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Some Random Thoughts on End of Life

The Alex and Ronni Show – 23 October 2019

It's happened again that my life got busier than I had planned and I have come up empty for a blog post today. There was just no time left.

One of the issues has already eaten up too much of two days and it will take more telephone calls and callbacks than humans should be required to endure before it is resolved.

You might even have been here: according to the online Medicare Plan Finder, the new 2020 price for two of my prescription drugs comes to around $17,000 per month.

Did you get that “per month” part at the end? As I type, I'm still trying to pick myself up off the floor.

This is wrong on so many levels – especially that I currently pay about $200 for both per month.

Oh never mind. It's not a talent I'm proud of, but I'm good at this stuff involving long waits and less than well-informed customer service representatives. It will work out eventually and if not, you'll certainly hear about it.

Meanwhile, below is the most recent episode of The Alex and Ronni Show recorded on Monday, 21 October.

* * *

If you would like to see Alex's entire two-hour show with other guests following our chat, you can do that at Facebook or Gabnet on Facebook or on YouTube.


You seem remarkably calm for being in the midst of this investigation. I'm hoping that's because you've been there before and it's always worked out. Going to watch the Alex and Ronni show now. Good luck -- I hope you're off the phone, with both issues all acceptably worked out soon.

Thank you Cathy J. for which I ditto for you, Ronni.

As a reminder, I wanted to put medicare onto my to-do calendar, and 'accidently' put in medicate, which in preferred form, could involve another glass of wine this evening, right?!!

It's appalling that you're dealing with a terminal illness & have to spend precious time dealing with $17000 a month insanity. I want to believe the pharma industry (and the outcry over this madness) has reached a crescendo... it just seems this can't continue.

Another great Alex & Ronni show--the LSD stuff, wow--who knew?? I was born in 1961 & what little I know of it came from trippy warning films in grade school & a disgusted Jack Webb on 'Dragnet'!

The Trump stuff is.. beyond disheartening. What amazes me is how all of his... evil just rolls off so many backs. Until a couple years ago, I believed "Truth, Justice & the American Way" was one & the same. Now I just feel naive.

I saw two other instances where Rx prices suddenly became astronomical. The first ended up in a federal court case (paid in part by the patient) and he won! The price then decreased once he registered within the Medicaid arena. (BTW: That's what he told me.)
In the second case, the cancer patient had run through the entire range of drugs used to combat a specific and virulent form of a terminal medical issue. She finally caved in and had a discussion with one of the pharms. The discussion evolved into having her continue certain 'experimental' drugs as part of a 'research project'. She won . . . delaying the terminal date.
I am not at all certain who or how you initiate either action, but there must be an ombudsman associated with your case.

You and others should not be having to cope with these Pharma travesties. I think about those whose condition is such they aren’t as alert and knowledgeable as you are to navigate the health care system and how they manage.

My heart breaks at the thought of the Kurds and share with you the sense of shame for our country as a consequence of this President’s actions. The sudden loss of home — the mothers, the children, elders callously forced to leave — the betrayal of their husbands, fathers, brothers struggling to protect them and for all to survive.

I feel somewhat reassured more Americans seem to speak up in recognition of the threat to our freedoms, democratic republic and rule of law this Administration poses and we’ll be able to salvage our once proud nation.

I’ve long said if aspirin had been discovered today we would be subjected to mind-boggling pricing, not the inexpensive price we pay. Research into the potential benefits of drugs such as LSD and others is long overdue.

I believe you are talented at red-tape wrangling, but I sure agree with all those commenters who have expressed indignation that you have to deal with it!

Weeping for the Kurds: https://www.wnycstudios.org/podcasts/otm/segments/rojava-revolution-on-the-media

WNCY via Bob Garfield got the Kurdish story direct from a Kurdish woman on the ground.

I'm new visiting your blog; you may have already explored this. A med through my drug insurance company cost me $184. They said this was the cheapest price they could offer. I now get it from a compounding pharmacy for $50. Maybe a compounding pharmacy could fill your prescription at a lower cost.

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