On Thanksgiving Eve 2019
INTERESTING STUFF – 30 November 2019

Happy Thanksgiving 2019


There is a lot in my life to be thankful for this year. First of all, I didn't think I would still be here for what is my third Thanksgiving since they told me I have cancer.

Who could have guessed? Not me. There are not enough words in the English language for me to properly thank the many medical people who have helped keep me going - from the surgeon to that wonderful man Keith who brought me a perfect cup of coffee each day I was in the hospital, and these too – so many:

Nurses, medical assistants, certified nursing assistants, doctors of various specialties, schedulers, phlebotomists, physicians assistants, medical technicians and all the other professionals I have forgotten to list.

To my friends and neighbors and even a former husband who all, living far away and near, keep in regular touch and are always caring and understanding as I navigate through this end-of-life journey.

And last though never least, as they say, you dear readers of Time Goes By. You help give shape and order to my days, you let me bang on about anything that's on my mind and are always politely receptive to (and sometimes even enthusiastic about) my meandering thoughts. Every day I am thankful for your stories, your experience, your advice and your humor.

You fill in useful information I've left out, and you teach me things I doubt I could learn in any other way. For all of you I am thankful and my greatest wish today is that you have as much to be thankful for as I do.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

[I am away for the holiday but will be back here with a new Interesting Stuff on Saturday.]


I’m thankful for YOU, Ronni!

Gratefully your fan

Thank YOU, Ronni! I feel like I have an older sister who has held my hand through the trials of aging. I hope we never have to be without your wisdom. You help me continue to make memories and enjoy life.

Every day I thank God for everything I have to be thankful for and one of them is you. God bless you.

Happy Thanksgiving. I'm grateful you are you and send you lots of hugs.

Happy Thanksgiving, Ronni! Lets exchange these greetings again, this time next year.

Have a beautiful day! So so happy I found you.
Happy Thanksgiving.

your comments today are, as always, beautifully written.

I am proud, and most glad, to be part of your 'fan' club! I hope your day will be smooth and lovely, and everything you might wish it to be! It is such a pleasure to 'know' you!

Enjoy your holiday!

Thank you for being. πŸ™

Happy Thanksgiving, you and the other commenters really give me a different perspective that is very helpful in this season of my life.

Happy thanksgiving, Ronni, from the snow-infested upper midwest..

You are a great blessing in the lives of all your readers, including me.

To echo Misadventures of Widowhood: let's you and all the rest of us plan on exchanging Happy Thanksgiving messages a year from now!

Enjoy your holiday - and I will look for Time Goes By first thing on Saturday

Cheers, Ruth-Ellen

- - And Our thanks to you, Ronni, for your surprisingly-frequent flashes of Absolute Wisdom. You have, it seems, - - this gift.
Have fun today, Kiddo!

Thankful for you, Ronni, and all of your readers, too.

SO glad you're celebrating your 3rd post-diagnosis Thanksgiving. May there be a 4th, 5th, 6th, etc. . .

Happy happy and joyous Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of your readers & especially you, Ronni, for sharing, making us laugh & think & opening my eyes to so many aspects of life at 79, both ups & downs. Cheers! Ann Stock

Happy Thanksgiving!

Grateful to be a witness to your journey. Even on days when you don’t feel like it, you are a great role model.

Like you I have many many things for which to e thankful. And a LARGE one is YOU. I look forward to your carefully crafted words . I admire and respect your tenacity. I love your generosity of spirit which prompts you to do this blog. Happy Thanksgiving , dear Ronni.

Hi Ronni,
This Canadian gives thanks for you and all the innovative, interesting, generous Americans. Sometimes I suppose I even wish I was born with such self confidence!
take care,

Thankful that I discovered you when you attended the first Blogher. I grew up in Lake Oswego, and as a NYC resident for 35years I have been a loyal follower, yet rarely comment. I have reached out to you before... but will again let you know that I appreciate you, your blog and all of the wisdom and information you share. I have a lovely home in the theater district Manhattan Plaza and if you ever desire, I would be so honored to facilitate a trip to your beloved city.

What Carol R. Said!

I am grateful for you and very glad you’ve been with us the last 3 years!!
I hope I can still say that in 2023!

Grateful for you & your blog, Ronni! Blessings!

Ronni, I'm so grateful for you and your followers. I learn so much and even share your collective wisdom with others. Thank you for everything you do and say all year long! ❀

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