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ELDER MUSIC: Christmas 2019

INTERESTING STUFF – 21 December 2019


It's fun to watch things like this but I always wonder who has the patience to put it all together.


The Youtube page tells us the cartoon is by Joshua Held. Also,

White Christmas, an Irving Berlin song...was first performed by Bing Crosby in 1941. The Drifters featuring lead singer Clyde McPhatter and bass vocalist Bill Pinkney recorded this cover in 1954.”


In the comments on Wednesday's post, several readers mentioned the loss of cursive writing, lamenting that it is no longer taught.

As it turns out, all is not lost. Many states still teach it and more are joining in. In fact, a 10-year-old just won a state and national cursive competition.


The New York Times tells us that

”Kathleen Wright, who worked for Zaner-Bloser, a company that publishes cursive workbooks and sponsored the national competition, said 24 states now required some form of cursive instruction, including seven that had adopted policies since 2013.”

Of course there are at least as many people who oppose cursive as those who realize it ought to be taught. And there are a lot of jokes about cursive too. If you have a New York Times subscription, the article is worth a read.


...comparative size, that is, of objects in our Galaxy. Astonishing.


TGB reader Joan McMullen sent this video of a really angry rhinoceros. India Today reports on this incident that took place at Serengeti Park in Germany last August:

”...the zookeeper suffered minor injuries and managed to escape somehow. In fact, she is ready to begin working as well. 'She is very experienced, with us for 25 years. She has a concussion and bruises, but wants to work Friday again,' Fabrizio told German newspaper Bild.”


That headline is all you need to know – just enjoy.


Conducted by a squirrel. From TGB reader Nana Royer.

Here are the music details: Squilla Il Bronzo Del Dio - Guerra, guerra Composed by Vincenzo Bellini, Performed by The Orchestra of the Welsh National Opera, Dame Joan Sutherland, Samuel Ramey. Conducted by Richard Bonynge.

* * *

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Thank you so much for this great Saturday blog! My 4 year old grandson watched it twice...he absolutely loved the Singing Santa and the squirrel conducting. Christmas joy to snuggle with him and watch it together. Charlotte

I reposted a bunch of them for my FB friends.
It is amazing where you find these clips.
Thanks, Ronni.

I confess that most of the videos I watch on Youtube are RV & camper van nomads, cooking videos & old episodes of Ozzie & Harriet--thanks to TGB, my youtube history shows a more eclectic mix. :) Loved the Drifters White Christmas, and watching that rhino's casual tossing of that vehicle--it felt like 'Jurassic Park' come to life (which I have no doubt scientists will someday attempt). That baby koala being rescued by it's mom... how wonderful someone caught that on camera.

Wow, that rhino just had at it! loved the White Christmas, and I always take heart from being reminded how hugely vast the universe is..........we are, always have been less than a mota!

Loved these!! Thanks as always, Ronni.

As my own children have been out of the school system for twenty years, I had not realized that cursive was no longer being taught in most schools. Guess my brother/sister-in-law have been translating the handwritten messages I've been sending to my nieces all these years. Although I'm guessing the cash enclosed for birthdays and holidays must have conveyed its own message--one that needs no translation.

Outstanding selections this week, Ronni. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for these wonderful videos!
From Montréal, I wish you "Joyeux Noël!"

Ronni, thank you for another great offering of very interesting stuff!

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