A TGB READER STORY: Christmas Elves
Maya Angelou – On Aging

Merry Christmas, Everyone

And now for what has become a Time Goes By tradition, the eighth annual playback of Penelope Keith's marvelous reading – as Miss Cynthia Bracegirdle – of And Yet Another Partridge in a Pear Tree: A Cautionary Tale for Christmas Showing That it is Better to Give than to Receive.

It was originally broadcast on the BBC (Radio 4) on 25 December 1977 – and is wickedly funny. From Soundcloud.


Have a good holiday, Ronni!

Merry Christmas, Ronni. And Happy New Year.

Merry Christmas to all!

I suppose this was revenge for Cynthia's paltry gift of flowers for Algernon! Oh I'm sorry I couldn't help it... ;-)

Merry Christmas Ronni!

Merry Christmas, dearest Ronni! Your way is to give and give and give. Your gifts ARE this blog and they come back to you in many ways, among them love, respect, caring, gratitude, sharing, laughter, and holding you in a special place in thoughts and feelings. XO

Happy Christmas and 4th candle of Hanukkah to those who are celebrating! For me the winter solstice is the biggest celebration...the return of the light...! May the new year bring health, peace, and an election result that will be good for our nation and the world! Happy 2020! I like the sound of that...it sounds like a good vision!

Merry Christmas Ronni and may the New Year be filled with good surprises. Hugs.

Happy Holidaze, Ronni! And to all your readers. Sending love and good wishes...

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