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Living and Dying in Interesting Times Plus The Alex and Ronni Show

There is no doubt that since the day Donald Trump was sworn in as president of the United States in January 2017, we have been living in interesting times. But I don't think even Trump can say we have been living in the best of times.

Well, maybe some Republicans would, but given his incessant whining about perceived slights, not Trump. It may be that he has never had a good day in his entire life.

Me? As much as I have been stunned almost daily by Trump's terrible acts – particularly the environmental ones – I have never been disinterested.

Just when you think he will never do anything more foul than praising white supremacists, neo-Nazis and armed militia groups in Charlottesville as “very fine people,” he surpasses that by miles speculating that a 75-year-old protester, who was seriously injured by Buffalo police, deliberately provoked the officers and faked his injuries.

With Trump, it is always a case of his saying things so awful that we cannot look away. The huge demonstrations and inept (at best) White House responses over the death of George Floyd give me hope that something big is happening and that this year's election will be way too interesting to miss, however it turns out.

Alas. I want to be here for it but I don't have a lot of confidence that I will make it that long. Do me a favor, please. If I'm not here on 3 November, have a celebratory drink for me. Or a bit of cry if that is what is called for instead.

Look at what I found hanging around on the web. It is a screen shot from a previous Alex and Ronni Show in the summer of 2019 when my hair had not yet grown in after I lost it to chemotherapy. I had forgotten that I looked pretty good with a bald head.


In this week's episode, recorded on Tuesday, what you'll see is a couple of old folks talking to themselves as though no one would be watching. A little of this and that and some mention of these extraordinary times we are living in.


When I hear or read comments that Trump's base has seriously shrunken, perhaps it's wishful thinking on my part--I'm as naive as they come--but I can't help but believe it, it just makes sense. He & Melania are Boris & Natasha from 'The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show', come to life. They're cartoon characters.

I have to admit I saw the Alex & Ronni Show early, got tired of the talking heads on ‘Morning Joe’ yesterday & went looking for you two on Youtube. Interesting that you guys talked about reporters homes (and the views we get), I’ve always thought Ronni’s home looked very tasteful with a ‘calm’ vibe. Also wanted to say, I almost fell out of my chair when Alex said he wondered if Trump would surprise everyone and be a good president after he was elected—I knew we were doomed on Election Night. That same night, a friend suggested he'd probably just be a puppet, say & do whatever he was told to—I said NO WAY, that'd be Pence’s job.

But I do admit I never saw coming what did. I wonder if Donald will be dragged kicking & screaming from the White House, I no longer believe ANYTHING is beneath him.

THANK YOU for another great Alex & Ronni Show, love you guys.

Oh there will be sore heads either way - I can promise you that (plus a cheeky toast your way should it be the case by then...)
But dear GOD I hope we’re drinking for all the right reasons!! I couldn’t bear another 4yrs listening to that muppet - even if I have to be thankful for at least being overseas...

You look great with and without hair............my mom used to say, "It's the bones," about a good looking older woman. I will definitely raise a glass if you're off planet on the 3rd, tho it will most certainly involve some tears. I am so hopeful, I am so scared. I have never before included politics in my prayers, it's weird, but can't be helped. If the worst happens, that's it, I'll become a hermit for my remaining time. Meantime, I'm learning to phone bank.........and guess what? They're making it easy for elders............hand written spreadsheets if you want.

My instinct is that whatever the result it will be messy. It looks to me like he's setting things up now so that he can call fraud if he loses. God knows what will happen in that case. I sincerely hope you see him out though, and that the good sense of the American people will finally re-emerge to get rid of this fraudster.

You are amazing, Ronni. In response to Alex wondering if men care about bed making, I’m sure I’m not the only person who remembers Adm. McRaven’s commencement speech.

Here's hoping you will be able to celebrate the election and the view of Dear Donald leaving the White House.

A side note: My mother-in-law went into hospice and exceeded their usual length of service by 12 months. Hoping for the same for you.

You, my dear, are forevermore my hero!

You're a pretty lady, Ronni!

It’s just about 4 1/2 months...you’ll be here to hopefully have that glass of wine! Make that your goal!

Yes, my mum made it to a year with hospice, so nil desperandum kiddo, you never know. You are looking good and it's lovely to see you. With COPD, I've found a duvet is the best with only a fitted sheet, throw it over and you're done.
lots of love from this grateful stranger.

