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From Big Geek Daddy page:

”In his defense, he doesn’t exactly look like a sheepdog and probably hasn’t been trained to be a sheepdog. Nelson is 'part' Norfolk terrier and I would guess it’s a small part.

“I think the sheep are trying to help him out at first but then realize Nelson isn’t cut out for this line of work so they chase him off the job site.”

It's good for a nice morning chuckle.


From the Bored Panda website:

”Every now and then, a photo so ambiguous emerges, it's just begging to be featured on the subreddit r/photoshopbattles. From the President of France celebrating a football match to a sleepy 2-year-old, Bored Panda has compiled a list of before-and-after pictures from the wackiest PS battles on Reddit...”A couple of examples:



Many more at Bored Panda.


Great Big Story explains:

”Charisma is able-bodied. Cole is quadriplegic. They’re an interabled couple. They live, love and laugh like the rest of us. But when people see them together, many assume Charisma is Cole’s nurse or caregiver. Some stare and whisper.

“Rather than retreat from public view, this Virginia pair began vlogging about their relationship, getting real about everything from intimacy to house hunting. They hope to educate people, and if they inspire other love matches, well, that’s a happy bonus.”

Take a look at this remarkable couple.

You can follow Cole and Charisma's vlog here.


On his HBO show, Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver took on the impeachment issue. Take a look; you'll learn a lot. I did.

In addition, at The New York Review of Books Linda Greenhouse reviews five recent books about impeachment. It's worth a read.


You don't need to know any more than that headline. I have no idea if Roscoe is a extra-talented raccoon but he appears to be. See what you think.


Our Sunday music columnist, Peter Tibbles, sent me a couple of optical illusions which reminded me that I've been holding on to page of them.

First, here the two from Peter. How many black dots can you see?

Find out more about this here.

Here is another from Peter:


As syfy.com explains:

”OK, no biggie, right? It’s just a bunch of alternating pairs of lines, where one pair is curved and the other zigzagged, right?

“Yeah, no. Here’s the fun bit: All those lines are smooth sine waves. In fact they’re all the same curve! There are two key differences between the lines. Look carefully at the smooth waves: The curves change shades from white to black, and the change occurs at the inflection point between them (halfway down the sloping curve). Now look at the zigzags: The shading change happens at the peaks and troughs.

Read more at syfy.com about both those optical illusions.

And here is one of my favorites. It's famous, you've probably seen it before – I've known it since I was kid. It is from Puck magazine in 1915, titled “My Wife and My Mother-in-Law”.



I don't know anything worth knowing about rap music. I'm totally ignorant so don't trust a word I say. On the other hand, a week ago, a new group named 93PUNX, an alternative rock/rap group fronted by Chicago artist Vic Mensa released a provocative music video, Camp America.

It sure got my attention. Daily Beast reported:

”The video depicts white children in orange jumpsuits gleefully rejoicing as they’re being tortured and held in cages, with Mensa rapping, 'We’ll be living it up, not giving a fuck / Splitting you up, then we put you in cuffs / Then we shipping you off / Yeah, you could get lost at Camp America.'

“It ends with a message in white type against a black background: 'There are over 13,000 immigrant children in U.S. custody today. What if it was your kid?'”

Take a look at the video. Lyrics are posted beneath it.

Camp America" Lyrics:

There’s a place
It’s the time of your life
No parents allowed and no playing in sight
You can laugh, until you cry, at Camp America

So much fine, you lose count of the days,
Playing hide and go seek inside of your cage
Daddy love you, so he sent you away, to Camp America

Chorus: I wanna have the best summer ever
I wanna have the best summer ever
I wanna have the best summer ever
At Camp America

It feels good, it feels great
Hey where you going, you gotta say
cant leave cant wait
to go to Camp America

Get on the floor, get on your bag,
lets have a drank on me, we’ll catch a wave,
pop a pill, don’t be sad,
you’re at camp America.

Chorus We’ll be living it up, not giving a fuck
Splitting you up, then we put you in cuffs
Then we shipping you off, yeah, you could get lost at Camp America
Take your clothes off baby, let me see what you got
We can have a good time if you’re legal or not
Its an ignorant, arrogant, terrorist, heritage
You can finally be an American


BBC News has a detailed story about the American government trying to insist that detained children, separated from their parents do not need soap, a toothbrush or a bed, as does Daily Kos.


Full-grown, they are as tiny as domestic kittens. They are the only cat to live in deserts and are native to north Africa and Middle East. Plus, they are the cutest thing.

* * *

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I loved your combination of posts today, from cute animals to more serious ones like John Oliver's Impeachment , which I found very informative. I know I've seen the wife/mother-in-law picture before, but now I just can't see the MIL!

We might have a gender mixup in the raccoon item, Ronni. "Roscoe" being a female, I think the narrator, in the best of elegant, fluty British accents, is calling her "Rascal."

Nana, look at the wife's necklace and then see it as the Mother-in-law's mouth and that may help you. The wife's profile is the MIL's nose.

The "Camp America" is powerful, I would like to stuff it in Mitch McConnel's ear as an earworm that won't go away.

Thanks Darlene - I stared at the picture a long time, and just couldn't see the MIL until I read your comment!

What beautiful cats are featured - I just love them. Optical illusions drive me crazy. I counted 12 dots on the first one. The second one I didn't even try, because stuff like that makes me dizzy. Anyone else get it?

I liked all your videos. That rap Camp America song is to the point. I thought Save the Children was to help children in 3rd world countries and can’t believe that they have to come to the US now to save the children on the border – the richest and most powerful country has gone down that low. Yes as John Oliver says, the electorate is in a stupor to let these types of things happen, let alone all Mr. Trump’s lies.
As for the wife and mother-in-law drawing at first I could only see the mother-in-law with her big nose and had to look hard to see the wife, but finally found it through the eye lashes.

Yes Diane, take it from a Brit Roscoe is indeed a Rascal and what a talented one!

Good interesting informative ,education, Thanks and keep posting we are silent flower especially we at Africa and we must copy and paste the song good composition,

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