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Goals and Resolutions for 2020

It's that time of year again. You know, the gazillions of 10 Best lists, although many of them, when I wasn't looking, seem to have morphed into 50 Best and 100 Best.

Are there even 100 airlines in the world? I'll repeat what I said here a few days ago: Too many choices is no choice at all.

(There is even a list of 50 New Year's Resolution Ideas. Do you suppose there really are people who can't work that out on their own?)

New Years Resolutions are a long-time, annual ritual for many people, a chance for a clean slate to put a plan in place to improve one's life in some way. Back when I did such things, I mostly thought about finding a new job I would like better or getting married or losing 15 pounds.

Nowadays, at age 78, resolutions don't seem to apply as much in old age. After all, how much time is left for me to enjoy whatever fix I might manage to accomplish after I've struggled to achieve it. Plus, old age often brings restrictions to what is possible.

That is certainly true for me.

Unless it's totally flat ground, I don't walk there. And I don't do stairs anymore without thinking about each step and breath. I almost never accept nor plan evening activities now. Dinner at 9PM? Are you kidding? That's bedtime.

But there are still all kinds of other things one could resolve to try in a new year: run for local office, for example. Or learn a language. Volunteer. Start a book club or discussion group.

Another choice is to skip the whole idea and keep doing what you've been doing if that's what you enjoy. That's my decision this year.

I'm not making resolutions or setting new goals for 2020 because I have no memory that I every achieved the ones I made. Why would that change now.

These days, I live with two incurable diseases, cancer and COPD, which limit my life each in its own way. Outside of following doctors' instructions and doing what I can to remain otherwise healthy, I'm stuck with the limitations they impose.

Many TGB readers have their limitations too. It is true that few of us get to the end of long lives without some impediment, great or small.

So my interest in the new year – and perhaps yours too – has changed. It has less to do with accomplishment and more about hope and curiosity.

For me, it involves first, the result of the impeachment trial and second, whether President Donald Trump is convicted and removed from office or not, the November election.

Either way - with Trump as the Republican candidate or someone else – it will be an election like no other we have seen. With more at stake than we have ever contemplated in a previous election.

If Trump wins election, I believe we – humankind, the planet – are doomed. If the Democrat wins (I hardly care which), humankind might eke out a chance. A small one, but a chance nonetheless.

In this bright, shiny new year that is almost upon us, I hope to live long enough to see that outcome. I have no idea if, in my health condition, it is reasonable to have that hope. But it's my goal for the year 2020.

What are your resolutions or goals or hopes for next year?


My goals for 2020:
1. Eat good food.
2. Read good books.
3. Nap when I darn well feel like it.
4. Make several new quilts.
5. Send Sri Preston Kulkarni to Congress, see Texas state legislature turn a little bluer and a Democrat elected Presidential.

I gave up new year's resolutions in my 20s.
For me a resolution works better if I start it the moment I think of it.
It works (for a while at least) if I'm gung ho for it.

I like your resolution Ronni. Keep doing what you enjoy doing.
I also agree with you about the election. Any Democrat if trump is the candidate.


I agree with “any Democrat - it doesn’t matter who.” And that means I’m okay with a white man - for this time. That puts me at odds with some of my more liberal friends who insist it must be a woman. Of course I want a woman to be in the White House! But I can wait. Let’s first get rid of Trump.

My resolution is to continue my work in mindfulness which is teaching me to enjoy the now and not dwell on all that is going amiss with our world including TRUMP and his ilk. It takes a lot of mind control to keep smiling during these dark days and yes, anyone but is my prayer.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all and especially you, Ronnie,



I don't make resolutions but each January I adopt a new mantra that addresses something I'd like to improve -- this year it's "Rushing is optional." Haven't thought about 2020 yet, but that one will become clear when it's time. No rush.

Ronni, first and foremost, wishing you all the best in achieving your goal for 2020. I'm planning on reading a lot more of your wonderful blog. Other than that, at 80 yrs. old my fondest wish also is to see Trump unseated. I can't even begin to think of what it will be like if he isn't. Second to that, I am wishing that we all unite to concentrate on cleaning up the mess we've made of our beautiful earth. I am so sad to see what we're leaving future generations to face. In closing - a very healthy and improved 2020 to you and all the contributors to your blog.

Someone (most probably on NPR, but I don't recall) outlined how Putin came to power and how his actions have changed Russia over the past 20 years. Putin, it was said, was hand picked by Yelsin because Putin seemed like he would be a liberal leader leading Russia toward true democracy.

Scarily, the whole thing sounded very much like our experience with Trump - only, on a foreshortened time scale.

I am not a pessimist--I hope this means that I am a realist in feeling that the world will go on, beating its man-made problems however severe they now are.

In the past, The Black Death and two horrendous volcanic eruptions--causing years with no Summers and so no crops were weathered by our ancestors, many of whom saw no hope.

