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Crabby Old Lady, Sales People and Cancer

Earlier this week, in the mid-afternoon just as Crabby Old Lady's energy was beginning to wane for the day, there was a knock at the door. The conversation went something like this (paraphrased):

TALL YOUNG MAN WITH CLIPBOARD: I want to talk with you about renewable energy.

CRABBY OLD LADY: I could use some of that this time of day.

TYMWC: (blank look)

COL: Never mind. It was meant to be a joke but didn't turn out well.

TYMWC: Our records show that you have assigned only part of your electric bill to renewable energy and...

COL: (interrupting) Wait. Your “records”? Who are you? What company do you represent?

TYMWC: You wouldn't have heard of us but we've been hired to let electricity customers know...

COL: (interrupting) That's all? You could have phoned or sent an email, even a snailmail letter.

TYMWC: (word salad about how Crabby Old Lady could help save the planet just by changing her electric bill choices – sign right here, ma'am)

COL: Are you kidding? You won't even name the company you work for.

Varieties of people arrive at Crabby Old Lady's door with some regularity if not frequency. There are sales people like today's example, dubious charities and, at election time, political candidates.

Most try to make their point and they politely move on when Crabby gives them the brushoff. TYMWC was more determined than others and less polite too.

TYMWC: Are you sure you want to be left behind, to be part of the problem of climate change and not the solution?

Crabby isn't sure about this but perhaps desperate times require desperate means. If so, this still is not the way to do it.

Ticked off at TYMWC's attempt to shame her, Crabby pulled off the watch cap she keeps by the door to wear so that her bald head doesn't scare whomever is knocking.

“Let me tell you how it is with me,” she said. “Priorities change when they tell you you're dying of cancer and whatever it is you're selling doesn't interest me these days. So leave. Please leave. And take your self-righteous hubris with you.”

And without a word, he turned on his heel and walked away.

This is not to say that people with a deadly disease should use it as an emotional bludgeon. But there are some people who just deserve it. Crabby did that without any thought, on the spur of the moment and she's glad she did.


Good for you, Ronni! Hubris needs to meet other people's reality.

I am too, Ronni! Bravo!
My problem is that I'm not smart enough to say what you did.
I would have gone straight to the F-bomb and slammed the door.
Same point. Much less elegant.

Name changed to protect the victor.

One summer day in Montreal.

Retired senior Darth Weeder was busy primping her garden and listening to her favorite radio station - Vermont Public Radio, when she heard a car door slam.

She watched three uni aged men in t shirts and cargo pants strut cockily down her street like seasoned gamblers.

One dude, let's call him "Dingding" spotted DW, made some "watch and learn" comment to his partners and strutted down DW's driveway like Johnny Bravo.

DW adjusted her knee pads and stood up.


"I need to check your heating system."


"Oh, really? The only thing you need to check is how fast you can leave my property. "

Picks up her cell phone which she had carefully placed on her car hood this time, unlike the last time which is a whole other story.

Dials 911..

Is patched to local cops..

Describes the jerks who are now walking toward their van like their pants are on fire.

Cop says she's on her way..

Good on ya, Ronni. You were actually too gentle with him.

Glad to see COL is still riding. What an insensitive arsehole. You were well able for him.


Good for you. He could've been a home invader with serious damage on his agenda. Even not, he was still invasive. And we just don't have to put up with that kind of crap.

Good for you, Ronni, and all the other folks who told rude people to go away!

I have a peephole in my door, and I don't answer it unless I know who is knocking or ringing the doorbell. After a time or two, they move on. My phone and my door are for my convenience and pleasure, not for anyone who wants to impose on my time.

I too, as Jean in Florida does, look through the peephole in my door. I NEVER open the door to someone I don't know. Likewise with the telephone. If someone wants to reach me, they can leave a message. I am not Pavlov's dog. My automatic response to the knock on the door or the ring of the phone is to ignore them.

If I am approached while in public, I extend my arm, raise my hand, and say "Don't ask". Most people back off. But for those who continue, I am curt/rude when telling them to leave me alone.

