A TGB READER STORY: All the Lawn’s a Stage

TGB Takes a Vacation

It's a busy week around here. Three (count them, 3) days at the medical center, CT scan, chemotherapy, a variety of doctor and nurse visits and – the great good news – Autumn is arriving to visit for a few days.

You remember Autumn, don't you. When I was still hung over from the Whipple surgery in June 2017, she reported developments so you wouldn't think I had died on the table. Those reports are here, here, here and here.

With all that, I think this is a good time for a little break from blogging. But TGB won't be entirely dark. There will be a shortened version of Interesting Stuff on Saturday and don't skip Sunday. Thanks to Peter Tibbles, we're having an online party that day.

I'm off on Monday and Tuesday (well, Tuesday is a Reader Story) and I'll be back on Wednesday the 10th of April. Meanwhile, the usual email and Facebook postings will appear on days when there is something new.

Come to think of it, you too probably need a break from my daily chatter.

See you in a week.


Have a wonderful birthday week, Ronni, and we are all looking forward to the birthday party that Peter is planning for you Sunday.

Who of us on the This End's Up boat could forget what a fabulous job Autumn did posting for you while you were going through the Whipple surgery? Please give fond regards to her.

Have a great birthday, enjoy Autumn, and get some rest

Who doesn't love a good party?

Rest and relax, Ronni, greetings to Autumn.

In observance of your birthday, my present to you is that I will not sing "Happy Birthday"! Take a little time to recharge.

Happy happy birthday!🌷

Good for you!! Have a wonderful Birthday and visit with Autumn!

Enjoy your birthday, and being with your friend.

Looking forward to hearing from you next week.

Happy Birthday! Have a super week, you deserve it.

Sending you little bursts of love and strength. Have a good week!

Warmest wishes to you, Ronni. We’ll all be looking forward to your return.

Happy Birthday Ronni, and thanks so much for the heads up about your time off from TGB. You are always thinking of your followers! Hoping the week ahead brings you much peace, love and happy times!

Enjoy your vacation Ronni! And, if you haven't already done so, PLEASE block that troll who left such a vicious rant as a comment on Diane's story yesterday! Regards to Autumn. ☺

well, my message just headed off into - what? - the stratosphere?? -----

Anyway, once again: yes, enjoy Autumn - but also Spring!! Know that lots and lots and lots of your online friends are wishing you the best.

I had an aunt, the oldest sibling of my mother's - who lived to be 100. Her favorite word seemed to be ENJOY. So I think about that, and try to hang on to the word.

cheers, ruth-ellen

Happy Birthday, Ronni, best wishes for a fine week.

Have a wonderful week. And no, your followers never want “a break” from what I’d never characterize as “chatter”! Enjoy the week, Ronni.

Cheers! and all the joy you deserve now and always.

Enjoy your time off. You deserve it.

More birthday wishes to you!! Hoping you have a wonderful visit with your friend and all the medical stuff goes as well as possible.

'Hi' to Autumn and a 'thank you' for all you do to help Ronni and keep her spirits buoyant, Safe travels!

Good luck with whatever you've got planned for your "vacation."

Guess I missed the mention of your birthday, but have a great one. And enjoy your time off. This is a great time of year for it.
"Spring has sprung,
The grass has riz,
I wonder where
The flowers is."
Yikes. Haven't thought of that in decades!

We will miss you, but you deserve a break and time with Autumn! So happy that you have this birthday to celebrate, and we would love to celebrate 79 and 80 with you, too, if the fates will allow!

Have a wonderful time with your friend. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. May you two have lots of laughing together.

Whenever you're off, I miss you, Ronni. Nevertheless, do have a wonderful mini-vacation.

Best to you, Ronni, in all good ways to the nth this week. Greetings to dear Autumn!

We never need a break from you. But you are entitled to one!

Happy birthday and Happy Autumn time! Relax, recharge, return to us glowing.

Enjoy the break and happy birthday! We'll be waiting for you when you return. Wishing you all good things.

Bout time for a vacation and to celebrate another birthday among the ones to come!

Enjoy your break and have a merry birthday. You've earned it :-)

As you look to the southeast United States on Sunday, the glow you see will be from all the Birthday candles outlining the state of Florida.

Have a wonderful birthday week with Autumn! We’ll soldier on over here...

And a happy party to you too.

Praying for good news at the other end of your “vacation “. enjoy Autumn!

Happy birthday, dear Ronni. I wish you sweet time.

Did not make it for birthdays (I'll never ever try to copyedit two books at the same time again!). Digging out from under and eyeing a possible visit to the Pacific NW in May. Fingers crossed -- if it works out, I will check with you about optimal scheduling.

Much love.

Hi Annie...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I had a lovely weekend with my
friend Autumn. She and my son made a terrific party for me Sunday
but I am exhausted - just had the latest chemo on Thursday. I'm
going to sleep a lot today and tomorrow. Let me know how May works
out and we'll make it work.


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Happy birthday, dear Ronni. I wish you
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Did not make it for birthdays (I'll
never ever try to copyedit two books at
the same time again!). Digging out from
under and eyeing a possible visit to the
Pacific NW in May. Fingers crossed -- if
it works out, I will check with you
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