A TGB READER STORY: The Morning Has Past
Questions. Time Goes By Gets Questions

The Alex and Ronni Show 7 April 2020

But before we get to that...

Yesterday was my birthday. Several weeks ago, I had made plans for a birthday lunch with my friend, Kirsten Jacobs, but you all know what happened to that idea. We have vowed to do it whenever the time comes for it to be safe to visit a restaurant – and each other – again.

Thank all of you who knew my birthdate from past years and who sent e-cards, paper cards, email messages and blog comments with wishes for a happy day. It was happy thanks, in part, to you.

Yesterday was a Tuesday, the day of the week when I publish a reader story, and I decided not to disrupt that schedule just for my 79th birthday.

It seems to me that 79 isn't a particularly notable birthday. However, I am surprised to be here for it. Doctors told me in June 2017, that I had (have still) pancreatic cancer. Two years later, they said I also have COPD.

Pancreatic cancer kills almost 90 percent of its victims within a year and back in 2017, I just wanted to live long enough to read the Mueller Report. Well, that didn't change much, and now I want to live to see the November election.

It's birthdays and other kinds of anniversaries that always make me wonder if I'll be be among the living for the next one. Maybe. Maybe.

Two other things happened yesterday. I attended my first Zoom meeting, Ask Millie, with my east coast friend Millie Garfield, her son Steve Garfield and half a dozen other people.

That was fun and I may need to explore how I can use it. Steve posted the video of us all at Millie's blog.

Also, my former husband and I recorded our biweekly Alex and Ronni Show. Mostly he and I talked about – what else? - the virus. Here it is.


I had intended to come by, yesterday, to leave you birthday greetings. I failed. Happy belated birthday, Ronni, and thanks to Harold of Always Question for reminding me. He posted a nice little piece about how you had inspired him and about its being your birthday.

I was at Millie's blog, yesterday, too. I'll go back to see the video, now.

I, for one, hope that you astound the medical community even more by your survival statistics. I agree with you that you must have a great medical team (and I'm happy that you are so good about following their directions.)

Happy belated birthday Ronni, but I’m a little surprised what you wrote here--I think 79 is quite the milestone, particularly given what you’ve gone thru these past couple years.

I particularly enjoyed today’s show. I was a little surprised when Alex said it was time to go, how did that half-hour move so quickly? But very much appreciated you sharing your frustration over these daily “briefings”, my God they’re the WORST. I saw on the news this morning where Howard Dean was asking guests to boycott MSNBC until they stopped airing those Trump sh-tshows, and while I’ve never been a fan of boycotts (especially to shut someone up), I can’t say I blame him.

Anyway, hope both you & Alex remain well and thanks again, love you guys.

What about a zoom meeting for Ronni's fans? The idea occurred to me when watching Millie Garfield's show. I've been using zoom for my book club, Great Decisions meetings, committee meetings, cocktail hour, and it works great. I have a paid account, which many of you may have, which allows more than 40 min. viewing, and up to 100 guests. If we go without a password requirement, then it would be easy to sign in as the info could be posted here. However, with the latest zoombombing, a password would be safer but would mean having a list of interested joiners. All you need to do is sign up with Zoon app, which is free.

At any rate, it's just an idea. I might be fun to meet and greet all of you who comment and follow Ronni.

A belated Happy Birthday to you, Ronni.

I've been following your blog for years now, and more recently your ex on YouTube. I consider you friends (I don't have many in "real life") -- both so smart, wise and funny.

Before the current [CoronaVirus] crisis, I was working in Lake Oswego (I'm a Legal Assistant) -- but now I'm working remotely, at home. I think a Zoom meeting for your friends/fans would be wonderful. My work has been using Zoom for team meetings, and it works very well.

Happy Belated Birthday, Ronni! I know it's good to set goals so mine for you are to have you here to see the election in November, the subsequent return to law and order, and the return to fair elections, and so many more important accomplishments for which we are overdo. But, mostly I wish you many, many more unexpected peaceful years to share with all of us.

Happy belated bday!🎶🎈. And many more!

Bon anniversaire !!
Loved your talk

I just now remembered! (Texas is backward in everything including time)

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! And for some reason, though I know he's passed, I kept expecting to see Ollie pop up. We miss him, too.

Cowtown Pattie

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Belated Birthday, Ronni!
You're an inspiration to all of us!

Happy birthday + a day, Ronni. Definitely should get a raincheck for all those celebrations people wanted to treat you to.
And I'd love to be part of a Zoom gathering of your devoted fans!
Happy Easter, Passover, and other spring-related spiritual celebrations, everyone.
Stay safe and healthy.

Belated happy birthday, Ronni!

I always love the Alex and Ronni show!

I adore Zoom. And in this period, Zoom is capable of saving lives. Alcoholics Anonymous has had to shut down all its meetings, and Zoom has come to the rescue. We meet regularly as usual, and we get to see each other and hear each other and carry on as usual, but from our homes. New people are being introduced to this life-saving program via Zoom.

We've had a lot of mostly out-of-control adolescents who have been able to "bomb" our AA meetings and disrupt them with explicit porn, terrible racial slurs, and so on. One of them was mild enough to refer to me as the "Betty White" of that particular meeting. But we're getting more savvy with the technology, and are learning how to prevent these twits from being disruptive in a way that could have the effect of preventing some newcomer from joining AA. Not a trivial matter.

Anyway--Zoom is great, and it's certainly coming into its own. Delighted you're using it too, Ronni.

Belated happy birthday wishes, Ronni! I'm so glad I found this blog and am ever cheered by your wisdom and courage!

Please add my name to those sending belated birthday wishes Ronni. I hope it was a good one, and that this year, which you remind us that you never expected to see, settles down and brings you peace and comfort. It may have come in like a lion, but let's hope it goes out like a lamb, bringing the best possible news in November.

Keep on keepin' on!

P.S. -- Most food businesses are still doing drive through and have added curbside delivery -- including ice cream places . . . just saying.

Ronni, the happiest of (belated) birthdays to you! Judy

I used to look forward to the Alex and Ronni show but it had too much politics in it this time.
What does politics have to do with what it is really like to be old? Sure, it comes into play with certain legislation like social security and medicare, or even, to a degree, the
government response to Covid-19, but it should not consume a large chuck--seems like over half--of the Alex and Ronni Show and it also frequently bleads into the daily blog posts. I'm not abandoning this blog, but I will continue to fast forward politics whenever they take over any post or post. Aside from that, Happy Birthday Ronni. I saw the notification on LinkedIn. And, BTW, I did vote for Obama and W. Clinton, both 2X. I am not a diehard Republican but will go with policies of the individual or the party at the time, or what I perceive to be the lessor of two evils. I am shocked that the democrats are trying to unload an arguably nearly senile individual as their apparent candidate. They can do better but are obsessed with TDS. In the meantime, I will continue to sift through these blogs for content on aging amidst an ever increasing political bent. J

Happy belated birthday, Ronni. May all your wildest dreams come true.
And may you enjoy that future lunch celebration.

Am playing a song for you:

"Stand, in the end you'll still be you,
One that's done all the things you set out to do"

(Sly and the Family Stone)

Your Montreal Fan

Belated happy birthday wishes .... and many more!

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