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Surprise! Nothing to See Here Today

After a busy morning away from home Tuesday, I simply ran out of steam when it was time to finish a blog post I had begun for this space today.

So there you are – nothing here today. Maybe I'll publish that half-finished story tomorrow. Or maybe wait until Friday. Or maybe I'll take time off until after Labor Day. I don't know yet. Right now, I'm heading for a nap.


Do whatever it takes, Ronni. We'll be here when you return! (I do disagree about there being "nothing here today". YOU are there!)

Rest 🌻

You - ever a role model! Rest. I’m taking part of the day off work using your example & bc I must.

Good idea to listen to your body and when it tells you to rest follow the instructions. I may nap too.

As a blogger (only since 2016), I don't think we have to blog daily; or will your fans be too disappointed?

Just musing as we all do; I have gone from a one-a-day to about 3 times a week, whenever the mood and subject moves me.

Of course, I am an ancient 94, while you are quite a bit younger.

Thanks for being a good role model!

Sweet dreams, Ronni!

I have kept many of your postings, i can read them again and again!
Rest well, you deserve it
thank you

I just love naps.

I've blogged for years and never held myself to a strict publishing schedule. Too much like the deadlines of yore. For heaven's sake, rest when you feel like it. Nap for days if you want. And enjoy your holiday just like everyone else! We'll all be here when you get back.

Napping is the glue in my day. Hope you wake refreshed.

Rest, we'll still be here and will still be praying for you.Rest and enjoy the holiday like millions of others will. Bob & Shirley S.

Take whatever time off you need/want. We (TGB followers) will be here awaiting your return. . .

I napped all day. You are not alone.

Whatever -- take care of yourself!

Take a well deserved break. Take care of yourself!

Every day after lunch.


Good for you Ronni! I took the first four days off this week to go on a little mini-vacation with my sister to what felt like another planet. We spent the entire time in northern Indiana in a rural and heavily Amish area, with lakes everywhere you looked. We stayed in an Airbnb on a very quiet lake and were visited occasionally by the sweet old resident dachshund.

Being surrounded by quiet, peaceful people traveling by horse and buggy and adapting ourselves even for that short a time to a much slower lifestyle than that of urban northern Illinois was the best thing we could have done for ourselves. I don't think we realize what a difference slowing down and taking time time to live our lives with more awareness and presence can make. As soon as we passed over the border back into the Chicago area and traffic again, we realized we were not in Kansas anymore, Toto. But we are carrying the memories of those four days like the precious gift they were.

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