THINKING OUT LOUD: Quarantine, Two Weeks In
Is There Anything Else to Talk About?


By Henry Lowenstein

Love Letter
I'm fond of you with all my heart,
but need to keep six feet apart,
for the duration
of the corona situation.
We can keep in touch, just as before,
but rather than by hugging,
by internet or semaphore.

The hundreds of hands I have not shaken,
the thousands of hand washings I have taken,
the embraces I've eschewed
the social distancing I've pursued
should make the corona virus aware
that I'm not ever to go there.

Help Needed
Our great technologies astound,
our rockets fly the moon around.
But, now we need,
with urgent speed,
technologies to inspire us
to subdue the corona virus
that threatens strife
to our way of life.

* * *

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Henry, your doggerel summed up the situation for most of us quite well. Thank you.

Your poems, although small
speak clearly to one and all

Wonderfully and cleverly crafted! Thank you!

Clever, funny and spot on!

Thank you Henry.

Your rare talent for wit AND writing has given true validity to an old maxim :
"Misery Loves Company"! It lightens our load !

Such a respite. To open TGB on a dreary Tuesday morning, and find this. Thank you Henry.


Thank you, Henry!
And all of you who contribute here, thanks. Wonderful community.

We needed the giggle.

Just loved it Henry!

KUDOS to Henry

Love these -Bravo!

Great 👍🏻

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