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This is Wrong and I am Exhausted

It is Saturday as I type out these words and with coffee at hand, my intention is to spend the morning writing Monday's blog post – something about growing old.

But. But. First, there is the day's news – if not familiar in precise detail, it has certainly become ad nauseam in its never-ending repetition.

ITEM: The president announced that on the same day public impeachment hearings begin in the U.S. Congress this week, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erodğan will visit the White House. Really? The man who just recently sicced his armed forces on U.S.-allied Kurds in northern Syria?

ITEM: The president dangled a White House visit in front of the president of Ukraine but made clear it would be forthcoming only if said president would dig up dirt on Trump's possible election opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden.

ITEM: The president was fined $2 million this week for using his charitable foundation over several decades as his and his children's personal piggy bank.

ITEM: On Friday, the president said he doesn't know Gordon Sondland. You know, the man who gave Trump a million-dollar campaign contribution to purchase an ambassadorship? Is anyone counting the number of people Trump has thrown under the bus so far?

ITEM: It was revealed that for two years the Trump re-election campaign has been running fraudulent fundraising contests in which at least 16 winners were promised a meal with the president that never materialized.

Look at that list, a quick compilation of some of one day's main headlines and all of it, every item, is petty, chintzy or corrupt. Trump is such a small, vulgar, little man, a two-bit grifter, a chiseler who never met a person he didn't want to cheat.

He makes me feel grubby, embarrassed and ashamed. Ashamed to be an American.

Angry too. To go with the above headline news, the president began the paperwork last week to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement – just when the scientists are telling us it is more dire than anyone had thought.

And don't get me started on Congressional Republicans. Are they the clowns they show us every day or are they playing every person who voted for them for fools?

Not to mention Republicans appointed to high positions by the president who have refused Congressional subpoenas. Isn't there a penalty for that? But before it even gets that far, it must be asked where their principles are. Their patriotism. Do they even believe in the Constitution, in the rule of law?

Apparently not, which if true, makes the mess President Trump has made of the American government even worse than any of us could have imagined.

Nearly every move the president and his henchmen (there is no other word for them now) make has been and continues to be a disaster for our country and for the world.

It didn't have to be this way and as bad as you may think it is, it's worse. Even if we could replace Trump today with a president of known integrity, it would be decades until the ship of state is on an even keel again.

We all have our personal list of presidents we didn't like, but none shook the foundations of our country as this one has.

I'm angry but I'm more exhausted. I want this to end. Please, I am calling on all the gods who ever lived, make this stop.

(Thank you, dear readers, for indulging this tirade today.)


Today is Veteran's Day... on the eleventh day of the eleventh month at the eleventh hour the guns of WWI fell silent. Alas the silence has not lasted.

My Dad was an immigrant and a veteran. He was 35 at the start of WWII... with two young children. He could have stayed at home but he was a patriot and volunteered for the army. When he returned home in 1945, he erected the tallest flag pole on the block and proudly flew the stars and stripes on every national holiday. Following his example and in his memory and honor, when I have lived in a place where I was able to have a flag, I flew one.

Since January 2017... I have not. I cannot. It is heart breaking.

It's not you, Ronni; it's us. As horrible as things are it's easy to think #45 just appeared from nowhere, but we did this. We elected him - or left it close enough for him to claim victory - and he is the representation of us to the world. Today I think of all my brothers and sisters in uniform who sacrificed life and limb for this and I am sad.
Please bear with us as we try to fix this before you have to leave.

In Quaker Meetings we have a saying, when we agree with someone wholeheartedly--"That Friend speaks my mind."

You spoke my mind today.

I knew it would be bad and it has been. It will not get better; I have given up even thinking that something will be done as the man's supporters (including the lawmakers) just keep approving everything he does. I can no longer watch the news.

Thank you,, dear Ronni, for indulging us today. The truth hurts, but needs said.

thanks....just thanks...

Ronni, you spoke my mind, too. We (they) elected our Shadow side, Harold, and are now bearing its immense destructiveness. For me, the worst is that some people still think he is great. I'm ashamed to be an American.

We initially called it a 'clown car' - today it's more like a 'ship of dastardly fools' A ship running full speed ahead but without a rudder.
There now appears there is no end to this soap opera - though many can predict certain doom. Some talk of a civil war of sorts. (Ronni, you live in Portland and we've seen the situations occurring there in downtown.)
There is hope though. Today another GOP congressman is retiring - another sign there could be more. All of whom cannot put up with this much longer.