I can only hope that our election, if it happens, will turn out favorably! This has been four years of embarrassment and angst for our country.

If it is any help at all Ronni, there is a statistical death dip before all major elections. I have always found that interesting. I am hoping that you are around for a lot longer than the coming election to share your information with us. I cannot imagine not looking forward to your blogs.

I would like to add that as a retired mortician I had many clients that had been in hospice for 1 to 2 years.... you just never know. However, sharing your journey is more than any of us could ever ask for. Thank you for all of that and more.

I will drink champagne while reading your post about Trump's magnificent loss while watching a Youtube video of the military dragging him and Ivanka out of the White House. Cheers!!!!

You are the best. Much love and good wishes to a beautiful soul - inside and out.

I totally agree with Doug M's assessment:

>>He & Melania are Boris & Natasha from 'The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show', come to life. They're cartoon characters.<<

The problem being, Boris and Natasha were only around for a short time and we could turn them off if we so desired.

I say it almost every day, it's only going to get worse. We've not seen the worst. And every day, I'm proven right, darn it.

Ronni, I'm hoping against hope to celebrate getting the Nation's house back this January 20th and reading a post from you. Then it'll be a party.

Ronni, election day will not be the same without your comment! I'm counting on it!
Best wishes

Ronni, my fervent hope is that you are around on November 3 to cheer with the rest of
us that the wicked man is GONE. Yeah, I know he will fight it. As will his minions, all of
his followers who of course won't wear masks because their Leader has willed it so.

It is all so exhausting.

I love to hear you laugh. I love to see how marvelous you look with or without hair.
And I fervently wish you well, for a long time to come.

cheers, ruth-ellen

Love you Ronni. I'm really hoping we'll be able to celebrate the election with along with you. I can't believe tRump would get elected again but then I didn't think he'd get elected the first time, so much for my crystal ball. In either case I'll fix myself a drink.

Ronni, I promise you that should you not be here on November 3, I will absolutely have a celebratory drink in your honor and in honor of voting for Joe Biden. I certainly will shed some tears if you aren't here to celebrate with the rest of us.

However, if you are still (hopefully) here on November 3, I will join you in having a celebratory drink. I can't bear to think of any outcome on election night other than we will have President Biden.

In the meantime, be as well as you are able. Enjoy that ice cream!

Hi Ronni,

I'm pretty new to reading your blog and really enjoying it - and I enjoyed today's video.
I sure hope you're still around to celebrate (we hope) on election day. It's less than 5 months away!
Take care.

Even though your physical health is nowhere you would like, your looks are till vibrantly pretty and your mind is lively. The warmth of your personality shines in your writing.

Ah, dear Ronni, I so hope that we will be sharing a celebration *with* you!

I sincerely hope you're very much still here on November 3rd (if you choose to be). My husband (90) and I (83) feel that we are "observers" more than anything else at this point--there's not much we can do for the cause of tRump Removal except, of course, VOTE. The TGB reader who's learning to phone bank would be an inspiration--if I weren't totally turned off by political and other solicitation calls. I wish there were an effective, less intrusive way to reach potential voters. Voter turnout by communities of color, young people, Independents and disaffected Repubs (there MUST be some!) will likely decide the outcome of the election.

Speaking of turnout, I wouldn't wish anything bad (like COVID-19) on anyone, but that doesn't seem to be an issue with the would-be Emperor of tRumpistan. He wants to hold huge rallies INDOORS with NO masks and NO ability to social distance--in states with rising rates of COVID-19. Many of his followers are over 60 and/or have comorbidities. They are therefore at higher risk for serious illness and death from COVID-19 if they get infected. Does it occur to him that he might be decreasing his own voter base?!

I will add the following: tRump is requiring the attendees at his Tulsa rally to sign a liability waiver. That should say something about how much value he places on the lives of ordinary Americans.


Please stay at least until after November 3rd, 2o2o. We need you. We need to hear your responses (thoughtful, joyous, outraged, furious, whatever they may be) to this stunningly historic time we're living through. And I'm not even American, I'm Canadian. No matter. We need your voice right now.

