with life, long may your scans stay at every 3 months, or maybe even move to every 4 months!

So happy for you - and us - because it's great news to hear you'll be with us for a long time. Such great news - enjoy everyday. Happy belated birthday - sending hugs

I'm listening to you and Alex chat .. and I confess to holding my breath before I opened the email w/ the 'update' in the subject line.

It IS good news!

And I wonder how you are coping, Ronni, with the "up" of the news after for so long thinking you were dying soon. Having been through this with many others, the roller-coaster is not always easy. You seem sanguine in the face of difficult news. And as I listen to the conversation, I hear as I read joy. And 'quite a while' is really something!

Here's to you! Here's to the time you have being lived comfortably. Kvelling over the news. And skipping a dose of chemo sounds best of all.

Great news! 😊🙏🏻

U of W in Seattle has just discovered a new cancer treatment specifically for pancreatic.
The radio here was discussing it a day or so ago. This treatment still requires testing,
etc., before final approval. It is great to hear about slowing of the growth; perhaps it will
become like men's weakness in elder years: prostate cancer. Good luck, and may the
slowness become even slower.

Congratulations, both on birthday and CT scan! My mother died at age 78 from pancreatic cancer. Right around her birthday the oncologist told her to go home and get her affairs in order, no more chemo for her. So I am very happy for you.

That is SUCH good news. Y-a-a-y!!

So happy for this great good news!

So happy for your good news!

And also happy to have you back, posting.

So happy to hear your news!


Belated birthday wishes and major congrats on medical news. When I was in nursing school 50 years ago Martha Rogers a very progressive nursing educator at NYU had a theory about Unitary human beings which I think included a level of energy that connected us all. Maybe all the heartfelt wishes sent your way are impacting your energy field. I think experiments with prayed for patients demonstrate a similar phenomenon . Well however it is happening it is good, great news and I hope will continue for a long time.

Happy belated natal day! So glad it was fun with family and friends. Continued good days Ronni..

As they say in the British sit-oms, "Brillant". The news the oncologist gave you has to be the best birthday present anyone ever received. I join others in happiness for this wonderful piece of news.

What a birthday party you had. Wow! I know it exhausted you even though your guests did all the work, but I am sure it was worth every extra nap you had to take after the event.

"Woo-hoo!" is right! I'm so happy for you. Many birthday blessings!

Wonderful happy news indeed. YAAAAAY.
I add a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY.


I'm so happy for you, Ronni.


Glad you had such a delightful BD party and the medical news so welcome!

Best news I've heard this week. Maybe prayers do work.

Oh Ronni. Isn't that amazing. <3

So you are going for 80! (or more). How wonderful. Nice fat round goal--why not? I've been thinking a lot, now that I am 71, that, just maybe, I might make it to 80. It's a goal that, perhaps, we share. I always wondered what 80 might be like? I'll not get carried away here, but your latest report is fantastic and such previously crazy goals might be within reach. John

Happiness! Tears of happiness! I am so glad you have been given more time. I love your posts and the comments readers leave, but I don't usually comment myself. I'm sure there are many of us who read faithfully but rarely speak. Know we are here and we are so grateful for your sharing yourself with us. Keep on truckin'!

So very, very, very grateful. As others have commented, you have worked so hard for this ... it is wonderful that you - and we! - have been rewarded. Thank you.

Dear Ronnie. I’m so sorry for not wishing you a Happy Birthday sooner ! Please forgive me Also very happy about your cancer update ! Not time for that ship ride yet. Thank goodness. 😃 I enjoyed your podcast today. Well today for me. Anyways. Take care n wishing you all the best. God Bless you n actually it’s a relief not to talk or hear about Trump. Hahahahaha. 🤗❤️🙏

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