On another note - I am wondering if situations similar to the recent shot'em up in Mexico could partly have been a retaliation of our executive leadership's vitriol?

Made myself a folder when the election results came in, and just added your comments printed out today, on Veteran's Day, and I too say ditto, angry and sad for our future as those things and others are happening. I find myself agreeing also with the previous comments, and the world watching the connecting the dots with Impeachment hearings. Looking for the good is more difficult, however I went to a beautiful wedding in St. Augustine Saturday, a funeral Sunday a farewell to a wonderful man, and a Bris... My husband is volunteering at a hospital after he gets his Coumedin check, life does go on, and our grandchildren hopefully will see the world made better because we vote these politicians out.

I am not Quaker, but Nancy Wick's post says it all: You speak my mind.

The list you shared with us scratches only the surface of the chaos of tRump's world. I would never have believed that one person, with the help of the Senate, could turn America and our democracy into an autocracy. I am ashamed and embarrassed by what is being done in the name of the American people. I have tried to understand why those who support the present party in power cannot see what is being done to our country, but I fail to see what motivates them. The only answer I can think of is money and power. "The love of money is the root of all evil." (KJV 1 Timothy 6:10)
I have been spending less time following the daily updates, & hoping that enough people come to their senses and vote tRump and McConnell out of office, and give control of the Senate to the Democrats, so that we can start to recover. As you have said, it will be a long road, longer than I have years to live.
Your tirade is always welcome, as it is good to know there are others out there who are upset as I am.

You are so right, it is tiring, finally. For me, not so much the cruel idiocy of one man, but that so many Republicans, people of power, uphold him, that's what really hurts. One without a moral compass, okay, but hundreds, thousands more?

I did get one laugh out of the list of failings though............the 16 winners of fraudulent fundraising contests who were promised a dinner with the prez that never materialized. Hey they were lucky! They probably would have gotten McDonald's and a video of the prez speaking a load of you-know-what. What a bunch of losers!

Thank you, Ronni. It needs to be said, and we all need to say it.

Thanks to Ronni and all of you. The news from Washington sometimes makes me so tired and frustrated that I can no longer lift my hear. November 2020 is too far away, and I am too fearful the DEMS won't get their act together in time anyway.

Thank you for writing your " tirade." I feel the same way, 100%. I just finished reading a blog that the owner supports Trump and I had such a hard time not commenting. What would be the point? Those people are brainwashed. Our country is in deep trouble but too many people are willing to give him a pass.

Whoops . . . forgot to say "Thanks to all Vets for what (we) all did during our tour of duty".

We will never forget this oath: Semper Fidelis . . . !

Article I:
I am an American, fighting in the forces which guard my country and our way of life. I am prepared to give my life in their defense.

Article II:
I will never surrender of my own free will. If in command, I will never surrender the members of my command while they still have the means to resist.

Article III:
If I am captured I will continue to resist by all means available. I will make every effort to escape and aid others to escape. I will accept neither parole nor special favors from the enemy.

Article IV:
If I become a prisoner of war, I will keep faith with my fellow prisoners. I will give no information or take part in any action which might be harmful to my comrades. If I am senior, I will take command. If not, I will obey the lawful orders of those appointed over me and will back them up in every way.

Article V:
When questioned, should I become a prisoner of war, I am required to give name, rank, service number and date of birth. I will evade answering further questions to the utmost of my ability. I will make no oral or written statements disloyal to my country and its allies or harmful to their cause.

Article VI:
I will never forget that I am an American, fighting for freedom, responsible for my actions, and dedicated to the principles which made my country free. I will trust in my God and in the United States of America.

It is a very scary time, but I am trying my best to remember there is (almost always) a light at the end of the tunnel. Just hoping that happens in November 2020.

I'm 70. I marched against the war in Viet Nam. I marched against racism. The night Ronald Reagan was elected, I knew we were going to wake up to a different country the next morning. I hated being right. The night Trump was elected, I was physically ill. I marched in the Women's March on inauguration day. It was heartening to see everyone around me who were standing up against the fraud of Trump and his "administration." But since then, like you, I'm angry, exhausted, and discouraged. I've lost faith in my fellow Americans. A few nights ago, some friends and I sat at dinner, and one of us said, "we're going to fix this." Now, I'm not so sure. Oh, someday Trump will be gone, but I despair at what he's leaving behind in all of us.

