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What Matters to Crabby Old Lady Today

Crabby Old Lady here. Remember that mini-vacation my alter ego, Ronni, took on Monday? It sure wasn't much of a vacation.

Not that Crabby had big plans. Mostly she wanted to be free for a day from “shoulds” which in her case this week means ignoring the mess of books, magazines and various papers in need of filing on the dining table; ditto the desk; the pile of chemotherapy hats in the bedroom that need a tidier storage place, answering a big backlog of email, and so on.

In that part, Crabby succeeded: it is all still there today (Tuesday), untouched.

She had wanted to walk over to the neighboring park but it rained again as it has seemed to do every day since Christmas. Okay, Crabby exaggerates, but it feels that long.

Instead, she took note of her breathing as a prelude to a short trip to take out the trash and check her nearby mailbox. In the past few weeks, breathing has become difficult when doing anything much more strenuous than such a short, slow walk as this.

An inhaler has helped a bit but Crabby is looking forward to seeing the doctor soon to find out what else he can do for Crabby's breathing difficulty. Meanwhile, Crabby decided the trash and the mail could wait another day.

By mid-morning and for no good reason (Crabby had slept well the night before), she felt tired. Avoiding the bedroom, which means sleep, she snuggled down on the sofa with a cozy quilt, pillows and a light-hearted detective novel.

But her mind kept wandering from the book.

Is Trump really going to pardon criminals convicted of treason on Memorial Day? What kind of mind thinks that's a good idea? Is there no one who can stop him?

Why hasn't Attorney General William Barr been jailed? He refused a subpoena from the House but the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee have done nothing since Barr's absence on 2 May - no contempt of Congress citation, nothing.

On Tuesday this week, former White House Council Donald F. McGahn, at the order of Trump, defied a similar subpoena. He too just didn't show up as scheduled and like Barr, there has been no penalty.

”Representative Jerrold Nadler of New York,” the panel’s chairman, reports The New York Times, opened the brief session with a stern warning both to Mr. McGahn and Mr. Trump. The House, he said, would move quickly to bring Mr. McGahn to court, citing him for contempt of Congress if he does not relent.

“'This committee will hear Mr. McGahn’s testimony, even if we have to go to court to secure it,' Mr. Nadler said, staring down at an empty chair for Mr. McGahn.”

And blah, blah, blah. It's what they've been saying since Trump was elected - “contempt of Congress” and “if we have to go to court” or similar threats and nothing happens.

You can bet your booties that if Crabby Old Lady or any of you defied a Congressional subpoena, we would immediately be frogmarched off to jail.

And then there is Special Council Robert Mueller. If there ever were real discussions to arrange for him to testify before the Judiciary Committee, they have disappeared – at least publicly.

The Washington Post reports Representative Nadler told House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this week that Congress should open an impeachment inquiry into Trump but Pelosi is still holding out on that option. More blah, blah, blah.

Not to mention the potential new war in Iran. A friend told me that Trump says doesn't want a war; it's National Security Advisor John Bolton who does. Oh really? And when was the last time you could be certain that Trump would stick to what says?

And Crabby hasn't even started on the bunch of old, white men intent on taking control of women's bodies by killing Roe v. Wade.

Are any of you as bone-deep exhausted from living in Trumpworld for more than two years that you, like Crabby, can't even stay awake on a “vacation” day?

There is so much wrong with our government, with our president, with legislators too timid to do anything but let the president and all the crooks he has appointed to high positions steal as much from the treasury and the American people as they can, it is beyond measurement now.

There is plenty more to be concerned about but even with only the above, no wonder Crabby is tired enough to nap even with a good night's sleep under her belt.

After thinking over all the above, Crabby Old Lady was tired again. Sleep overcame her for another hour or so.

The rest of Crabby's Monday “vacation” was more of the same although she did get about halfway through the novel before turning out the bedside lamp for the night.


