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Hahahaha!! Omigosh this made me laugh! (Didn't know that awesome cat was watching 'Psycho' until I heard Vera Miles say "Mrs. Bates!")

I know people either love it or hate it, but Halloween just so happens to be my birthday and my wonderful mom always came up with the best Halloween birthday cakes--love & miss you Mom, wish you were here to see this cat gone psycho!

Love the reaction to the scream at the end. Poor kitty.

I love this video and Halloween! I have nothing but fond memories of this fun day, so I still decorate and pass out goodies to the kids. Happy (and healthy and safe) Halloween, Ronni and everyone!

The onlyTV that interests our cat is Wimbledon and other Tennis matches. He Is glued to the ball.

We hoped that our fish tank ROKU screen saver would be enjoyed by him also, but no--total disinterest.

Surprised cats are almost always funny, and this one is so intense and tuned in to what typically wouldn't get a cat's attention, so it's especially so.

Here in northern IL, Mother Nature has given us quite a trick with a big snowfall today. I'm estimating 4 inches or more has come down so far, and it's not due to stop until later this afternoon. That's unusually large for the end of October here, so I'm afraid I've gone straight to mid-winter mode already. This may promise to be as rough an end to the year as was the beginning. Now I'm ready to scream, too. Happy Halloween!

Watch his pupils to assess his own panic!

This makes me laugh every time. Thank you

That poor cat will be mentally scarred for life — probably doesn’t know it’s not real. Psycho shower scene haunted me for years.

I love this video! This cat is just the best. I was friends with a cat long ago, and he loved to watch downhill skiers on tv. As they zoomed down the mountain, he would duck.

this vidio made my day. hahahaha. can you see that eyes, this cat seems understand the tention of the movie. it was so cute. sometimes i wondering does the animal have a same thought as human? haha.

I'm with the kitty - stopped taking showers the day after I saw Psycho, walked home (by myself, in the dark) from the bus stop and slept (HA!) with all the lights on!

Oh my! Hilarious!
I’ve heard that a belly laugh a day is good Rx. This one sure works!

A true classic. Keep it coming.

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