I hung the flag out this morning and just read your post with my coffee — you spoke my mind, though I am afraid you could have written a book-length screed and only scratched the surface.

What we see with Trump in bold relief was something that Reagan foretold, which was that democracy is really a text-based enterprise, because it requires higher reasoning and balancing of competing aims and values, which is difficult for an individual and very difficult for a population of them. But we managed it OK for a long time, and were getting better at it, and there was progress. Not always as much as desired, but there was always progress — we were becoming a more just place.

But we have thrown over the text-based media and reasoning and replaced them with video, which is straight appeal to the viscera (even the top news websites play videos instead of text articles when you click many of their links). And video is the media of the lizard brain, not the critical faculties. Reagan could not have been elected until about 1980, when enough people who had formed in a bath of television were voting; and Trump would have been impossible to imagine until our politics was debased enough by emotional video culture.

We are now in the very dangerous phase, the part of the operation where the burglars hear the police sirens and start killing hostages and smashing things in an attempt to avoid justice. “Elected” through defective voting methods and foreign intel micro targeted disinformation campaigns, the Trump gang knows that if they don’t survive this in power that they are likely to wind up in prison garb — thus, they are incredibly dangerous.

At the end of the day, I come down as pro-impeachment, not because I think the GOP Senate has any principles or will fulfill their oaths, but because their failure to uphold their offices will shred the last bit of fantasy concealment about the state of our republic, and people who don’t want the US to become Gilead will be unable to keep pretending that “It can’t happen here” any longer.

Thank you Ronni and those who commented. For the past year, I've followed the current president's antics not by the news, but by watching the late-night tv monologues. Recently, Pelosi declared that no one is above the law (in speaking about the current president). It seems to make no difference to him. Unfortunately his minions are following the leader...and there seem to be NO consequences for any of them, either. Will we ever see this tragedy end?

Me too. I've told my spouse that if I die before the end of this Administration to list the cause of death as .. this Administration. It has made me far sicker than I even was.

All you said and more.

REGISTER AND VOTE BLUE all readers! Help educate with what Ronni wrote and all that's out there so that we move mountains -- in upcoming (doesn't Louisiana have an election this Thurs. or is it next?) -- in both house of Congress and in the WH and state houses. No staying home. No third parties. We have to correct this bad course.

Thank you so much, Ronni, for venting your spleen so eloquently. It made this Crabby Old Lady very happy today. And thanks to all your readers who each have given me sustenance to live thru this dark, dark period. Like TheaT, I get my news via Colbert/Jimmie/Jimmy/James/Seth/Noah and John Oliver. Not only intelligent and well researched, but keeps me laughing in these absurdist and surreal times. I am grateful to all who help me believe there are still intelligent Americans out there who grieve the loss of critical thinking in our citizens as much as I do. At 75, I do not expect to outlive this mess either, but I do hope there is some ray of hope before I go.

Well said and well done! Unload, process, vent any day! I and most, if not all, of your readers, feel the same disgust and dismay with this despicable man and his sycophants.

VOTE! And educate and encourage your younger people to vote. It’s their future.

A good rant, Ronni, which no doubt caused a good number of people to put their necks in harm's way by nodding vigorously. (which reminds me to read that book by ? - "There's something wrong with my neck") - funny and good escape when life's glooms are too intense.

On another note, I read where a 'reliable, decent' reporter misquoted Butte..., and the quote went viral (duh). Reporter has publicly corrected it. BUT he didn't check with B's staff for verification of smearing Obama's tenure. Why not!!!

So we all need to be alert to honest and dishonest reporting. I read about this yesterday and right away questioned why would B. sink his name and future by slamming O?? If true, I'd write Butte... off instantly for poor judgement.

Then, read correction today. So we need to be alert. Much more mud will appear valid, from 'good' sources with upstanding name/resource who are of the Republican /RWNJ persuasion to sink every Democrat they can. Question, question everything, or dismiss it right off. I can't stay up with election news, so barely read of it. Still go to Balloon Juice for Silverman, Rofer, few others for clarification, explanation when a "big" something, something happens.

On another note, I was impressed that a Ky. voter was swayed to vote D, because he got attention, even phone calls from California. Good to know where to put my time in 2020 since CA is safe and secure, mostly.

If one can, volunteer. There's something for everyone.

