When Health Professionals Disagree
INTERESTING STUFF – 23 November 2019

The Alex and Ronni Show – 22 November 2019

Comedians looking for cheap laughs often disparage old people for talking too much (or at all) about their ailments. It's almost true – we do talk about our arthritis, cancer, heart disease, etc. fairly regularly.

Maybe one reason is that compared to our previous lives – that is, younger adult years – we spend a whole lot time in doctors' offices, managing medications and trying to coerce recalcitrant limbs into mobility each day which uses up a lot of time we might otherwise spend on more interesting stuff.

And maybe it is also a way, when elder friends greet one another, to check on whether either will be around for a while longer. Maybe the subtext of “How are you?” at our age really is exactly that, How Are You? in the most literal sense.

It's become that way on The Alex and Ronni Show. Health is the first thing we check on when we record these chats.

In his responses, Alex is more graphic than I'm entirely comfortable with but the pattern is long set now on screen and in life. We settle any health issues before getting on to anything else.

So after that in this week's show, we get into the impeachment hearings, the 1973 Watergate hearings and the Hong Kong demonstrations.

Not that you should take any of this loose conversation as particularly noteworthy. It's just two old friends who happened to have been married for a few years a long time ago keeping in touch in their old age.

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In my younger years I was totally healthy. Not an ailment in the world. I was under the delusion it would stay this way. Forever!!! I’m 66 now and am starting to collect ailments. Glaucoma. Epiretinal Membrane. No night driving. Nothing terribly serious. Yet. I think my friends and I talk about it because it’s just so new to watch this stuff happening. It’s the same as the shift in conversation from being single to married, no children and then children, working and then retired, healthy and then you’re not! I think I’m still in my delusion, but I definitely wonder what is next. I’m so grateful I have my friends who are fine talking about it. I am still stunned at watching myself age in a way I never was before. Does that go away?

I liked the health discussion. Turned off the video at the first hint of politics. The two of you are over the top liberal from my perspective but I love you both even though. No minds are changing during the impeachment effort, but maybe there will be surprises to come, much to the delight and chagrin of either side. Anyway, it's entertaining but enough of that! My latest health issue has been sudden balance issues. My research told me that my ultra low level of vitamin D might be contributing and, sure enough, a regimen of vitamin D3 supplements has turned that tide and things have been gradually improving. I always have wondered why both my brother and mother both suddenly one day could not walk (they were far too young for that)--maybe low vitamin D runs in the family? Seniors, in general, I suspect, are probably often deficient and maybe should be checked for this? There is always something and it's nice to share--usually with my wife, but sometimes here on this arguably public forum.

Great hair! You look vibrant. Really liked getting your perspective on this impeachment process compared to the Nixon process. And I couldn't agree with you more about the time it will take to heal this country and our relation with the world even if Trump disappeared this moment.

Love that you too love Lt. Col. Vindman! He has the sweetest and kindest punim! His statement to his dad - AND the subsequent announcement by the military that the Vindmans now need protection - was so moving and continues to move me and scares me. All of the hate thrown by Donald Trump and the GOP at these public servants makes me afraid.

I'm with you, Ronni, on Sondland! His background and money are fascinating as is his parents' background. He has nothing to lose.

And you were w/ the Cavett show! I missed that previously. Watched always and he had Alice Playten on regularly. I adored her. Got to see her at the Cincinnati Playhouse in "The Last Sweet Days of Isaac" and met her after the show. (She died in 2011 at the age of 64. It was so sad.)

1973: I worked for a school and had the summer off so could watch those hearings. I wish I could now. And you're right...no respect now. I think that if you went back to watch the hearings then - or even listen now or read the book of John Dean - you'd see a different kind of hearing.

Lastly: I'm with Alex [happy early birthday .. you look and sound marvelous.] - you look amazing. The 'do' is superb on you. Oh let this be a miracle that the cancer stops growing permanently.

Almost Thanksgiving and I am grateful to you, to you, Alex, and to all those who engage with you. This matters.

Ronni, you look terrific. Love you guys, love the Alex & Ronni Show--I wish it were a weekly thing--or a full hour. Things were just getting interesting!

Did anyone ever tell you that you favor Shirley McClain?

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