ELDER MUSIC: Classical Predilections 6

The Alex and Ronni Show – Posted 19 August 2019

This episode of The Alex and Ronni Show was recorded last Wednesday, 14 August. Since then, Jeffrey Epstein's death, which we discuss about halfway through the video, has been declared a suicide by the medical examiner.

I've never been a conspiracy theorist but I still think it's fishy.

Unrelated to anything Alex and I discussed in this video, I was was watching live TV reports of the protest marches of Proud Boys and Antifa in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday while idly skimming through online news.

I found this lovely story about a former refugee who was given a bicycle by an aid worker in the Holland camp where she lived with her parents for several years when she was a little girl. "My five-year-old heart exploded with joy," she said.

As young as she was then, she never forgot the man's kindness. Twenty-nine years old now and living in London, she took a long shot recently, posting a photo of him on Twitter asking if anyone knows his name or where he lives.

Given how much bad stuff goes on on the internet, this is a refreshing story. Read it at Daily Kos. It's worth your time and you will feel really good when you've finished.


The story of the refugee and the bicycle was very touching, and the Maya Angelou video about the presence of rainbows in our lives was perfect!

As for the Alex and Ronni show today, it's astonishing to me that it seems so hard for Alex to imagine that something sketchy might be involved in Epstein's demise. As you and others have pointed out, how do a bunch of unlikely conditions align to provide an opportunity for his suicide, and how is it physically carried out? It makes no sense to me and the first thing that came to my mind was the visual of the scene at the Dallas jail in which Jack Ruby shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald. It's disturbing how such significant and seemingly impossible events can occur and never be adequately explained.

I too flashed back to Jack Ruby, and conspiracy time, a good read Cathy J, is "The Other Mystery: Was Jimmy Hoffa involved in John F....

Numerous conspiracy theories about Kennedy's murder have been floated since 1963. ... Hoffa in his book “I Heard You Paint Houses,” co-written by Charles Brandt. ... Frank had no idea why until Jack Ruby shot Oswald.

Wishing all a good week, and hope we can turn off the TV's and Read some, I'm reading Educated, by Tara Westover, (understanding a little of the craziness of the world through her eyes, of family)

Enjoyed the A and R Show today.
The back and forth about age discrimination was interesting, but I agree with you; It is very hard to prove in court unless one has a "smoking gun", such as "We need more young blood", etc. Also, Corporations usually have a staff lawyer or an entire law department which means endless resources vs us who are paying by the hour and they will usually exhaust our resources. When I first was threatened with being "managed out", I went to a lawyer and spent an hours worth of $$ fir consultation, and basically only got counseling on how to retain my sanity during the entire process or battle with my employer--I could have seen a member of the clergy and gotten same results. "Anywho", that's history, although I fought back and survived that onslaught and one more, an even more intense battle, finally taking a "package" at age 61, but going on to work nearly a decade longer at various related jobs. Severance stories are almost as good a divorce stories :)

BTW, you do look relatively good. Have you noticed that older people when they meet, often start out with "you look good"! If they don't, you might be in trouble!! :)

I have Jetlag after 4 weeks in Europe. This reentry into the Eastern Time Zone was harder than when I was younger proving my battle cry--Go now while you can!!! One more trip next year, God willing.

Hang in there--and you do look good--not just saying, but saying again..... John

"A whole different time of life that I want to enjoy or be aware of....." See why I so admire and resonate with your words and thoughts? Good stuff here.

My first (and enduring) thought after the suicide was that JE had bribed the guards to take a hike so he could die on his own terms. It would have been easy for him to coordinate such payment through one of his friends or colleagues.

I agree with Wendl. I think someone (or more?) were paid to look the other way while he killed himself.
Anyone who thinks there is equal justice is naive. Money has always talked and always will.
I don't trust AG Barr to do the type of investigation that would prove Epstein had assistance. I believe Trump availed himself of Epstein's "services" at some point in his life, not that anyone in his "base" would care.

The same thought occurred to me as did to Wendl--the folks in charge looked the other way possibly because they were paid to do so.

I don't think there will ever be an expiration date on conspiracy theories. There are always people who fall for them.

Interesting juxtaposition -- the Epstein story and the bicycle story. I like the bicycle story better!

Post and comments---best reads so far today/week! Thanks, Ronni and readers.

I have never believed in conspiracy theories until the Epstein case. My first thought when it was first reported was that someone with deep pockets had him murdered to keep him quiet. He did not seem to be the suicidal type. For Epstein to commit suicide in the early stages of his case seemed improbable Add to that are the circumstances of his death.
1) Epstein was taken out of the suicide watch cell before he was deemed not to be a suicide risk.
2) One of his guards was not an officer and unqualified to guard such a high profile prisoner.
3) Two guards on duty falling asleep at the same time? Come on. "Methinks" a sleeping potion is probable.
4) More broken bones in his neck than are normally broken if the death is caused by hanging but are found if the cause is strangulation.

As you said, Ronni, something is fishy.

Ronni, you're looking good kid. A bit tired perhaps; possibly in pain during the taping of the video but overall you look fabulous.

I forgot to mention how much I loved the bicycle story.
When I was a young bride money was scarce and my Aunt gave me some money with the provision that someday I repay the loan by giving money to someone in need with the same provision (I did). I wonder how many times that loan was passed on to others. We can never underestimate how a kindness can impact the life of others.

I had no idea my mid-60's would be full of so many highlights.
And your column and persona shining through is one of them.
Thank you Ronni for leading me from hoping I have the opportunity
to enjoy the in's and out's, high's and low's of later life to fully expecting to.

Took me a bit to find time to watch ...

Alex is right that you look great with that stage of hair growth. Gotta say, these episodes give me a mild horror at what being Alex's work partner must have been like. :-) Be well.

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