Happy New Year 2020
INTERESTING STUFF – 4 January 2020

The Alex and Ronni Show – The First One of 2020

Here we all are having wound down the holiday season and starting a bright, shiny new year with nothing too awful yet to spoil it.

My former husband, Alex Bennett, and I recorded our bi-weekly Skype show on Wednesday, the first day of 2020.

Fair warning, the video is out of sync by about a second. If that annoys you - as it does me – you could just listen and not look at the screen. It's mostly a radio show with pictures anyway so no loss.

Alex and I got through a lot of material this time. Reacting to the media end-of-year compilations of events over the past 12 months, we talked about the sense that our individual worlds are shrinking as the touchstones of our generation die. Our world becomes less recognizable without them until we don't feel as much a part of the culture or the zeitgeist as we once did.

We moved on to how Alex's prostate cancer is being treated and how, also, after his lifetime of hypochondria over make-believe ailments, somehow it has been easier for him to come to terms with a real health threat than all those imaginary ones.

We segued from there into my little show-and-tell for Alex of the variety of edible cannabis products I use to be able to sleep a full night. Alex is a bit jealous that it's not yet legal in New York where he lives.

We followed that with some inevitable political/election chat. It appears that Alex doesn't think any of the Democratic contenders can beat President Trump.

And we finished up when Alex gave a shout-out to Time Goes By and especially to TGB's readers and their comments.

Here it is. Not the most flattering static shot but that happens sometimes.

You can find Alex's show – Alex Bennett's Ramble – on Facebook and Apple Podcasts.


Another great show, and the sync issue was not that much of a problem.

You opened this blog post with the statement that nothing too awful had happened yet, but we've been listening here all morning to discussion about the potential fallout of the president's order that eliminated the Iranian Major General Qassim Suleimani. At the same time, no one seems to have answered the questions about the drones that have been flying over Colorado and Nebraska in formation for several nights. I find this more than a little disconcerting, but it may all amount to nothing more further sound and fury that passes before the election.

Thank you for the tips and examples of cannabis sleep aids. As everyone probably knows, recreational cannabis just became legal in Illinois on New Year's Day. I have not ventured out to take a look as lines have been hideously long, and closed several hours earlier than closing time each day so far. In fact parking has been such an issue that a shuttle bus is being provided from another parking space. And this is during January in Illinois! Although to be fair, temperatures have been unseasonably warm here in this new year. I've read many FB posts showing copies of receipts and featuring discussions of how exorbitant the prices are, especially given the high tax, and yet people are lining up for hours. This is apparently how Illinois expects to fix many of its economic woes, but I'm still a bit doubtful. At any rate, thank you for the info and all the best to you and Alex this year!

As far as the election

Sorry about that little orphan partial sentence at the end of my earlier post. I started to say something about your discussion with Alex about other people who are not currently candidates, and then went back to something else above and didn't see these words on the screen before I hit the submit button.

At this time I'm supporting candidate Andrew Yang and hoping that he will enjoy a rise in support in upcoming weeks and months, but if he doesn't and Bernie continues in the running, I'll support him. I'm very tired of the status quo and what looks like a growing oligarchy in American politics.

I totally understand what you mean, Ronni, about celebrities and other famous people of our generation passing. When I’m with a younger group of friends, I feel like my time is over and I don’t fit in with the world. My mother used to say “technology had passed her by”. Everything has passed me by and I feel like a dinosaur. Also understand what you said about pancreatic cancer. Until a friend passed away last year from this, I really hadn’t heard that much about it and had to “google “ it. Maybe it is becoming more prevalent.

This is indeed a lively and good episode of the Alex and Ronni Show - thank you for

But I keep thinking especially about your predictions as to who might be equipped to
take on trump and actually beat him. Beat him right off the stage -- a wonderful

Of the previous larger batch of candidates: I was literally sad, even distressed, when Kamala Harris dropped out -- ditto re Julian Castro, whose focus on the poor was especially welcome to me. I also remembered how I rejoiced when the first debate group paraded on stage and I realized with great happiness that it was a widely diverse group!

And look what happened. Am I surprised? - no, but I mourn the loss of that wonderful
diversity--and how rich the debating was. How much I could imagine the ideas that
would emerge--

I feel privileged to have attended a rally for Elizabeth Warren at Macalester College
in St. Paul. Outdoors, on a sunny summer day, over 20,000 in attendance. I knew that she
is a good speaker, but I was stunned and deeply impressed.

As was everyone else! I was sitting in the shade with the old folk, all of us fanning and,
as time passed, we were more often than not leaping - yes, leaping! - to our feet.

The young, i.e. the students, were wildly enthusiastic, despite the heat --- and by the end
we were, I think, all convinced that we had found the right person. Someone who was
a wonderful purveyor of her beliefs and ideas, her plans [no matter how one may smile at the idea of all those plans - I've read them, and they are stunning.]

Anyway, it was a wonderful get-together. I ended up talking to the people sitting near
me, and was struck by the fact that Warren was quite clearly their obvious favorite. If
anyone spoke up about any other candidate, the given was that Warren would/should
be at the top of the ticket -- so we switched to musing about vice-presidents.

I've heard Warren several times since that happy and hot afternoon -- but mostly in the
context of another debate. But I would urge any of you who are still uncertain to have
a look at her. She is well worth your time.

I'm writing before I finish listening .. bec I just laughed out loud at your 'fastest mute button finger', Ronni! Here, it's for commercials and for anyone from the GOP.

Thanks too for mentioning John Lewis. We can't lose him.

And Alex -- I'm so sorry about your friend's death. I too lost a friend on 12.26 -- only a year older than I so younger than you.

Ronni - Alex is right.. you look mahvelous! The hair style is so great and your skin! The envy of many.

I'll listen to the rest later. Long work day and I've had it.

You each and both are a gift. Thank you.

Okay, I just tuned into R and A Show. Looks like a good one. I'm three minutes into it . I'm looking forward to the part about Trump. Love the man but love my progressive friends too--go figure.

PS: Amazing how good you look Ronni. Run with it.

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