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A TGB READER STORY: A Perspective on Time

By Melissa Hart

I’m sitting on my patio on a cool Arizona morning drinking my tea and observing my yard. The birds are active, lizards are scurrying about and the occasional rabbit gets under the fence or perhaps there’s a nest under the shed.

Some mornings I’m thinking about the details of the day ahead but today my mind wanders to deeper things.

I’ve watched the seasons go by from my spot on the patio. Birds come and go. Plants grow, get big and need to be trimmed. Nature continues on and it makes no difference if we’re here or not. It moves forward with no regard to our situation, our desires or our fears.

Time goes on.

We are currently stuck at home. Time passes - sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Some of us have family and friends nearby, some at a distance. Some of us have none at all. Some welcome alone time, some dread it.

This event is a fraction, a speck of our lives. Our lives are but a speck in history. Who will remember us? Have we made a difference? Will we make a difference? Will future humans look at our remains and relics and speculate about us?

Time is measured in eons. In geologic time, the continents move imperceptibly. Glaciers come and go. Earthquakes happen. Floods, fire. The land changes in the present as it has in the past.

The dinosaurs wandered the earth for millions of years. Did they ponder their existence? Then the earth changed and they were gone. The earth was different, but life continued.

We have changed the face of the earth, too, for growth and survival and also by ignorance and greed. We have fought nature, but nature eventually adapts and continues.

Time goes on.

In reality, the future is always uncertain, except for this: We are here. We grow old. We pass on to whoever or whatever our next stop is. If we are lucky we have known joy, contentment, love. We have made a difference to someone. We found meaning in our lives.

My hope is that humans will eventually coexist with each other and with nature. But the world will exist with or without us. The future is always there, whatever part we play in it.

* * *

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Good read, thanks Melissa Hart, and yes, Time goes on, and thank you to Ronni Bennett, Time Goes By. (got caught in a sunshower walking the dog today, at age 70, just enjoyed it.) unexpected joy.

Thank you, Melissa Hart.

Poignant, touching thoughts posted by Melissa Hart. I’m not sure why, with today’s “normal”, that those words so affected me and brought tears to my eyes.
I look at my life and feel content....but, still, tears came to my eyes.

Edie Birken

I enjoy your perspective of the big picture. Well said.

Dear Melissa, Ronni and Friends, good question about the dinosaurs. Did they ponder...? Ravens...

"Who provideth for the raven his food? when his young ones cry unto God, they wander for lack of meat." Job 38:41

Beautiful and profound, thank you Melissa ~
Hope you're having a good day Ronni <3

That was just beautiful.

I wonder how many times the two of us have sat together, Melissa; you on your patio in Arizona drinking tea and watching the wildlife, me on my balcony in Minnesota drinking coffee and watching the city and the greenway below. Two different places, two different people, but you've beautifully described what is at the heart of thoughts gently weaving in and out of my mind quite often lately. Thank you!

Beautiful and so true

I enjoyed reading your deeper thoughts this morning, Melissa Hart. Thank you!

Beautiful and deep, good food for mind and soul. Especially now in these times that are only "unprecedented" to us, those living at this blink of an eye in time.
To take in the words of this "Perspective on Time," is somehow very comforting.

From my hot patio in Albuquerque, I too ponder nature and then let my thoughts drift out to the edge of space and time. Gives one perspective... I too hope that humans will co-exist in peace before they destroy each other and harm the planet further. But it always comforts me that Earth will go on in some form--with or without us. Comfort comes in strange packages these days, yes?

Nicely said. Big picture. Small picture.

Actually, Earth would probably do quite well without us "humans"--especially as we seem to be today.

They say we are still alive as long as there are people on this earth who remember us. For those of us who did not achieve immortality (for the right - *Newton, Aristotle- or wrong*- Hitler, Caligula- reasons), there is still a little hope for making a difference while we watch and participate in this dramedy we call life.

Melissa, I share your hope that "humans will eventually coexist with each other and with nature. "

As I read this it does evoke so many thoughts. The past, where I am now, and what the future holds. I'd like to think I've made a difference but not quite sure but I do believe I will be missed. I'm 71 and I still work part time. I work with a young staff and I think I will put this on the wall with the hope they will have something to think about. Thank you

This is very well written.
I fell in love with the last but one paragraph-made excellent sense.
The piece on time is indeed timely.
Thank you,Melissa.

Us humans (among many other sentient beings) are but an eye-blink on the Blue Marble...may be have the good sense to cherish our time and relationships while we are here and look forward with curiosity to what comes next...

Well said Melissa. I too wish that we may achieve a peaceable kingdom among humans one day. Perhaps we are on that path.

I read your story just after reading Ronni's post today announcing Darlene Costner's death. The video of the two minute overview of the history of the earth went very well with your words. An interesting case of synchronicity.

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