I am looking forward to the day when we will see Trump an his cohorts do the "perp-walk" into a Federal Courthouse for sentencing. There is so much this country needs that will really
make America great, and here we are spending our resources on endless rhetoric.

Thank you, COL. Always love your rants, each one about a serious matter, never nonsense. Agree w your list of pols' long overdue making good on threats to take back the country from goons, grifters, and people richer than Croesus. I eagerly await with you in spirit and across the pond your finding out what else your doc can do for your breathing difficulty.

The two party system is no longer working. The Republican party has become corrupt and the Democratic party has become so beholden to the 'establishment' that innovation is verboten. That also makes the leadership of the Democrats spineless. A pox on both houses.

I am for a Progressive party to shake things up. This country is lost if we don't change our current downward spiral.

I still have hope that Pelosi has a strategy that is heading toward impeachment. I think she needs more Republicans to signal they are on board and for public opinion to reach a boiling point.

I am so disheartened that we will probably have to revisit Roe vs Wade at the Supreme Court!

I love crabby old lady.

You nailed it.

I have been very, very depressed and fatigued due to the political climate in the U.S. I am 79 yrs. old and realize I will never see much improvement before I die. It is completely disheartening. We have global warming acceleration …. crazy weather …. shuffling people around like chess pieces … not having an accounting of where all those children even are …. an idiot tyrant in the white House …. school shootings continue … and we're returning to fighting the anti-abortionists. It goes on and on. Having experienced two bouts of different cancers, I relate to the side effects of treatments and can understand your exhaustion due not only to treatment but the political/economical atmosphere surrounding us. What an incredible journey you are on! Thank you, as usual, for sharing.

No time to respond, and gratefully Darlene expressed my sentiments.

Only suggestion is to eliminate politics as much as possible until January 1, 2020.

So disturbing. Like Regina I doubt I will live long enough to see this damage to our country repaired. I fear for our children and our grandchildren. I get very angry whenever I see tRump's face on anything or hear his voice. I can't avoid what is going on and I protest, and write and vote but I still really resent his intrusion into our lives.

I decided months ago that I would stop exhausting and angering myself watching politics. I check the headlines every morning to make sure we're not at war and the earth is still spinning but that's about it. Local news and weather are far more relevant to my everyday life.

And above and beyond the ghastly political situation there is catastrophic climate change, catastrophic extinction of most of the world's species, and the prospect of life on Earth ending before much longer if we humans don't drastically change our lifestyles and start living sustainably (and even then it might be too late).

So it is not an easy time to be alive. But despite all that, I think an optimistic outlook is the only one worth having. It's what Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone, in their book of the same title, call 'Active hope.'

I agree with both Darlene and Regina. I have lived for decades in this country but what still surprises me is how apathetic the general public is. Apart from special interest groups, such as for or against abortion, for or against gun control and so forth, the rest of the country rarely demonstrates. I just read that more than 1 million Londoners are ready to demonstrate against Trump’s visit to the UK in June, that’s 13% of Londoner, and they are not even US citizens who suffer his constant lies. Given that the population of the US is about 328,824,000, percentage wise that would mean that 42,747,000 or so US citizens could demonstrate against his contempt for the law of the land – where are they? If 42 million people would demonstrate wouldn’t the political parties have to take note?

I am in Georgia right now and writing to my senators and congressmen against the just past HB 481, the Living Infants Fairness and Equality (LIFE) Act. I am quoting many OBGyns and other physicians who explain that at 6 weeks it is not a fetus, but an embryo, and there is no fully formed “heart;” only an ultrasound can detect a “flutter” in a sac with liquid and cells, about ½ inch long. It is not a “living infant.” The GA legislature uses this erroneous language for emotional impact. I don’t know how many other Georgians are willing to write to demand, that whether they are for or against abortion, accuracy in language and facts are important. Unfortunately, I think the climate here is “laissez-faire.”

Ditto ditto ditto .. esp. about not living long enough to see all this undone. Vagabonde - THANK you for writing. I am stunned w/ the legislation in GA, MO, AL, OH and elsewhere. (I work in hospitality and there are now talks of which states will lose tourism and conventions bec of these laws.)

