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INTERESTING STUFF – 17 August 2019

Happy 94 Years, Millie Garfield

Actually, Millie's birthday is Sunday so we're a little bit early but when someone is in their tenth decade, several days of celebration do not seem excessive to me. So...


In recent years, Millie has spent less time with her blog, called My Mom's Blog presumably because her son, Steve, helped put it together, and then Millie was up and running on the internet in 2003, a year before I was.

We met soon after I started Time Goes By which means we've known one another for about 15 years. For several of those years, Millie produced an ongoing video series for her blog called β€œI Can't Open It” - something a lot of us have problems with and which became an internet classic.

Here is one of them. Her son Steve is the videographer:

These days you'll more frequently find Millie on Facebook. Here she is having a beer with Steve and his wife Carol last week at Riverwalk.


Here's another photo from Millie's Facebook page with Steve and his wife, Carol. Have you noticed that this family eats a lot?


As we have done for many years on Millie's birthday, we add up our years. So if you take Millie's 94 and my 78, we get 172. Add yours to this total or the last total in the comments.

Yes, it will probably get all mixed up and not exactly right but that's the fun of a party – just giggle and move on.

Meanwhile, let's all sing Happy Birthday to Millie and her amazing 94 years. I love you, Millie.


172+68= 240



My fingers fumbled & I didn't proof read!

315+72 = 387

I love to hear Millie laugh! Happy Birthday, Millie!!

Happy, Happy Birthday to you, Millie!

534+76=610. Happy birthday, keep on laughing! I'm one week shy of 77 actually.


Happy birthday, Millie.
Happy celebration everybody!




Happy Birthday, Millie!


Happy birthday Millie!


921 plus 80=1001

Happy birthday, Millie!


1001 plus 69=1070

Happy Birthday on Sunday, Millie.

Beth Backus

1070 + 76 = 1146

Happy Birthday, Millie. You go, girl!

1070+72 = 1142

happy birthday!

1070 + 71 = 1141

Happy Birthday, Millie!


Millie - every toast is for you today - Cheers and Happy Birthday!

1070 +76 = 1146 (Yea! "Easy" one for me - could do it in my head. Didn't, but I coulda!?)

Happy birthday Millie😍
1141+77 1258



Happy Birthday Millie. 😘🍷
1258 + 77 = 1335

Feliz Cumpleanos, Millie!

1341 + 77 (Rachel E) + 71 (mine) = 1489

1341+76(yellow) + 78 (red)= 1495
Great Day Millie Hugs from Yellowstone and Redstone

1495 +65, 1650 !!


Make that 1560 !??!!!!!

1560= 78 = 1638
Happy Birthday Millie.

Happy Birthday Millie!

Happy Birthday Millie!

1707 + 70 = 1777

1707 + 83 =1790 !!

Happy Birthday to Millie from Pat in Iowa.

Happy Birthday Millie

1790 + 79 = 1869

Happy Birthday!πŸŽŠπŸŽˆπŸŽ‚
1869+79= -1948


Happy Birthday Millie, has another year really gone by???
1869 + 72 = 1941

Cheers, Millie, have one for me. A cold beer would go good right now in this scorching California Central Valley heat wave. Hmm. Maybe I have a hidden bottle of Trader Jose in my refrigerator.

2096 +84 (I think)= 2180

Thanks to Ronni and all our friends for giving me "1,948 Birthday Wishes." I am having fun celebrating my big day in advance - I few days ahead of time just gives me more time to enjoy!

I think that is a great idea. Recommend we all do that for our birthdays!!!

Happy Birthday to you Millie!

2180 + 86 = 2266

2266 + 82 = 2348. Happy B'day, Millie G. I don't think I'll last that long, but I think it's great that you have--and are still enjoying life.

2348 +84 = 2,432 And all of those candles on your birthday cake, Millie

2432+82=2514 !! We sure kick butt, Millie !

Happy happy birthday, Millie. I will add my t0 your 94+.

2514+94=2608. I still laugh when I use my grabber and think of you picking cherries off the floor with yours.

My 80 will make 2594 happy birthday wishes for you, Millie.

2656. Yours were two of the first blogs I started to follow after they were mentioned in Time Magazine. We've come a long way, ladies!

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