Friday Blog Post – A Blast From the Past
ELDER MUSIC: Playing for Change 2



The American Film Institute website has a whole bunch of video lists of 100 film clips on such topics as music, heroes and villains, thrills, laughs and more.

TGB reader Jim Hood sent this one – 100 Years, 100 Movie Quotations. I know almost all of them and you probably will too.

You can find all those other AFI movie lists here.


One hundred dancers, musicians and actors take part in this lockdown video to Ravel's Bolero. It's an amazing video as it is but it's also fun to see a lot of performers you recognize.

You can read all about how the video was created at the Juilliard website.


A friend, who is a heavy library user, mentioned to me this week that his library is closed indefinitely and he had found a list of five good websites for free ebooks:

Project Gutenberg
Internet Archive

Each of these specializes in its own way. If you want even more choices for free ebooks just Google “free ebooks” and you'll get a longer list than you want to read through.


The Atlantic magazine pulled together a video of major world leaders talking to their countrymen and -women about the Covid-19 virus. See what you think:


On Thursday at a political rally (oops, I mean speech) in Pennsylvania, President Trump explained how virus testing works:

“We have more cases than anybody in the world, but why? Because we do more testing,” Trump said. “When you test, you have a case. When you test you find something is wrong with people. If we didn’t do any testing, we would have very few cases. They don’t want to write that. It’s common sense. We test much more.”

(Picking my jaw up off the floor) As a Twitter commenter responded, if you never take a pregnancy test, you won't get pregnant.

Here's the video tape. The quotation appears at about 3:32 minutes from the top.


As British sports announcer, Andrew Cotter, explains on the YouTube page,

”I usually broadcast actual sport: The Olympics, Wimbledon, The Masters, 6 Nations, that sort of thing. But sport has disappeared for a while, so here instead are Olive and Mabel eating their breakfast.”

That was so much fun, let's do it again. A few days after the above, Cotter noted this on the YouTube page:

”Wasn't going to do another one, but the ongoing lack of the actual sports events I commentate on can change a man.”

So now, The Games of Bones.


This video is from New York City friends, Jane Seskin and Ann Burack-Weiss. If you are anything like me, about halfway through you will start grinning and you won't stop until the end. You might even shed a tear or two of joy.

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I sure did enjoy Andrew Cotter’s dog videos & that “rockin’ my soul” dance video at the end, thanks for the Saturday morning pick-me-up Ronni. (Haven’t watched the ‘100 Quotes’ yet, but am saving it to watch in bed tonight on my tablet, I love that kind of stuff.)

Trump’s test logic (less testing means less covid-19 cases to report)... ignorance is bliss only for you and your deluded followers, Donald.

Julliard’s Bolero is so beautiful and fun! I was already a fan of Olive and Mabel (my grandmother’s name, by the way). Hadn’t seen the Alvin Ailey piece but it’s delightful and so joyful! Couldn’t make it all the way through the COVID-19 clips, too upsetting.

Last night our neighbor (Nancy Damone, daughter of Vic ) and her partner, Larry, put on a carport concert here at Viewpoint in Mesa, AZ, for those of us still here. We sat on porches or in golf carts with plenty of distance and a few of us line danced in the street, staying 8-10 feet apart! They are professionals and, like so many artists and musicians, out of work, so we all chipped in the jar for them. SO JOYFUL! We are all staying in and so far no cases here. Arizona may be opening up but not us!

An especially wonderful assortment.

Loved the Bolero video. I had a recording of it in high school and played it constantly, driving my mother to plead with me to STOP! The dance videos are beautiful and joyous and Olive and Mabel are delightful. Sorry, but I won't waste my time watching Trump.

By POTUS logic, if we don’t listen to him he doesn’t exist.

oh joy oh joy oh joy!

I loved it this morning, and ended up smiling and clapping my hands to "Oh, rock a my soul!".. And Bolero was absolutely divine. THANK you Ronnie! You are precious!

Absolutely made my day! Every single thing was delightful(minus Trump)! Makes me hopeful that there will be live theatre, dance recitals, musical concerts in the future. Artists of all kinds do make life worth living!

Wouldn't THAT be great--if no one listens to Accident Orange, he doesn't exist! What a marvelous dream. It is still hard to believe that our country has fallen so far in the leadership arena--no wonder other countries pity us (I actually heard that stated on MSNBC).

Am not willing to feature our illustrious leader on my blog for publicity he desires even if it's just to show how ridiculous he is, but no doubt he hardly falls into an impressive category when compared with heads of state in other nations.

Enjoy all these features, most especially Bolero and the dancers in the final clip.

Outstanding! Just what the doctor ordered for times like these.

Loved Olive & Mabel! Shared these vids on my FB page.

Thx for the ebook resources. My public library is closed. It's been very frustrating because not all books come in an ebook format. In fact, very few are carried by my library. I lucked out in finding a free Helter Skelter ebook which may have come from the Many Books website. I saw Once Upon A Time in...Hollywood last weekend and wanted to read more.

I have found that the longer sheltering at home continues, the more impatient I am reading a news story or viewing a vid. I enjoyed the Bolero very much but quit in the middle! No reason!

Hope you are feeling good, Ronni!

Loved the dance! So uplifting!

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