Neighbor "A" told me many months ago that she truly holds a belief that "all Dems are bad"
........"Atheists, too", she added. Neighbor "B" says that she does not understand all the fuss about an impeachment. "Heavens" she said. "He's never committed any crime."

They bandy about the term "fake news", and quote what they hear on the only TV channel they watch re: news political. I am depressed. I am afraid for my
children, the life they could face when I am gone.

Simone, the book you referenced is "I Feel Bad About my Neck" by the late, great Nora Ephron and I envy you that you haven't read it yet and have that joy and laughter ahead of you. Borrow it from the library or buy it from a bookseller--it's a delicious read.

To all: so glad to see all the supportive comments. I frankly was expecting some of those "let's keep the politics out of the blog" responses. No one should stay silent now and thanks to Ronni for speaking her mind.

Totally agree with you Ronni! I can't believe what is happening to my beloved USA, and that this Orange Menace is still in office! The silence &/or complicity of so many in the GOP is horrifying & disgusting! My parents & I escaped during the Hungarian Revolution in 1956, and we were welcomed! I never thought I'd say that I'm glad that my parents are no longer here to witness the constant assault on our Democracy! We must encourage all who can get involved to do so!!! Our country needs us!!!

I couldn’t agree more. Not only is the fiasco infuriating, it is frightening. What on Earth happened to our country? How could it go this wrong in this short amount of time? Where are the “helpers”? The ones our Constitution guaranteed us — we thought!
As someone above said, we can’t keep silent now. Thank you for using your blog to speak out, Ronni.

Thank you Ronni and Everyone, for expressing my thoughts and feelings!

Have to agree with every one commenting here. However, there is something we need to remember - he WAS ELECTED. Not by me or my friends and family, but enough people voted for him to elect him and they can do it again.

These are the folks who, when Obama was elected, felt the way we are feeling now. Getting on our moral highhorse won't sway them. So we have to try to find a way to explain to those folks and show them how they are being adversely affected in Social Security, health care, national parks, the air we breathe, the water we drink and in nearly every part of their lives and the lives of their children and grandchildren.

We all have to get busy and work to elect someone who can stop this train wreck . So please talk to your friends and neighbors, find a local group making phone calls, texting, writing letters, registering voters. We need people to VOTE as that is the only way to turn things around and we did it Virginia, so we can do it elsewhere.

Oh Ronni, how well you speak my mind!!

". . . as bad as you may think it is, it's worse." Good to remember, if depressing.

I agree. I will vote and try to educate others and encourage others to do the same. I appreciate your thoughts on so many other topics too.

As is often the case, I'm late to the discussion and anything I would say has already been said very eloquently. I totally agree and thank you Ronni for expressing my views and those of so many others--I urgently hope enough to sway the election in 2020 decisively.

It will be SO important to scour every nook and cranny for Democrats (and Independents that lean Democrat) who can/will vote. No matter who the candidate is, we must all get behind him/her and vote. I have great trepidation that the Dems will continue to be divided among ourselves and tRump will capitalize on that. The would-be Emperor of Trumpistan excels at manipulating the media and telling people what he thinks they want to hear. He's great as a carnival barker!

I can no longer march or knock on doors of potential voters and I'm not good on phones (I'm not sure that's an effective way to reach voters these days anyway). During the first Obama election I participated in a postcard campaign targeting elder voters in "red" states. I wrote a personal message on 30+ post cards for mailing. It was organized by a local pro-Dem group and I wish I remembered the details. I have no idea if any minds were changed, but even one more vote may have helped Obama win.

I couldn’t have said it better!

Not only is he a disgrace, abomination and a traitor, but he is pure evil and I say that as a non religious person. And the fact the he is so closely ties and admired by the religious is enough too make anyone afraid. These people will stop at nothing.

I saw yesterday a meme which said trump supporters are of two types....billionaires or idiots. So if you support him, check your bank account to see which type you are.

When do you suppose the electoral college will be banned?

As I see it, two things brought us to where we are today. One is that the president somehow resonated with a lot of people who have very conservative and often mean-spirited views on many things. The second is that many of those views come from centuries of harsh religious beliefs and teachings which are not likely to change soon, if ever.

My husband and I recently came across a DVD put out by a large and popular religious television ministry. For a dollar we thought we would expose ourselves to the content, since we usually just dismiss anything with this person's name attached, so we paid a buck and took it home and watched it.

