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INTERESTING STUFF – 5 October 2019


When you see the size of the two Golden Retrievers and one Husky compared to tiny, new kittens, it's not hard to fear for the kittens. But watch:


The YouTube page told us in September that

”The SeaBubbles startup is testing its 'flying' taxi on the Seine in Paris. The vehicle is noise and pollution free, and its founders say it could help address congestion and pollution in Paris.”

I'm posting the video because I think the taxi is cute:

The AP has a bit more information about the bubble taxi.


When I was doing a lot of business travel in the 1970s and 1980s, flying was fun - the seats were comfortable and even in economy class, the food was pretty good. Even better in first class.

We all know the horror of flying these days and it may get worse. Over 12 days later this year, 720 volunteers will test every flyers worst nightmare, an evacuation. Federal regulations require that an airplane be able to evacuate everyone in 90 seconds.

“'A bad outcome would be for them to keep the seats essentially as they are or even allow them to shrink further,' says Paul Hudson, president of the consumer organization Flyers Rights. 'A good outcome would be for them to require the seats and passenger space be sized in order to accommodate the demographic profiles that we now have.'”

I'm five feet two inches tall and on the last flight I took, MY knees touched the seat in front of me. What do taller people do?

You can read more at the Washington Post.


There aren't a lot of fireman on the African savanna to help a cat who realizes he made a big mistake climbing a tree.


My friend Hank Berez sent this saying it is well worth the 30 seconds it takes to read it. There is no author listed and I have edited it for clarity.

Story 1: Once, all villagers decided to pray for rain. On the day of prayer, all the people gathered, but only one boy came with an umbrella. That's FAITH.

Story 2: When you throw babies in the air, they laugh because they know you will catch them. That's TRUST.

Story 3: Every night we go to bed without any assurance of being alive the next morning, but still we set the alarms to wake up. That's HOPE.

Story 4: We plan big things for tomorrow in spite of zero knowledge of the future. That's CONFIDENCE.

Story 5: We see the world suffering but still we get married and have children. That's LOVE.

Story 6: On an old man's shirt was written a sentence, “I am not 80 years old; I am sweet 16 with 64 years of experience.” That's ATTITUDE.


Okay, this is a bit rude for a family show but it's really funny too and it's only 20 seconds long.


Last Tuesday, as President Trump seemed to be digging his impeachment hole deeper by the hour – or not - MSNBC host Brian Williams asked Yale Professor Timothy Snyder – a man who knows a thing or two about authoritarianism, fascism and tyranny - to talk about Trump's behavior and its potential consequences:


TGB Reader Linda Burdick sent this video of a beautiful octopus that left his (her?) human watchers awed. The video is both mezmerizing and relaxing.

There is more information at the YouTube page, at Huffpost and at Nautilus Live.

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I have read "On Tyranny", by Timothy Snyder, twice now and recommend it to all. We must stay awake and alert.

Loved the video of the octopus! Thank you!

I'm on overload with the news these days, so what a gift to see those beautiful dogs welcoming and accepting such tiny kittens. Thank you!

"What do taller people do?" (when their legs are too long for airline seats). Well judging by my recent experience on a Transatlantic flight, if they are guys they simply spread their legs to the sides and take up half the space that rightfully belongs to the people sitting either side of them. I don't know what tall women do. Probably keep their legs decorously together like they have always been taught to do, but twisted to one side. In other words, it most likely follows the the traditional, well-studied pattern of gender differences in sitting positions.
(It didn't help that the guy was fat too, and his huge right thigh oozed warmly and uncomfortably on to my seat!!)

What a great mix of humor and politics. Thank you for always giving your best.

Whoa, the octopus - underwater ballet!

As always, the cats win my vote hands down. The Orange tRumpster, on the other hand is, as always, despicable. What a repulsive example of humanity he is, and thanks to all the journalists who are putting themselves on the line to get the truth out. I have NO desire to live out what remains of my life in the would-be Empire of Trumpistan!

Octopus - what a magnificent creature. Think on that next time you decide to order the calamari!

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