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The Fourth of July 2019 and The Alex and Ronni Show

In addition to tomorrow, I'm taking an extra day (today) off from the blog.

Even though the president of the United States has hijacked our country's traditional celebration in Washington, D.C. and replaced it with a campaign rally, including a VIP section at the Lincoln Memorial where only his friends and family are allowed, you and I can still celebrate in our own ways.

Usually I post fireworks on this holiday. But it occurred to me that given the kind of man we have in the White House and the many assaults/insults he has visited on our laws, institutions and ideals, perhaps it would be good to have a reminder of one of our founding documents which this holiday was created to celebrate.

It's a short video, just four minutes, and it couldn't be more timely. Listen to this women who has spent 20 years teaching the Declaration of Independence, explain the “self-evident truths” sentence in that document. The YouTube page explains further:

”Few Americans are aware of the fact that the first printing of the Declaration of Independence contained a copy error. As a result, many subsequent republications of the text display the typo.

“In a new video filmed at the 2018 Aspen Ideas Festival in June [2018], Danielle Allen, a political theorist and professor at Harvard University, explains why this seemingly innocuous oversight can have grave consequences.

“Interpreting this sentence correctly, Allen argues, is crucial to understanding how the powers of government are organized—and, consequentially, how to be an effective civic agent.”

Happy July Fourth, everyone - and one more thing:

Here is latest episode of The Alex and Ronni Show. I think we talked way too long about elder ailments but Alex doesn't agree.

If you would like to see Alex's entire two-hour show with other guests after me, you can do that at Facebook or Gabnet on Facebook or on YouTube.


Ronni, I couldn't believe your hair had grown that fast! Sure enough, this is not the latest Alex and Ronni show -- it's a show dated 6/18/16 which is incorrect, because you are talking about your surgery and how 5 months ago the docs told you were cancer-free (my words). Hoping to see the most recent show. Enjoy your days off!

Couldn't get the correct vid to play on Facebook, so went to YouTube. Success!

Lizziee...you're right, of course. I'm working on getting the correct video although it may take awhile - busy morning here. I'll squeeze in the replacement as soon as I can after I hear from Alex.

Always a pleasure to listen to you two.

P.S. Sent the Dec. of Ind. video to my family...thanks for that,too.
P.P.S. So upset by the Dem.'s debate found some relief with the late night monologues and a surprising suggestion by the guy on HBO.

This is a big deal. One tiny misprint changes the intent completely. It goes unnoticed...and then lost in that jungle of words. But we should never forget that we have the right AND THE DUTY to change the government when it oversteps its limits.

I’m not celebrating this year. I just can’t work up any enthusiasm. I’m just tired from the national nightmare. Maybe next year.

"This is an old person's show..." made me laugh out loud. Let's listen to the curmudgeon.

Hi, Ronni — Thanks for the Danielle Allen video. I’ve sent it to all my family members to contemplate tomorrow.

Ronni, you're fabulous! If you care, BTW, you look quite gorgeous! Maybe it's that I'm an old Zen student, but I think your hair--and your face and your eyes and your killing smile--look wonderful.

It's always fun to hear you and Alex talk to each other.

I passed the Declaration clip to Facebook.

Mazel tov.

The debates are a tool--one of many that can be used to win an election. It will take decades, if not longer, to repair the damage being done to our nation and to democracy itself by Trump and the Trumpuppets. That is why the one and only qualification requirement I have of the Democrat who wins the nomination is that s/he can beat tRump. However, it will take more than a great candidate. It will also take a cohesive and coherent message, persuasively presented, and the biggest GOTV effort in history. Every non-Trumpuppet must vote, the election must be honest and every vote must be accurately counted!

I SO hope tomorrow's "homage to the Emperor of Trumpistan" in D.C. (which is how he wants to celebrate America's birthday) is poorly attended and a total flop. So glad the tRump Baby will be there!

How old is Trump??? He certainly is not young.

Hoping for a thunderstorm at exactly the time Trump's celebrity starts!!

Punctuation is critical. Only a decade or so ago a comma was left out of a bill placing a dollar cap on Medicare payment for S.T., P.T. and O.T. therapies. Each discipline was to have an independent cap as to how much would be covered for each patient. Since a comma was left out S.T. and P.T. were lumped together to share the one cap. Everyone knew the intent, recognized the error, but repeated efforts to get Congress to act correcting the error were unsuccessful. Errors such as this can have unwanted ramifications for individual citizens much as can the meaning of the Declaration of Independence.

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