Good for you. You made my day. Just yesterday 2 suits came to my door. I have a large glass panel, not clear, and could see them. I am almost always too polite, but in this day and age anyone who comes to the door is deluded. Sadly, the tall guy probably didn’t learn your lesson. But it surely felt good for you.

Way to go, Ronni. It reminded me of an incident a few days ago. I answered the door and a woman was standing there off the porch...she asked "Did I wake you up"?

I told her that I was on the computer. She asked, "Do you remember me, and I replied "No".

As I deadheaded a bush on the walkway she told me morosely she lived down the block at the senior complex but didn't even name the place properly. Her late model car was parked in front of my house. She went on to say that her mother was in the UCLA hospital. I had heard this line from several other women in the past 2 years. It is a scam to get money so I just told her that I couldn't help her. At least she left without protesting her innocence.

The same thing happened to my husband when he was on a walk recently. A woman driving by stopped to talk to him and used the same line.

I just wonder if anyone gives these scammers money because they continue this ruse (sp?).

Well played Ronnie.


Shirley and Jean...

I too have a peephole in my door. I am 5'2" tall. The peephole is 5'6" from the floor. Who thought that was a good idea, I wonder.

You are a rock star!

Many years ago I answered the door after hearing the doorbell......standing before me was a man holding a tray of large gleaming sharp looking knives. Quickly I stuttered something like Gosh, we don't need any knives and closed the door, locking it quickly.
I called the Town Hall where a woman answered who said she would send police to apprehend "man with knives" in our neighborhood.
She added that he'd not applied for a solicitor's permit ~~ adding that she lives alone and makes a point of ignoring doorbells unless she is expecting someone. Friends these days do me no favor by not calling first.

I have a locked storm door and a sign that says "No Soliciting." Also live in a "No Soliciting" neighborhood (for all the good it does). I'm still like Pavlov's dog when the doorbell rings, but through that locked storm door I snarl "not interested" and wave them off, closing the main door in their face. I really resent having to get up and answer the door, but I have family in the area, neighbors, and occasional repairmen showing up. I intend to get a Ring doorbell at some point.

Anymore, however, the scammers, survery takers, etc., seem to have resorted more to the phone. Thank goodness for call blocker apps.

Good bludgeon, Ronni. I really get tired of people like this. B

Proud of you, Crabby! Strong work!

By now, you must be deafened by the roar of approval from your many fans! Good for you! I no longer answer the door if I don’t recognize the caller; same with the phone.


Chalk one up for you, Ronni. I love your phrase 'self-righteous hubris'. It's a great put-down worthy of Winston Churchill.

I am plagued by robocalls instead of strangers at the door. I get over 7 a day that begins early and ends late at night. I am on the 'do not call list' and follow the instructions by not answering the phone, but it is maddening. Doubly so because if I am in another room when the phone rings it takes me a long time to reach it.

How I wish I were able to use a cell phone so I could avoid the rush to answer the phone only to discover it's another annoying robocall. I am on the 'do not call' list for all the good it does and I never answer a call if I don't recognize the name of the caller but the speed dialer the salespeople use is persistent.

When people smoked in public places, from the subways to elevators & restaurants, I always asked them politely to put out their cig/cigar. When I got pushback, I explained that I was recovering from lung cancer (not true). That did the trick. These days I have to resort to this with people vaping electronic tobacco.

You can count on COL to nail it! Sadly, I bet some of that was over his head!

Good going Ronni. I do have a peep hole and a locking screen door, and a landline with a message function so it's self screening you might say. I don't answer any unidentified cell phone calls either. If it's important they'll leave a message. F---off is good too.

When I do answer the door, I am quick to cut someone off.

"No thank you, not interested." Closes door. Sometimes I can hear them still talking there on my porch.

I let the answering machine on the landline take care of callers. If they truly want Terry or me, they will leave a message. If I do pick up the phone, the caller must start talking immediately or I hang up. And should they start talking about something for which I have no interest, I tell them it was kind of them to think of me but I'm not interested, and I hang up.