My husband gave up on it about half way through. I barely got through it, and had to stop it several times to breathe and collect myself. It was an attack on the presidency of Barack Obama, and accuses him of all sorts of things, including cozying up to Russia (?!?). Oddly enough, there is not date on it, nor have I been able to find anything online with the production date, but it appears to have been during Obama's first term, so perhaps around 2011 or so. It's largely a ridiculous collection of claims, statements and quotes, that are mostly taken out of context with most sources left uncited, other than the use of dozens of Bible verses.

Many thousands, perhaps millions, of people follow this person and other televangelists who are contributing to the highly divisive and incendiary rhetoric going on at the top levels of government. This appears to be supported by people who believe that the bizarre events going on now are fulfillment of Biblical prophecy and which will lead to the end-times. I hardly know what to make of all this, but it's extremely disturbing because it's so much like events that have led to other dark times in history.

I'm not sure how you rationally respond to this sort of thing, or divert it. As for those who think the president is likely to wake up one day and be a different person, I don't understand that thinking either. He was a mad man when he ran for office, and he will remain a mad man until he leaves it. What's worse is that he's a dangerous mad man in the most powerful position in the world. I'm trying hard to hold on to the belief that he cannot win the next election, but that's what I thought the first time around. Perhaps enough people have now seen what many people were warning about and will choose a different course in 2020.

If President Obama had not been elected we never would have gotten Trump. This was a backlash to having a black president.
I don't hold any hope that Trump will be impeached. The state of the economy (which is Obama's, not Trump's) has made people care more about how much money they're making more important than what this idiot is doing to our democracy; they have sold their souls.
The Republicans are happy to look the other way while they load all judge vacancies with conservatives who want to end abortion rights, and overturn everything Obama put in place to help the country and the environment.
Trump is a disgrace and even if he is not impeached and removed, I look forward to the day he is tried and convicted of bank fraud, real estate fraud, tax fraud and hope he is sentenced to a long prison term, along with his crooked children.
The perfect end for a narcissist.

What I can’t deal with is the number of my “educated” friends are more worried about what Warren or Bernie might do vs what Trump is actually doing.
They can’t see that our current capitalism system is leaving so many of us living on the edge. With fewer good jobs and little job security. Anything that does not maintain the status quo is inconceivable to them.

Like most here, I will *never* see the current occupant of the White House as anything but a shallow grifter with an especially repellent taste for random cruelty.
However, I have read--and I'm sure most here have also read--endless think pieces about how we have to work hard to "understand" his voters. At the televised rallies, they seem more like brainwashed members of an especially unrewarding cult. None of his promises are ever kept, and none of his acolytes ever benefit personally. Yet, there they are, hats and all, in city after city. Sadder to say, most appear to be our age. Old enough to know better, I'd think.
So it's odd how there never seem to be any features on their preferred news channel about how *they* have to understand us liberals so we can be made to "finally see the light." Never. In truth, they get more out of hating us than backing him.
It'll be interesting when the spell finally breaks. I hope it doesn't cost us what it cost Germany after World War II.

An excellent rant!

I'm with you. It is so hard to take. It is so hard to see how we got here. It is so, so necessary to get out of it. And hard to believe we can get out of it with Republicans pretending there is nothing wrong.

Two hundred percent agree! The way ahead is fraught with dangers. Maybe it’s a good thing that we see in the light of day so many who hold tight to their prejudices and conspiracy theories. They have always been there ( the John Birch Society used to be invited to make presentations at awe blues in my public elementary and high schools). Our cultural biases are long standing. But the principles in which this country was founded, however imperfectly interpreted and realized, are the best humans have invented so far. Separation of church and state. Rule of law. Three co equal branches of government. Checks and balances. I hope they don’t get lost in this next wave of nationalism and oligarchies that seems to be spreading world wide.
There is no going back worth going to. Hopefully there is a way forward that makes a better world for all.

I couldn't agree more with you about Trump, but I feel the same way about Democrats and the Republicans. The only way I see out of this mess to vote third party if anyone shows up with integrity to run. Are there men of integrity any more?

Thank you Ronni for your stimulating " tirade". And an extra thank you to John Gear for his thoughtful remarks that spoke my mind and thoughts in ways beyond my skills. It makes one feel less alone to see ALL of the comments here.

Like so many here, I can not bear to watch what is laughingly referred to "The News". Despair and nausea soon follow. So often I read "WE elected him"!! Well folks, close to 3 million more of us voted for someone else; and yet the manipulation, gerrymandering, fear of ??, and money factors involved in the Electoral College decisions gave us this embarrassing, narcissistic wreck of a man as the new president.

