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Some Politics and The Alex and Ronni Show

With way too much on my to-do list yesterday, I never got around to writing a “real” blog post so let's try this.

My former husband and I recorded our bi-weekly video chat on Tuesday and unlike so many of them in the past, we hardly discussed health issues.

Instead, we talked mostly about something I hardly ever write about here, national politics: Trump, the Mueller report, crime in high places, and those 437 Democratic presidential hopefuls (at least it feels like that many).

Of all those potential candidates, I told Alex I have a leaning toward Mayor Pete Buttigiag. Still, it's a long way until the 2020 election and god only knows what will happen or what we'll learn about the candidates by then that will change our minds.

So, here is the video. Take a look and then have your go at the campaign so far, in the comments below.


Mayor Pete is my favorite too...but ANYONE, but trump!

If we don’t turn this around in 2020, our country and all the democratic values of freedom and inclusiveness will be lost for a long long time. It’s literally a fight against true good and evil, which is hiding in the guise of religion.

It's a question of "Executive Privilege" whether or not someone can be compelled to share direct communications between them and POTUS. It'll probably wind up in the Supreme Court whether or not they can get around it.

It was a lot of fun watching your face listening to Alex today!
Thank you for sharing!

I can't believe this!! At the point I'm writing my comment, there are zero comments! I was so looking forward to the comments that I almost paused the recording to hop to the comments. Sometimes I saw you, Ronni, biting your tongue, then saying something to reel Alex in :)

Albeit no comments, a fun show.

Your ex was all about himself for almost 1/3 of this video - you are way more patient than I am.

Too early for me to invest in any candidate. Really, I just want whoever can rid of of the drumph! Now that's a pretty low bar, isn't it????

Pete Buttigieg is smart and insightful but has a thin resume.

I like Washington State Governor Jay Inslee who has created tens of thousands of green jobs, the only candidate who has! Hes running as the green candidate, the only one with an actual green track record and if people are serious about this issue they should get behind him.

I can see why you married Alex...I can also see why you divorced him. I can also see why you are now in touch with him again! A smart amusing Jewish man from NY! What is better than that? He is not afraid to speak truth, in exactly the way he wants.

Mayor Pete is my current fav. He has lived a fuller life at his age than many have at mine (73). On the other hand, I do think Bernie and Biden are too old!

Lastly, you look great!

I've yet to pay much attention to the many Democratic candidates but most seem too liberal for my tastes. I think the party is swinging too far left. (I'm an unaffiliated voter, middle of the road on most things.) Despite his age, I'm leaning strongly toward Biden. I want an experienced moderate. More than anything, it's imperative to beat Trump, and I don't see a far left candidate appealing to his conservative supporters.

Why in the world would you say that most older people who vote are Republican? I think you'll find a good many Dems or even progressives among my friends. Certainly me. I was an Obama booster, and the only Repug I ever voted for was John McCain.

I've been impressed with Mayor Pete too. As you say, he's a reasonable human being, speaks nine languages, and seems to be a very honest man. Young, yes. But he's constitutionally qualified, he's run a city, and he has many policies already thought through.

Elizabeth Warren speaks to my issues, too, as does Amy Klobuchar. Neither of them is "Medicare for All" progressives, while I am. But both seem to find their ideas on the rational plane that appeals to me.

I found myself giggling a few times during your video, since you and your ex both have more than a little of "what's his name again...?" You're excused for chemo brain, of course. It's not a criticism, however. I thought I was watching Jeopardy, hollering out the answers for you both!

Hang in there, Ronni. You'll probably get some complaints from people who don't find this an appropriate forum for political talk. I think it's fine!

There is so much I want to say about today's subject of politics that I don't know where to begin. I think a comment on the video today is that I agree with you on Mayor Pete Buttigieg. His being gay will not be a big factor in keeping him from being elected. I love the answer he gave to that idiot homophobic Pence, "Your quarrel is not with me, Sir but with the Creator."