THIS COL learned too that her dearest barely 5 y.o. rescue cat, Lina Horn, and she have the same f-ing cancer -- Lymphoma -- and it's not good. So do we both undergo surgery and treatment and have limited quality of life or lie down on the bed together and while I rant about this Administration and the idiots in it, she quietly purrs next to me and we "go" together?

COL, I wish you could make your mind rest for a few minutes -- and we all get it. Or all of us who have said so.

Thank you for saying what needed to be said. I am losing hope that anything will be done about this descent into tyranny.

Our Congress people are definitely not timid people.
It's becoming more obvious that they too are compromised.
I wake up each morning lately wondering what happened to the Democratic leaders.
I fear it is all over and that democracy is very much a thing of the past.

I guess I like you better when you are "crabby".

I agree completely with your assessments re: Dem's lack of "oversight" -- they should jail the U.S. AG and the rest who have "refused" a subpoena -- and Mnunchin should for the hell of it.

Yes, I like you better when you are "crabby" … Emiliano

It is now Wednesday afternoon and the latest Trump walk-out occurred earlier today. Congress believed that he w2as coming to speak seriously with them about infrastructure. I'm afraid they are easily duped, and continue to be fooled on more than occasions than I can keep track of.

It is both fascinating and frightening to watch the dynamics playing out at the highest level of our government. COL is absolutely right in noting the predictability of the behavior of the president, and the response of Congress. It is just like a bratty child has gotten control of the household and run amuck, and the parents are unable to rein him in. That should be no surprise, as it's exactly what happened in Trump's childhood home, and apparently drove his parents to send him away to military school. But where can we send him now and who's going to do it. Nancy Pelosi's last words I heard today were that she would pray for the president. Good luck with that.

Ronni, I am in complete accord with your comments today. There is nothing but puffed chests and empty words from our politicians. Headlines shout their indignation, yet I see no action. We citizens watch as our country is being diminished, lives damaged, nothing good happening. And all this occurs colored by the looming and most important issue of global warming. My only solace is that I did not have children and will not have to worry about the difficulties they would endure in an environment increasingly hostile to life on Earth. At least I will be dead before it gets really bad.

I'm so sorry.

way to go Crabby.

Yes, yes, yes, Crabby! Speaking for so many of us! Every day is like a fresh nightmare. Today, of course, being no exception. Hoping we all live long enough to vote in 2020 and see real change and some semblance of functionality in our political affairs.

What they said. Especially the kudos for Crabby, one of my very favorite people.

Crabby, you expressed my sentiments exactly. I am just heartsick about our country.

I'm so sorry you are having breathing problems. Let's hope these doctors will prove themselves worth their money and do something to help you.

And God help us all.

Crabby represents!

I'm with COL.
GOP & Dems only worry about whether they'll get reelected and spend most of their time fundraising rather than governing.
Population is apathetic. Watched some of the reporting on the Stop the Ban protests yesterday, and the turnout was pathetic. I'm old enough to remember the marches and protests of the 60's.
The mob boss in the White House acts with impunity and it's all the same blah, blah threats that he knows will go no where. His stonewalling is beyond the pale, but he knows all these subpoena fights will end up with the Supreme Court which is now slanted to his side.
I'm so disgusted I can barely watch the circus anymore.
Impending War, migrant children dying, climate change, an attack on our uteruses, pardons for war criminals, WTF??? I'm ready to move to a deserted island. Know of any??

Dear Crabby Old Lady,
You are my hero. And all your commenters are RIGHT and so smart.
After surgery last week, today I decided to watch Wanda Sykes latest on Netflix.
Cleaned my soul laughing so hard.
Always keep you in my prayers. Not very cool thing to say anymore but just what I do. It may help me more than you, who knows.
Stay Crabby. You’re the best.