The 'College' had true value in the beginning of our country with the population so weighted to the East coast. In my view it has truly outlived the need and usefulness. Will our function-less Congress change that? Not likely.

They now only want to serve as a donor support instrument.... as Will Rogers said over a 100 years ago. "We have the best darn legislature money can buy".

The effort now is not to fall prey to depression, despair, and a 'wake me when it's over' attitude. Thank you all for sharing your words here. Hope remains.

Unfortunately, it’s not just your country. Everything that happens there affects the rest of the world – not just Syria, Ukraine, the Kurds, Mexico and so on, but even here in Australia the ripples are felt.
Alas, we’re even more impotent as we don’t get a vote in your elections.

I must say I feel the same way Ronni.
Trump is not only a grifter he is a mobster Don. Right out of the Sopranos. It makes me sick to contemplate the horror of Trump getting re-elected in 2020. The House will pass articles of impeachment but then the sleazy GOP Senate led by Mitch McConnell will do nothing.
And Trump needs a bigger bus. No more room underneath for those he deserts.

I don't accept that "we" elected Trump. Half of us saw what a disaster he would be and voted for someone else. What worries me most is how many people apparently still support him. If those people prevail and he gets re-elected, I think the nation I've known and loved will be gone forever.

Yes, I'm exhausted, depressed, and losing hope.

Once the election is over, how are we ever going to get along with each other?

Maybe this will force us to re-think democracy under today's conditions.

God bless President Donald Trump!
The more rants I hear on this site the happier I feel. Trump is doing exactly what he was elected to do. The fact that you believe all this negative hype about Trump makes me smile.
You're all wrong.
Trump will be re-elected and with that you liberals will finally fade away. And you have no one to blame but yourselves. You did this to America. Not Trump. He's just cleaning up your mess.
God Bless President Donald J. Trump.

I could not agree more. I am tired of wondering how low he can sink, and every day he proves it is lower than thought humanly possible.

Herman Schwartz, I hope you come to your senses sometime soon. Doing what he was elected to do? You mean tear down all the good laws that have been brought to the forefront in the last 8-10 years? You mean embarrassing the people of the U.S. on a daily basis? You mean making the U.S. a laughing stock around the world? Tearing down our good reputation as a fair and compassionate country?

How you can believe that he is good for us is beyond me. Quit drinking the Kool-aid; it is poisoning your mind.

I support Trump and he will not be impeached and may still win in 2020--you all may be wasting your time. But, I love this blog and it's crazy for us to be so intense about politics at this age and STAGE--it's over, we have not influence anymore and nobody cares about our politics. Nobody except this aging choir. What good does it do? This is nuts, in all due respect.

Herman Schwartz, what is it you think he was elected to do?

Hi Americans - you have my sincerest sympathy and best wishes. However, as a Canadian and an outsider I think it may take more than votes to turn things around in your country. I have been watching America slip downhill for a good part of my 85 years. Atomic bombs dropped on human beings, wars and more wars, so much corruption, so much prejudice, so little sharing, so many people on the street and in the bushes, too many believing might is right and the dollar is king. If they can't pull themselves up by the bootstraps let them die attitudes. I have lived in the U.S. and love many things about it but.... I too am very afraid for it. And for Canada. REmember how Washington said "we will go down there and take Canada etc?"
I wonder if enough of really care enough? Why aren't Americans out there marching as you did to stop the Vietnam war? Why aren't you all wearing pussy hats? Going to the states that voted for him wearing pussy hats and asking WHY? Going to his rallies wearing NO TO TRUMP hats? Get on TV, get on the internet. Show them how Ronni! Do every single thing you entreprenurial Americans are perfectly capable of doing. Have too many of you gotten too fat and lazy? Take to the streets ASAP - it will take a massive vote to turn the country around. Just my opinion.
Hey mr Schwartz - please tell us the wonderful things your wonderful president has done?

and John G - please tell me more. What exactly is it you admire about this man? I think our age is just the right age - the only age when most of us have time. No?

Enough! No point in getting into why's and wherefore's of those who like/dislike him.
It was a vent! This is a vent! A necessary letting off of steam.
Peace everyone and hope.

