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A Mini-Vacation

As I mentioned two Fridays ago, at the oncologist's suggestion I am skipping one chemotherapy treatment just to give myself a little break, a vacation if you will, from the effects of the chemo drugs.

That means four weeks between treatments instead of two and today (Tuesday), I am part way through the third week giving me about 10 more days before the next chemo session.

It feels like such a luxury to have this time. What the chemo is doing for me so far – reducing the size and number of visible cancer nodules – is more than I expected and I'm a little worried that interrupting the infusion schedule might change that. But not so worried that I'm not enjoying every minute of this time.

So this is just filler and there's no need to respond in the comments – unless you've got something you want to say. About anything.


You're reminding me to live the best life I can. Thank you! Enjoy this respite, Ronni.

I'm actually pretty impressed that your oncologist saw a minimal-risk opportunity to give you a break from the regimen and gave it to you! That kind of individualized care is, I believe, uncommon. Enjoy!

Have a sweet holiday! Many blessings, Salinda


Sometimes I appreciate a day of feeling good all the more for having had days that I didn't. So enjoy your extra time of not being fatigued and "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may."

Happy vacation! Luxuriate in it.

Definitely a time to luxuriate in what you most enjoy...glass of wine, a bite of something delish, binge watch some junk-TV....just BE !

I’m at the end of a 3 week vacation in Scotland and Ireland. I decided to actually spend the money I’d saved for that rainy day when you told us about the return of your cancer Ronni. So essentially you’re the reason I came.

My daughter is with me and we had so much fun, though she’s more than ready to get home.
I could continue staying here for as long as possible.

I loved the beauty of Ireland. No double it’s hard to be beat. But the rocky highlands remind me so much of Oregon it felt like home. We rented a stone cottage for a week and toured distilleries. Looked at old cemeteries and Pictish ruins, Bronze Age cairns and heartbreakingly beautiful burns and lochs.

I injured my knee playing highland sheep and went to “The Cottage Hospital” in the highlands. I was taken care of, x rayed and had the knee wrapped..given a prescription for medication, several ice packs, and offered a cane, but I already had mine.
For free.
The prescription for me, a tourist, was also free. When I left they all were commiserating about the vacation interruption..I was told to remember I wasn’t a young 60 any more. Everyone was charming and caring. And all the men are gorgeous!

If this is dreaded socialized medicine please sign me up.

Thinking of you this last lively day her, now outside of Edinburgh, watching the magpies pull worms out of the Airbnb’s garden.

A well-deserved breather. Precious - like you.

As others have said, enjoy!

And WOW, Elle--hooray for socialized medicine, even for visitors! My husband and I are SO fortunate to have a comprehensive retiree health plan--almost obsolete in the U.S. Although we've been spared the "killer diseases" of old age, so far, we are so grateful that we have this insurance. It's hard to believe that our country puts so little value on human life (except in the womb, of course!) that it doesn't view health care for ALL its residents as a birthright. Our state just enacted the first long term care insurance plan--too late for us, but it will certainly help a lot of people in the future.

Gosh, I'm so glad you have this month to enjoy as much as you can without chemo and doctor's appointments. This San Diego reader has been following your cancer journey and I'm sending big hugs to you in Portland. Please open your arms to catch them.

Nothing to say, really, just enjoy your respite.

Just love it that you are feeling well and enjoying living. Be well!

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