I am in charge of my front door and my telephone.

So many have already said it, but I have to add my voice. BRAVO! BRAVO! I'm with you all the way!



PERFECTLY executed COL, a woman after my own heart.

Thank goodness for living in a highrise where all visitors (there are so few) are screened.

BRAVO! How I admire your quick, on point & witty response to this rude intrusion. When I face a similar situation, my annoyance takes over my ability to manage a quick retort; following much later with thoughts of snappy responses that spring to mind, alas TOO late! YAY for COL!

Hooray for you! Love the phraseology, too: "self righteous hubris". Totally accurate!


(My own favorite exchange with a marketer was a guy on the phone, who started off, "Hi, there! This will only take up two minute of your time!" I was in a good mood that day, and without thinking, said, "Guess what! It's going to take even less than that!" and hung up.)

The door-to-door energy company guys are the worst. You're right, they don't even give you their names. They demand to look at your last utility bill. They persist. They're pretty damn aggressive, in fact. These days, if I see a clipboard, I open the door--no guns so far--and say, "Sorry, I'm busy," and then close the door again. Saves time. At least two minutes, maybe twenty.

You go, girl! I don't have a peephole, so I just yell through the door "Who's there?". If it's someone I don't know, I just say I'm not interested. And I love being rude to pushy jerks! Like many of you, my phone rings frequently and pointlessly, so I don't pick it up unless someone I know comes up on the ID panel. Between all that and the ads that barrage me on the computer (I don't watch television), it's like swimming in a pool of piranhas these days.

Yay Ronni!

I just don't answer anything--door or phone. Friends and neighbors know which of two doors I use, and the rest don't. I've turned the ringer off on my landline, and regularly I check to see if someone has left a message. Most, even so, are robo calls, or threatening calls about the IRS or somebody having an outstanding warrant for my arrest, and if I will just call. . .Then, quite crabby myself, I am pissed off that I spent any time checking that useless message.

Don't you just love it when the perfect thing to say leaps out at just the right time? Well done!

You go girl! That was excellent! Quick and smart....not a hint of chemo brain!

I bet he didn’t know what “hubris” meant.

Perfect! TYMWC had trouble sleeping that night, I guarantee!

Exactly. About 99 percent of the time I think of what I should have said hours later. I have to admit that I'm preening a bit about coming up with a good response...

Good one Ronnie.

Good for you. Those creeps are paid by the signature.

Bravo, way to go!

I love you Ronni, what a brilliant response!

Ha! I love where you pulled off your hat and proceeded to give him hell. I bet he's still pondering that interaction!

In his younger years, my former husband had a second-floor apartment and a very wry sense of humor. He had a sign on his front door that said, "All salesmen and solicitors please use rear door". For the really persistent salesmen, this meant a journey down his front steps, a long walk around to the back of the building, and another journey up his back steps, only to reach a sign on his back door that said, "No Salesmen or Solicitors Allowed"!

I am very proud and impressed with how you reacted to that guy. He more than met his match. You told him a thing or three. Good for you.

Preen away Ronni - you so earned it!
Unfortunately I too am more Rick and, failing anything smart, tend to drop the f-off and come up with the right/smart phrase 30mins later!


Well done. Phone calls selling stuff or trying to take advantage of others is another thing that gets my blood boiling.

For those with both a landline and a cell phone, forward all landline calls to your cell phone and use a call blocker app on your cell phone, one that allows only your contacts to ring through. Everyone else gets sent to voicemail, where legitimate callers can leave a message and robocallers and others rarely do. Like Darlene, I was averaging about 7 unwanted calls a day. They still call but I never hear them. At last, peace, quiet, and a normal blood pressure.

You go, Crabby! If someone hasn't called to let me know they are coming by I don't answer my door, which spares me from people telling me how to vote or how to save my soul.

He didn't know what hubris meant and was afraid to ask. lol Good for you.

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