We won't be here to see what happens but I am sure that the human spirit will adapt and conquer.

Goals for 2020:
*Enjoy three weeks in Europe as though I were thirty years younger and not worry about the expense.
*Try to forget my age and not focus on how younger people now interact with me--which is getting worse and worse.
*Enjoy marriage like a newlywed--a good marriage is a blessing and indeed holy.
*Try not to get wrapped around the axle over politics--but root for and enjoy Trump so that our country can continue great.
*Be kind to anti-Trump and never Trump people and try to understand them and console them.
*Continue to enjoy this blog and hope that I am not kicked off for currently being Republican.

Thank you, Ronni. Much less guilt now.

First I hope to make it through this year. Tho I don’t expect to die, the death of one friend last week and major illnesses of others give me pause.

Then there’s the Senate non-trial. Wouldn’t a good judge or lawyer excuse those “jurors” who have publicly said their minds are made up? So I’ll read but not watch to maintain some sanity. Unlike the Watergate hearings, this one is a sham.

2020: my first blog of the new year will, almost embarrassingly, play on “the vision thing” which hadn’t crossed my mind til someone else said it. A goal: not to do it again.

I’ll continue to write to journalists to explain that pain medication used responsibly needs to be explained with the horrors of addiction deaths in hopes of all not outlawing that which keeps some of us functioning.

I’ll donate more to food banks to help the nearly 1M ppl incl families being removed from SNAP.

I’ll try to get through 2020 with the help of one good doc, friends and Dems and all among your loyal readers who gain strength through your insights.

I'm starting a 'Good Thing Jar' this year instead of resolutions. It's like a gratitude journal only your write one good thing on a slip of paper once a week then dropping it in a jar. At the end of the year you're suppose to take them all out and read them. I hope one of those slips of papers will say that Trump is removed or voted out of office.

sitting here watching the impeachment debate in the house and wondering where this will all end - removal? yes please. i agree that the country/world/planet will not fair well under another four years of his reign.
i wish you level pathways as your journey continues through 2020. be well.
peace and kindness to all.

1. Live long enough to see another year
2. Help my kids and grands succeed and prosper in any way I can
3. Help out people in my community by giving some money, and time
4. Not get upset about things I cannot control or influence (including national politics, altho' I'll vote for whatever moderate Dem. is still standing on my primary day.)

All the readers above are so inspiring, as are you, Ronni.
For years I have chosen a Word for the Year but I think not this year. There is a Facebook group called something like The Depth Year, where people choose a thing they want to pursue in depth in the coming year. I am choosing a few things.
1. To learn everything I can technically about the wonderful new camera I was given for my birthday and not just rely on it for great but lazy point and shoot pictures. I am not technically minded so this will be a challenge!
2. To study the topic of prayer and see what rings true and useful to me.
3. -5. Yet to be determined!
Isn’t it exciting, a whole new year, a whole new DECADE, in front of us?

So agree with you on the uselessness of Grand Resolutions. Better to take one thing and try to make a habit of it by doing it for thirty days. That’s how my husband finally became a regular flosser years ago.

Being more charitable is my only goal, not for 2020 but for life. One can do everything “right” on the health front and still have a health crisis, as happened to our best friend last week. One can do everything “right” on the financial front and still spend the last year of life on public programs, as did my MIL, whose life savings were decimated in the financial collapse.

There is no protection in being right, so I am just focusing on kindness and being useful.

I’ve embraced this author’s insight:

“ Age had given him the ability to see his own shortcomings, even if it had robbed him of the time needed to remedy them.” from The English Girl

It’s a lot easier that way.

My main resolution is really mundane: to be nicer and kinder to my dearly loved sister.

The happiest day of my life will be on November 4, 2020!
Yes, I had happy and very special days on:
November 5, 1950, for my marriage to Harriette Simon.
January 6, 1953, for the birth of son Gary.
July 4, 1955, for the birth of daughter Jody.
May 30, 1960 for the birth of daughter Susan.
But, if I live to my 96th birthday on October 22, 2020, I will be the happiest on that later November date when Trump will no longer be President of the United States. As I hope and pray and expect that to occur on 11/04/20, I anticipate that it will be the happiest day of my long life.

Determined to stretch my body so I can be more balanced and in less pain. So far so good. I have no lists. What happens happens.

As a Canadian looking in on the havoc D Trump has wrought across the U.S.A
I wish that 2020 sees a reduction in global stress caused by him. Wishing you a peaceful Christmas and happy New Year. Take one day at a time.
No goals this year, life goes on with us or without us.

This morning my husband and I were watching a program produced by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. in 2016. The subject is black America since MLK, predominately looking at American history through the lens of race relations and social and economic progress. Gates, et al, are very thorough and take us back down a road that was troubling enough the first time, a road that is very likely to become much bumpier during the next five years if there is not a change of administration in the 2020 election. So I agree with you, Ronni, that the outcome of the next national election will either add weight to, or remove it from, the pressing board that will determine society's future.