There surely is a need for Presidential transparency which as you describe could begin to occur through a variety of actions, but appears not to be happening. We’d better hope behind the scenes actions are being taken by some who recognize survival of our very democratic republic is at stake as are our freedoms.

I’m not convinced impeachment now is preferable to continued efforts toward increasing Presidential transparency, so in the interim more voters can learn the truth about this leader, then can vote accordingly in 2020. His calculated lying, nuances for truth, could well allow him to legally squirm out of an impeachment conviction though have been guilty. But by 2020 election time more voters might finally see him for the con man he is, among other things, and not want him as our nation’s leader. Once he was out of office the challenge then would be to keep him and his ilk out of governing our nation. Of course, Congress would also have to begin to perform their legislating job by meaningfully working with each other.

What's so maddening is they get away with all this stuff. No pushback. The bullies win. Democracy only works when both sides are dealing in good faith. Otherwise, not so much

Me again. Even so, I'm still hopeful. It's just going to take time.

But if he gets re-elected, it's revolution.

Dear Crabby Lady: Thanks so much for making me feel not so alone in the spikes of "omg, what is it going to take for someone to do something here?????!!!) Now that I'm pacing my intake, I'm not marinating in contempt for the effects and acts and astonishment at the slow movement of human evolution, but the crabbiness is there...today, in add to your list was the move for the EPA to establish new percentages on toxicity and reporting of those who have died from air pollution...lifting regulations in ways that further (surprise surprise) obfuscate the real effects of toxins in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and more. Other than this...the bright spot of my day is hearing from you, the minutiae and small pleasures of your day, and the inspiration of hearing how you listen to your body and soul each moment.

It is long overdue for us to have a female president. It is going to happen eventually but i don't think i will be around to see it. What do we have to lose? Men are always starting wars for the poor and middle class to suffer through. While the rich get richer. You can't hold women back forever. They are more educated and powerful now and it will continue. Will they make mistakes? Of course they will, they are human. They deserve to prove themselves regardless of the displeasure some men feel about having a female leader. There are males who dislike powerful women. They will just have to deal with it. We love and cherish your wisdom and humor col. Thank you. Margaret mary we love you col. We also need your wisdom. Margaret Mary

We love you col. We also need your wisdom. Margaret Mary

I'm losing faith in humanity. I never had much anyway.
By fair means or foul, #45 was elected and the legislatures passing these abortion bans were elected as well as the governors - male and female - signing these bans.
This is looking less and less like an aberration and more like our new reality. America appears bent on privatizing and monetizing everything in order to make hay while the sun shines and leave our heirs to make what they can from our left-overs.
I say "America" but it's not just here. Around the world, we're seeing an uptick in "populism" which seems to be code for "Nationalism" as if that was even a real thing.
It's disappointing, but it's a good time to be old. Sadly, I don't see this ending well for my grandson if we stay this course.

Honestly, I've tuned out most of the Trump obsession that passes for news these days. Let's just hope that the Demos come up with someone we can vote for next year.

I only watch Fox News and Time Goes By is my other interest. I used to watch CNN when I got sick of Obama bashing but have turned to Fox for the same reason, just a different president. At 71 I'm trying not to "get wrapped around the axle" with politics. Life is short and, at most of our ages, we might consider chilling a tad. I am working on it.

I continue to be amazed that this country elected an entrepreneur to the White House. in business, he is a dictator with all the power. Did those who voted for him truly think he could do this job? I for one, am not at all surprised by his behavior. Like all of you, I'm so discouraged yet I should have hope.

And the hellbent attack on women....I'm beyond words at this point.

God help us all if this man is re-elected...I shudder at the thought!

I could not agree more.

I sympathize with the shortness of breath - I still have it too.

COL - thank you for organizing this blog, I read the comments and it helps me feel not so alone in thinking the world is off its axis. As stated before"waking up to a new nightmare everyday" is starting to take its toll. What has shocked me is learning some of our long time, educated friends think this president is just great. Ughhhhhh. I just want 2020 to get here and hope this nightmare ends. Bless you Crabby!

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