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INTERESTING STUFF – 14 September 2019


These two little guys are besties and this happened when they hadn't seen one another in two days. Dad of one of them posted it to Facebook.


This was recorded last Tuesday, 10 September 2019, and I couldn't find a place for it until today.


This column has been too light on cats lately so here's a kitty video. Nothing special. They're just being kittens and I smiled all the way through it.


Thank TGB Reader Cathy Johnson for this item. In northern Japan since about 2008, after the fall rice harvest, people gather together and use the leftover straw to create huge straw animals at the Wara Art Festival.

And I do mean huge. Take a look:

You can read more and see additional photographs here and here.


It's true, it's true. Grizzly bear product testers are a real thing in Yellowstone National Park. Take a look:


Trees are high on the agenda in certain areas of the media these days and they should be. This TED-ED talk explains the fascinating and rich communication that takes place among trees in the forest.


Dutch photographer Dick van Duijn specializes in wild animals. Recently, Bored Panda featured some of his work and it is marvelous.

Of course, I fell in love with this series of three quick shots:




More of Dick Van Duijn's wildlife photos at Bored Panda and Instagram.


I've saved the best for last today. It comes from TGB reader Joan McMullen and as she said, this is a keeper.

It was published at Christmastime two years ago by Lab Ottagono in Italy. It is titled Video de Natal e Ano-Novo and features Louis Armstrong singing Hello Brother. The Youtube page says video footage is courtesy of Evian.

Let me tell you how this is going to go. You'll be a little puzzled at first but it's compelling enough to stick around for awhile and then, at about 1:15 into the video, you will start grinning. It will be a great, big, your-whole-face type of grin that will continue long after the three-and-a-half minute video ends.

Give it a try – you'll see what I mean.

* * *

Interesting Stuff is a weekly listing of short takes and links to web items that have caught my attention; some related to aging and some not, some useful and others just for fun.

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Thank you Ronni...such a cloudy day brightener for me. And, of course, I cannot resist saying with apology to its originator about roses..."And don't forget to stop and smell the Daisies" .

I have seen that same sweet expression on the face of the youngest squirrels napping in the sun on top of my critter feeder, eyes closed just enjoying their dinner to the fullest.

Even that is not original with me ...when my husband was sitting in his easy chair with eyes closed after dinner, and the kids wanted him to 'wake up and play a game' it was his way of getting a tad more relaxation before turning into "Daddy!"

Another fun Saturday collection!

I've no idea how that last video was made, but it was delightful! And I could watch cat videos all day.

Great collection, wonderful stuff. And I'm so glad you took on the Alabama weather horror story. You are right, the time is gone when anything that comes from our government can be trusted. Of course, I also realize that my supposedly "good education" left a heck of a lot out. We have supported terrible, inhumane dictators abroad, put them in power to the detriment of whole countries, and now we have our own dictator. I hear everybody saying how only we the people can stop this. I only hope we have the will.
Think I'll go watch that cat video again, followed by Hello Brother.

Although I only watched a few minutes of your face time with Alex, it appears you are feeling so much better. You certainly look and sound better.

I am a big believer in physical and occupational therapy so I hope you keep trying what your therapist suggests.

As for specializing, my husband saw a doctor who only does thumbs. She certainly made great strides with a problem Terry was having with his thumb so I guess that micro specialization can be a good thing.

Well those are cute photos, but it would take more than cute photos to get me to like squirrels. As for Hello Brother ... a classic! I wonder how they did it.

I just watched your video; as Yogi Barra said "It's de ja vu all over again." Here in the middle of Cape Cod we have a volunteer educational association called Academy for Lifelong Learning. People are over 50, majority in the +/-70 range. An off shoot group who meet once a week to discussion current affairs. Everything you said about the deterioraiton of democracy has been said in our discussions. We are appalled at the inactivity of Congress, we were raving about "sharpie gate" Friday an about the use of his golf resort to have the American military pay the upkeep of his resort (which is not very popular with golfers). LIke you, every morning I get a sharp pain in the gut when I see what he's just pulled off. Today he is teling us what a "genius" he is with that shit-eating (pardon my French smirk that makes me boil.
Nothing I and my compatriots disagree with. I was stunned to hear that psychology books in the (I assume) 50s actually said Native Americans are all in the lower IQ levels. And I had not yet heard that he was pushing people off rescue boats from Trinidad. He is EVIL!!!! Can't anyone see that? Won't anyone react ?

Oh Ronni, your hair looks so cute! And I LOVED every one of today's offerings.

Hard to believe America could fall to these depths, isn't it? I blame Mitch McConnell for Congressional inaction. Remember how he gloated about handcuffing Obama? You can't have a democracy unless all sides are working in good faith.

I'll return for the rest of today's post, but HAD to view the kittens immediately. As usual, LOVE cats!

It’s hard not to love the super-cute but technologically manipulated “Hello Brother” video. But I can’t help feeling just a bit queasy when I view it next to the very real, perfect without the aid of technology, video of the two toddlers greeting one another with unmanipulated joy and affection after two days apart.

Maybe even if we can (that is, techies can) manipulate every image, making people cuter and more interesting, we would be wise to let images alone and allow real life to speak for itself as it used to do before technology took over and began to deprive us of these utterly real moments.

Thank you for that cat video! I followed up on YouTube and found several others on the same "channel," including the story of how that mother cat (with a previously broken and badly healed back leg) was rescued along with the kittens. Some of the videos are cute and heartwarming (cat love story) others made me laugh. If you're feeling down, try the Walter Santi YouTube channel!!

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