It felt good to read your post, Ronni, and also all the great vents. I agree with Canadian Betty Bishop. What has happened to the vibrant youth of the 1960s? I believe that one of the reasons for this downfall is all the propaganda on hate radio shows and Fox News. The people who listen to them believe all the lies, are blind to the facts or don’t want to hear them. They can’t be persuaded. Here in Tennessee 60% of the people voted for Trump and hate the “liberals.” They really don’t care about the country or the harm Trump is doing even to them as long as the hated Democrats are not in power. If Obama had done 1/100th of Trump’s acts, they would have been outraged. I think greed, and anti-intellectualism has been a big cause of all this.
I just hope that the number of Trump’s followers is false. I have noticed the same faces in his “rallies” - people who are paid and transported to come and cheer. The rest of the world is watching in bewilderment, wondering how so many of these “proud” Americans could have voted and are still supporting a president who is vulgar, has an utter lack of morality, ethics, shows disrespect for the truth and simple humanity. He is inept, toxic, a malignant narcissist, a degenerate bully and dangerous. Unfortunately he is a reflection of what the US has become, the ugly side of America. It will take a long time to recover.

Ronni, stop, you are not sad to be an American.

I don't think you meant it and I quit reading when I read it; so you may have changed it.

It is sad that Trump claims to be an American.

He portrays nothing that is American.

Here in the UK, we also feel the gale of Trump: Two weeks ago Brexit Party leader, Nigel Farage ruled out backing Conservative (Tory) Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. (Both want to leave the EU but both - apparently - hate each other.)

Late last week Trump urged Farage & Trump to join forces.

Yesterday Farage announces his party won't stand candidates against the Conservatives.

FYI - at stake is our NHS (National Health Service) as big US pharma companies are circling in anticipation of us leaving the EU under the suggested Tory deal or no deal.

Thank you Ronni. I don't come here often, but I'm always rewarded when I do. Not really rewarded but it's just you are so damn eloquent. You say so well what I'm feeling. I used to subscribe to the political pendulum theory. I'm still somewhat hopeful, but I'm so discouraged each day. I can't see this ending well.

Oh, this is so discouraging. But we must not lose hope. There is strength in the resistance. I have had a personal wave of hope after hearing that Trump will move to Florida. (Sorry, Florida!) Perhaps he really is stupid enough to think the move will somehow further shield disclosure of his tax returns. But I think he is too thin-skinned to tolerate how much New Yorkers hate him. We have known him to be nothing but a grifter and con man for decades. We will meet him with signs and protests and loud Boo’s whenever he’s here.

But Trump isn’t the problem, not really. The problem is the ignorance and fear that elected him, and the craven GOP (forever more the POT - Party of Trump) who exploit that ignorance and fear at every turn.

We must continue to Resist. Do what you can — especially those of you who live in a swing state. Maybe we all won’t live to see it, but light will prevail.

The problem with a 3rd party candidate is that s/he would divide the vote still further--possibly causing Agent Orange to continue degrading the Oval Office until 2024. We have yet to hear from Mr. Schwartz about the great things Agent O. has done for the country. It's possible that what many Americans consider inappropriate, immoral and even illegal behavior is A-O.K. by him. It's also possible that he's part of the 1% that has done incredibly well financially under the would-be Emperor of Trumpistan.

I know folks are tired. We're all tired. But just last week, folks in Virginia proved we've still got it in us to resist -- they threw out the Republican majority in their state legislature and ensured by that that they'll keep Medicaid for poor people, can pass gun safety laws, and maybe even pass the Equal Rights Amendment. (How's that for a blast from the past?) And Virginia was once the heart of the old Confederacy. Got to keep on keepin' on.

I am not American, I am Portuguese and very proud of my country and of my Europe
I cannot imagine what it's like to have somebody like Trump as a president. I couldn't understand his election and I still cannot understand that any American, male or female, may consider him their supreme commander!!!
Congratulations Roni!

I have spent the day watching the Impeachment hearings on my desktop imac (the New York Times, my laptop (Cspan) and my ipadpro [local] all around me. As I write this on my desktop I am on C span which is having call ins. Far more Always Trumpers calling in. Isn't this a very sad shame!!

Somehow I missed this one. Glad I came back to read. We have to remember that trump was NOT elected. With gerrymandering and voter suppression by the GOP, the inadequacy of the outdated and useless electoral college, Russian interference, and the indifference of the 100m + non voters, trump and gop manipulated the election and stole the presidency. We know better and in 2020 we have to do better.

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