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A TGB READER STORY: Minding My Own Business

This Week in TGB Land

I have more obligations than usual over the next several days so I'm taking some time off from the blog.

This, what you are reading now, is today's post. There will be a Tuesday Reader Story and on Wednesday, a short post with more pictures than words.

Publishing will resume to normal beginning with Saturday's Interesting Stuff.

I could just leave the days blank that I don't publish but given my cancer diagnosis that has been going on now for two years, I don't want to scare any readers by just disappearing. So when I do take time off, I'll let you know.

Just so you're not left completely empty-handed on a Monday morning, here is something sweet and comforting to clear your palette of last week's disgusting behavior in certain quarters of the federal government.

Raymond Crowe is an Australian entertainer described as a mime artist, magician and cabaret performer. His act also includes shadow play using only his hands and arms. This one is a tribute to Louis Armstrong from about 10 years ago:


All's good with whatever you do with your time, and thanks for your consideration as we can be a worrisome bunch.

My time will be to evaluate how to participate effectively in the 2020 elections, what new interest or ideas to explore this fall/winter and how to deal with my son and very young family moving to Au next month.

Then some exercising, gardening and being a layabout with books for the week.

See you next week, Ronni.

You are so thoughtful by keeping us informed about any absence you need to take. That you keep the blog going while dealing with your 'predicament' is an act of selflessness beyond compare.

Thank you for all you do.

Thank you for the heads up, Ronni. I hope there's at least a little bit of enjoying these summer days in there, along with whatever else must be done.

Thank you for not worrying us. Love that hand/shadow bit.

We so appreciate your anticipating our worrying in your absence. Hope you are having fun on your "days off." Thanks for posting the hand shadow - I didn't know this guy and loved it.

Thanks for NOT "just disappearing"--hope the obligations are at least partially pleasant or fun.

Thanks, Ronni for all you do to make the magic happen. You're a champ! Many blessings, always.

Have a good week!

Unending thanks to you!! Your blog makes me feel mo’ betta’ than I have in a loooong time!!
Lana B

Truly a wonderful world, and you are one of the wonders...

Thank you !

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