I know perfectly well that I have no right to ask that of you. I know it's outrageous to ask. But I don't care. Please stay. If you need to go after that, then okay. I guess we can live with that if you really have to leave. And we'll send you on your way with trumpets and choirs and chocolate and wine and ice cream and whatever else works. But not right now. Not at the pinnacle of this astonishing time. We need your voice.

And you need to be here. You need to be a witness to this time. This is your world. You have helped create it. And we need you to be witness to what happens next.


The younger generation blames the baby boomers for destroying the economy, for supporting the racist police state which murders black people, and for pretty much destroying America. The level of hatred that the youth feels towards boomers is undescribable. My question is, do you boomers think you're going to have a peaceful retirement? How do you think the younger generation will treat you? Already we see it happening, a couple weeks ago there was that video of a black guy punching a 75 year old white baby boomer man in the face in a retirement home. This is what happens when you live a greedy selfish life without thinking of the future. One day, the CONSEQUENCES of your actions come back to hit you a 100 fold. You boomers destroyed America and the youth is angry enough to riot and burn down the cities. The GREED of the baby boomers caused this. Anyway good luck, you baby boomers are gonna need it.

From my perspective when my mother was nearing the end of her life, hospice was an invaluable resource. They provided a lot in the way of creature comforts that we would not have known about. Like others have noted, my mother far outlived the expected time, and at one point they threw her out of hospice (although she did re-enter again fairly shortly). Also - Art Buchwald famously lived so long in hospice that they eventually allowed him his beloved cigars. As for Amanda Smith, I can only express my outrage that you have to endure such crazy vitriol, Ronni, and I wish such fools (or bots) would have the sense to vent their spleen in places that would be more receptive. The wonderful community that you have created here is like a garden in the online space where cowards ply their hatred anonymously, and there is no room here for that kind of nonsense.

Ronni, it's going to be a devastating punch to the gut the day I log in to this website to find you've moved on. Not soon, I pray.

As for Trump, like another of your commenters, I find it mind boggling that he plans to hold massive indoor rallies with no social distancing and doesn’t want people to wear masks. Has it not occurred to him/his enablers that he may be killing off his supporters before they have a chance to vote for him? Pretty conclusive studies have shown that the rates of transmission would be extremely small if everyone would just wear a g-d facemask. What a simple, cheap, effective means we have at hand...And yet. History will wonder at our stupidity.

I'm going to scout for an early ‘80s boombox on eBay so I can blast “Dancin' in the Streets” from my apartment window on November 4, because, after raising a glass to or with you, that’s what I'll be doing —with my mask on — if I wake up to find out the Destroyer-in-Chief has lost.

Some may recall that Art Buchwald got thrown out of hospice the first time he was admitted....

Great show! Alex's sentiments are sweet and lovely. How wonderful to still be friends and verbal sparring partners after all these years. Please stick around for (much) more, Ronni!

Amanda. Is this satire of sorts? Projection, perhaps, of what your mature years will be like when "the youth" will be after you, blaming you for everything they are angry about? It has been ever thus, you know.

You may have a gripe with the ultra rich, as we all do, for their crimes of many sorts. Where would I begin? They have assaulted us as well. Every color, every ethnicity, every struggling income level. Many worse than others.

That young man who beat the elderly man? Mentally ill, probably schizophrenic, and living in a group home for mentally ill individuals until some bright spark placed him in the nursing home to finish recovering from Covid 19. Easy pickins, no hero of the cause, ill.

I hear you have much to be angry about and I hope you can build up peacefully but with determination, on our shoulders, who protested and worked for civil rights, women's rights, environmental rights (starting with the first Earth Day).

As for burning cities and more, well, no. That will not carry on. Don't know why you would strive for a dystopian nightmare when you also must live in it, anyway. There is no Nero fiddling. He'll be out of the Big House soon enough.

I'd prefer to work with you, not against you, you know. Don't be a Karen, don't be that one.

I think YOU are "extraordinary", Ronni. And my fingers will stay tightly crossed with prayers and good juju flowing your way every day.

Dear Ronni, I want to apologize to you and everyone who has read the comments. I don't know where my head was in responding to either a bot or a bitter, no, vicious interloper on your beautiful blog. This is not the time or place to air such grievances. I suspect it/her showing up here is the result of an auto mass search for sites that search out wise elders. If I get really cynical, it could be part of the effort to scare voters from blue to red. No responses needed. Please just accept my deepest apologies, Ronni. xo

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