Paul Krugman is right in saying that we are in danger of losing out Democracy if we don't wake up so my real argument is not with the vulgar man in the White House but with those gullible loons who still excuse him and/or enable him. tRump doesn't have a clue about what is in the Constitution, nor does he care. He is a wannabe Dictator being aided by a Republican party that has lost it's soul. Out of his own mouth he tells us his plans. He wants to do something that is against the law so he sues to enable it's progress knowing the Circuit judges will stop him; so he sues again stalling the outcome and loses in court again. Then the Supreme Court will take it up and save him. Those are his words. God help the U. S. A.

Mayor Pete also an early favorite of mine. The Democratic candidate will need to appeal to young voters and the issues that are important to them, or we will lose the election. Biden and Bernie, although great politicians, no longer speak for the "new" progressives.

Our democracy is being attacked in a fundamental way by Russian intrusion in our elections, and we have a President unwilling to accept it as truth.

The investigations continue and I'm hoping that by 2020 Trump (as a regular citizen) will be indicted and ultimately jailed.

What an embarrassing chapter in our history. The whole world is watching.

You look great, Ronni. And you know just how to respond to Alex when he uses words to the effect that Obama wasn't too black or that Mayor Pete doesn't come across as all that gay! You laugh. and wonder what your readers will say. Well this reader doesn't have to be black or gay to see those remarks as clueless , offensive, and sadly true. Still, I like to picture Mayor Pete, his husband, and children in the White House? It wouldn't obliterate homophobia any more than the Obama presidency obliterated racism but how great it would be.!

Mayor Pete is my fave out of the crowd so far as well. And speaking as an old woman it is not because I think he's "cute." I'm with Harold though, watching your face through this conversation was fun, hope it was fun for you too. Alex seems to know how to paint himself into a corner. Interesting conversation this morning though, I enjoyed it.

Mayor Pete appeals on every issue. Including age. And it seems to me old-think is what got Trump into the White House.

Well, I am an 82 year old straight woman and it has not occurred to me until hearing this very one-sided conversation that you, Ronni, have the patience of a saint--listening to your Ex warbling on and wasting quite a bit of your air time. "Too black" "Not too gay" ...are we still needing to consider such nonsense?
I lived for the first 27 years of my life in Europe, although a born American citizen, and am so tired and so humiliated at having to explain such remarks and beliefs to incredulous friends across The Atlantic. (I can't explain Trump, not even to myself, and have given up trying)

I will vote Republican in 2020. If a democrat wins, I am prepared to say "Not my president". The resistance will start. However, keep in mind that I voted democrat about half the time in my political life, so I am open minded. I was an Obama supporter for instance. And, I have no problem with this blog, the opinions stated, and especially with dear Ronni. Onward.

In many elections I have held my nose and voted for a candidate who wasn't my first choice. I expect to have to do that again, but it's worth it if that is needed for Democrats to take back the White House.

It was Mahatma Ghandi who said “A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.”
Unfortunately, Ghandi isn't running for president, but like-minded Democrats are. We have the money to do great things. All we need is compassion.

Canadian here- Mayor Pete - an impressive background.


We watched his town hall on CNN.

Great personality, calm, handled every question with ease. Did not skirt or deflect, did not talk down to students. He has a slight resemblance to JFK.

Go Pete!

I continue to await the shakedown of the candidates when we’re closer to Party nomination time before choosing a favorite. Age is only one factor for consideration and may be of greater or less importance for some older candidates than others as they go through this campaign process.

This issues are far more than differences between political parties. Democracy —- our democratic republic is under assault — individual freedom at risk. This leader we have has no intention of relinquishing his governing position, even if he loses the 2020 election. He’s been laying the groundwork since he was a candidate, has continued once he assumed office to weaken the other branches of our government, destroy the credibility of the press and plant seeds of doubt about the viability of our election system. All this to obtain and retain absolute dictatorial power. He has no respect for the rule of law — exploits the law for his own personal ends. We definitely need our Congress to continue investigations and action taken to insure the integrity of our election system — NOW!

Good show! I like Mayor Pete too, but at this point I agree with Susan and am thinking Biden for four years, then someone younger. But I change my mind every day.

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