I have never made resolutions in the past, but I'm striving for the following in the new year:

1. To not get frustrated when I have to repeat anything and everything I say at least 3 times to my husband who wears hearing aids to no avail.
2. To be kinder to everyone even if we can't agree politically.
3. To spend more time with the kids and grand kids.
4. To maintain hope that this country's democracy can survive Trump and that all the Republicans who refuse to accept the truth are voted out of office.

Oh, Irma, I made the same resolution today as your first one. It is frustrating and sometimes I feel so lonely not be able to converse back and forth.

I don’t think I can be kinder to Republicans that are so blind to the damage being done to our country. They are beyond help.

For the last 20 years my only new year's resolution was to have more adventures. I'll keep that one but after a health challenge that took up lots of time and energy the last six months I find myself doing NO exercising. Good excuses, of course, but my body is suffering. So January will be my return to a moderate amount of yoga, walking and exercises. Since there are only so many hours in the day and so many ergs of personal energy in my 78 year old body, I will have to give up something. Hmmmm......

Next year will mark my 75th year on this planet. And I am sorry to say that I have not kept (or even started to keep) any resolution I have made. Promises are easy to make but then reality sets in. If you don't believe me ask the man who was just impeached by the House of Representatives.

I've never bothered with New Year's resolutions, preferring to deal with life issues as they go along throughout the year. I do share your hope our democratic republic survives the past three years assault from our leader. As I write this, the House impeachment occurred earlier today, but this is just the beginning, whatever occurs in the Senate, and even if he's not re-elected in 2020.

Democracy is being attacked all over the world and these forces are not going away even if we rid ourselves of our current leader. Environmental issues threatening our planet will continue for some time to come but, hopefully, all nations will more seriously address minimizing or even eliminating some of them. We have our work cut-out for us as do the generations coming after us. I remain optimistic that the goodness of humanity will survive, thrive and prevail, even if I'm no longer around to enjoy the results.

As for you, keep sharing your thoughts, observations here -- political and all. Am pleased we have views here from all perspectives, reaffirming my belief we are capable of listening to one another, expressing ourselves in civil respective ways as you've always fostered here. We don't reject each other or infuse ourselves with feelings of hate because we may not see eye-to-eye on some of the most truly serious issues of our lives. There is hope for we earthly humans!

Not uncommonly, I'm late to the party and anything I would say has already been said very well. I no longer have "goals" per se nor do I make resolutions like I once did. Life happens; I do my best to get on with it and cope. I hope that my husband (90) and I (3 weeks shy of 83) can stay relatively mobile and somewhat healthy for another year, at least.

I totally agree that the future of democracy--and quite possibly the planet--is at stake in the 2020 election. At 83, I can't be sure how long I'd want to stick around if I am forced to inhabit the Empire of Trumpistan for another 4 years, but I'm cautiously optimistic. . .

I've detested bullies all my life and our current president regularly speaks and behaves like the worst example of a schoolyard bully. I so hope the Dems can reconcile their intra-party differences, get their act together and nominate a candidate who can get ELECTED.

I'm wondering what happens if Ms Pelosi holds up passing the impeachment papers over to Mr McConnell as he held up the nomination of Judge Garland - until after the election or, at least, for several months. We live in interesting times.

In the UK, Boris - Trump MkII - has just won our election. We too are doomed.
Wishing you a happy, healthy-as-possible-in-the-circumstances 2020.

In the past years, I've made a visual map of the year just over.............I don't like all this striving to always be better, do better...............but i too do it. This coming year I would like to be kinder, more forgiving, and loving. And get the Republican idiot out of the White House.

I agree with you completely. This election will be crucial to the future of not only the US, but the world, as authoritarianism spreads around he world.
The US use to and still should spread the example of the "shining star on the hill" of freedom and democracy for all.

But sadly, the forces of greed, corruption and willful ignorance and denial of the truth by the trump cult, along with racism and religious extremism, I’m afraid will rule the day.

If I was young and also I’d also advise younger people to get out of this country, if at all possible, if you want a bright future and to live in a country where the environment matters, social justice for all matters and capitalism has not run amok and rotted from within.

I only have one. I just resigned from some boards and committees and from here on in I will only take on what brings me joy.


I’ve never been good at making or sticking to New Year resolutions, but I do have 3 hopes:

1) That I fully recuperate from this awful “lockjaw” I developed (after undergoing a kidney operation months ago).
2) That Ronni and her followers continue to entertain & enlighten us for 2020 & beyond.
3) That Trump is not re-elected, everyone on Fox News gets sucked into a black hole and this country somehow manages to right itself again... at least until the next shyster comes along.

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