A TGB READER STORY: Finding Your Tribe (OR Notes On Losing A Local Poetry Contest)
Ageism in Medicine

A Blockbuster Reader Story and Alex and Ronni Show

As author of yesterday's Reader Story, officerripley, certainly hit a chord with denizens of Time Goes. Lots of other readers joined in with related personal stories, useful information and no small amount of wisdom.

If you missed it, officerripley's story and the comments are all worthy of your time to read about finding our tribes in old age.

There was a consensus among some who commented that this blog is kind of a tribe of its own and some wondered how readers who get to know one another via those comments could be put in touch with one another in person or, at least, email.

We tried that a month or two ago when I explained how I would put one reader in touch with another if both agreed. After all the setup, I received only one request.

Due to how easily I tire these days because of my breathing difficulty, I can't take that on again right now, but remind me in a month or so and if enough people are interested, we might give it another try.

A long while ago, nearly 10 years, when I first moved to Oregon, I held an in-person meet-up at my home. About 10 or 12 local readers came and we had a lovely afternoon.

Yesterday, reader Charlotte Dahl left this note in response to reading about 25 comments before hers:

”Sounds like a family to me. Wouldn't it be great if we could all meet up and form our own tribe? Meanwhile we can still be pen pals.”

As I said, it is a decade later now and with my cancer, breathing, etc., maybe I don't have the energy for it now, but let's see in a month or six weeks. We're in the good-weather period of the year and maybe an in person get-together is something we would like to try - at least for people who are nearby - and perhaps other might be able to do it at the same time in their communities. We could Skype one another's meet-ups.

Now, here is today's episode of The Alex and Ronni Show - this one about a radio program we produced with John and Yoko just about 50 years ago. (The video starts in the middle and I don't know how to fix that. Just move the slider at the bottom to the left to start at the beginning.)


Your idea about a meet-up of the tribe sounds exciting. I think though that it would be tiring for you and maybe someone close by, a friend or blogger could take care of all the particulars. When I started blogging I followed a blog in Oslo, Norway. This blogger arranged a “blog gathering” in July 2010 in Oslo. My husband and I went (with many frequent flyer miles the trip was free.) The host arranged for special rates in an Oslo hotel and we met everyone there, from Spain, the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, etc. we were the only ones from the US. We formed groups to visit areas of the city, we met for meals; it was a unique and fun experience. If I were closer I’d help you with the project, but I live in GA and TN right now – though I would fly to wherever you are having the meet-up as I’d love to meet y’all.

Love the picture of John and Yoko with you two. No wonder I stumbled on your blog. John Lennon is my all time favorite person who ever walked this earth. And Yoko deserved to walk beside him!

I always seem to find tidbits about him when I surf the web. Thanks for sharing this.

Enjoyed the video and picture of John and Yoko. In the summer of 1969 I was on the opposite coast from Woodstock and watched the news videos from California as it was happening. Southern California was enough cultural awakening to a girl from the Midwest.

The one thing which will kick-start Tribal get-togethers is our 'publishing', as we write to you, Ronni, - - the name of our own cities or immediate regions. But, from that point, I'm adrift as to how we could actually contact those 'Ronni Riters' we are pleased to find living nearby us. While keeping our privacy intact from unwelcome eyes. Suggestions would be appreciated. Seattle


I guess I wasn't clear. It's not difficult what you ask but due to my current health difficulty, I don't have the energy or time to kickstart it right now. You'll need to be patient until I'm in fine fettle again.

I would love to keep in touch with your other readers. I missed your attempt to do that...maybe because I have recently moved to the Vegas area and was too busy to read your column every day. We could make a FB group if people wanted that. I am not expert for sure, but it appears easy to do...but everybody would have to use FB. I put up with it as it is a good way to talk to friends and make new ones. Maybe someone has a better idea? Thanks. Francine

What fun to see the old photo of you and Alex (...and those other folks)! I always enjoy the Alex and Ronni Show. When you feel well enough to connect TGB readers, I would be happy to organize a get-together of Seattle area folks. I already know at least two of your other Seattle readers...one because I introduced him to 'Time Goes By' and one because I recognized her by a comment that she had posted. I had intended to respond when you made the offer previously, and then somehow it never happened. I do hope the docs will be able to get you breathing better soon!
Ali in Seattle

I see several TGB readers are from or near Seattle. I don't have the tech chops to set up anything online, and I do worry about data breaches, but I think I'd be game to participate in a FB group if that comes to be.

I understand that FB has made some security improvements related to who gets to see our data, but who really knows? I only use it occasionally, mostly related to cats and politics. I figure most of my info (which is spectacularly boring!) is already out there anyway. I've been on the internet for a long time--way before security was an issue--but I wouldn't want to make it any easier for online thugs.

Ronni did a post on May 27, 2009, in which readers named their locations. There were far fewer readers then, and I don’t think I was reading the blog at that time. I seem to remember—or misremember—a subsequent listing in which I did give my city, Sacramento. What I don’t remember seeing is any other Sacramentans in the mix.

Emma Jay, I'm a few hours south of you, In Fresno.

This is all sounding interesting and wonder if any TGB followers in Southern California — Los Angeles area — east of L.A., actually — also maybe Orange County? Didn’t make the effort to join the Oregon get-together years ago since was a bit complicated for me and was still working part time. Thought there might be another gathering later. Probably would be more likely now for me to stay more locally, though I’m retired, plus I’ve aged a bit more this past year than I thought I would in my eighth decade. Otherwise, I might hop in the car and go visit Darlene in Arizona to chew the fat if she was amenable. I may have other complications since life can be so unpredictable, but would try to meet with others — TGBers could be a pretty good tribe.

I did make it to your Lake Oswego gathering and it has remained one of my fondest memories. Met with a friend of mine from Seattle, my former home town. I live in Walla Walla now. Very interesting group of people.

Hello to dkzody in Fresno, which seems as far away to me as Alaska. These days, I don’t venture more than five miles out, and even that is usually on a need to go basis rather than a recreational choice. My dreams of actually taking my 84-year old body somewhere for the fun of it, whether to lunch or shopping (thank you, Amazon) or anything else are usually fantasies based on days of yore. I only wish I COULD contemplate a larger life.

Re a meetup: I'm in San Francisco -- we bought in and paid a mortgage off (nearly) before it became unthinkable and we aren't going anywhere!

But at 72 I still have a good deal of range. In fact I'm driving a 90 year old friend to Sacramento to see a friend tomorrow. So if folks wanted to meet in Central California, I'd sure try. :-)

Oh -- and Ronni, I loved the Alex show video. Your professional relationship with him must have been a hoot! Great that you've gotten to the fun stage.

I'm still catching up with this week's posts. As always, I've enjoyed the latest episode of the Ronni and Alex show. What would we do without the ability to remember dates of things, by putting them in a context of other things--moves, breakups, job changes? Reminds me of the song from the movie Gigi, "Ah Yes, I Remember it Well": "We dined at ten. We dined at eight. I was on time. No, you were late . . ." Ah yes.

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