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The Alex and Ronni Show and Some New Old Photos

Here is the most recent Alex and Ronni Show.

In the video above, Alex and I recall a midnight supper with counterculture satirist Paul Krassner who died last week. Not long after that meal, a friend from Alex's and my time in Houston in the mid-1960s came to visit us in New York City.

Karen Hirschfeld Hendley's parents became good friends and in 1970, and she – a teenager by then - flew to New York to visit us for awhile. Just last week, she tracked down these photos of me she took during her time in the Big Apple.




My god, to me now, I look impossibly young, although I was 29 that year. It's fun to have these photos after 49 years. Yes, I'm smoking a cigarette in the first photo and that's Shabbas the cat in the third photo.)


Your comment about your hair and the little "Julius Caesar look in front" reminds me of Gertrude Stein's portrait Picasso painted of her with very short Caesarean looking hair. His comment at the time was that everyone said she did not look like it, but that did not matter, she would. And indeed, eventually she did, with as handsome and as strong an appearance as she had in that portrait. I see the same thing in your appearance in this video.

Thank you for sharing the photos. It's interesting to me how recognizable an era is by the clothing and hair, and these photos of you took me immediately back to a very distinctive and memorable time of life. It's always good to see a new Alex and Ronni video.


Still have tears in my eyes after watching your most recent post! So real, warm and thoughtful and moving. Seeing you two talking and being so real together, amazing!

When you spoke about blogging and get so into it, time stands still. I can be so tired when I start coloring and before I know it, I feel great and have created something - sometimes it's great, sometimes it's just ok but it makes me feel good.

Ronni, reading you, makes me FEEL.

Young and GLAMOROUS, I might add.

Just enjoyed the Alex and Ronni show. Prior to doing that, I had started my morning depressed, previewing my day (yet another day) with physical annoyances and worries, wondering if I should or could exercise now or if I'd miss it again today, wondering how I could express my worries at next week's doc appt. , wondering what the doctor could possibly conclude but, guess what ? After watching your show, I thank you so much for suggesting what's worked well for you. I am going to now try putting my best foot forward (no pun) and BE HERE NOW, live in the moment. I think I can, I hope I can.

Love these! Somewhere I have photos of me (white girl, straight hair)with an Afro, wire rim glasses, and a granny dress or a tank top (no bra) and cut offs. Was an ardent feminist. Youth is such fun, or should be... I no longer remember BEING that young woman but am glad I was for a few short years.

Yes, look at the beautiful l0ng hair.

The pictures are wonderful!!!

The pictures are wonderful!!!

Loved the post, love the pics!

I think getting old/running out of time may be harder to reconcile for those of lesser talents and achievements. You, and Alex, will leave a lasting legacy as pioneers and contributors in your field; that's no small thing. I had a privileged start in many ways, including a world class education, but SO failed to take advantage of it and frittered away 20 of my most productive years on the "party circuit" (although I also worked full time). If I'm remembered at all in my home town, where I spent most of the first 1/3 of my life, it probably wouldn't be for anything good.

That I changed direction in my late 30s, married a great guy (finally!) and went on to a 40-year career in the nonprofit sector can be regarded as a positive outcome, but what a colossal waste of my youth and whatever sliver of talent I might once have had.

I agree that you looked very glamorous. Love the old pictures.

Enjoyed your chat together and the several interesting points you both brought up.

Creativity, when I work on my assemblages, will throw me into a time warp where it is meditative and all consuming, living in the moment as you said about your writing. It is wonderful to experience that flow.

Interesting, too, that you spoke about your curiosity of what it would be like to be in a long-term marriage with all the experiences a couple undergo in that situation. My husband of almost 23 years and I have commented that it has taught us to share, and to compromise. Yes, we have our gripes but overall, we appreciate each other and say so.

It is the third marriage for each of us, married at the ages of 56, and 57, he is 9 months younger than I am. And lately I feel my age having had a hip replacement almost 8 weeks ago. Although I am doing well, I see how much I have slowed down and wonder if I can regain my former energy of several years ago...? Twp days ago I had the second Shingrex
shot that disturbed my sleep and made my arm sore so I had to cancel a lunch date with 1 women friends yesterday...oh, well, this too shall pass.

typos...two, not twp, and 2 women friends, proofread but not enough.

Oh how I miss the days when NYC had great late-night talk shows. On any given night you could listen to Jean Shepherd on WOR, or Long John Nebel. or Alex or Barry Gray on WMCA. They kept me up way past my bed time.

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