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Enough With Crazy Politicians

It has been going on for so long that it is hard now to remember what life was like before we had so many crazy politicians.

How about, just for the length of this blog post, we all try to rewind our mindset to a time past when politicians (with a few notable exceptions) mostly dealt in ordinary graft that could be reprehensible but not dangerous or life-threatening to people and our nation.

So-called leaders like that believe only that they deserve a bit more than the rest of us and take advantage of their positions to get it, but they aren't crazy. Now we live with daily crazy. Just this week:

The Black Lives Matter protests in Portland, Oregon, following the killing of George Floyd had dwindled to fewer than about 50 people in the streets near the federal courthouse when the president – the crazy-in-chief - sent in paramilitary soldiers to quell what he calls “riots.”

Those unidentified troops have snatched protesters off the street or bombarded them with pepper spray, flash bangs, tear gas and more until the number of protesters swelled again to thousands each night. CRAZY

Hydroxychloroquine as both a preventive and treatment for coronavirus is back again this week. Several members of the Trump family, including the president, have promoted the video of a Houston physician, Stella Imannuel, who says she has cured hundreds of people with the drug.

She also says that women can become pregnant by having sex with demons in their dreams, that doctors create medicines from alien DNA and that doctors are also working on a vaccine to make people immune to becoming religious. Trump tweeted the video promoting her beliefs. CRAZY

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine on Wednesday asked the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy to rescind its plan to ban hydroxychloroquine saying the choice should be between patient and doctor. CRAZY

When Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) tested positive for coronavirus this week, he said he could have contracted as a result of wearing a mask. CRAZY

In an attack on mail-in ballots, Trump suggested that the November election be delayed to avoid massive fraud thereby asking the people to forget that A: he does not have the authority to do that, Congress does and B: more than 20 states already have versions of vote by mail and anyway, it is up to individual states to determine how their citizens vote. CRAZY

Stating that many people think it is fake news, Trump said he did not discuss, in a recent telephone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the issue of Russia offering bounties to those who kill American soldiers. CRAZY (and traitorous)

If you are anything like me, that little list – as awful as it is - doesn't seem to be enough to get exercised about because it is only one week's worth and we know how much overall craziness I have omitted.

But I think we are wrong about that. Instead, I suspect we are no longer capable of returning our minds to that time when politics in Washington was not crazy.

We have forgotten what it was like when we saw the president on television once or twice a week if he was introducing a visiting foreign dignitary, perhaps, or signing a bill in the Rose Garden or on rare occasions, speaking to us of important matters from the Oval Office.

Now for nearly four years we have been living with a vulgar manchild overflowing with grievances for perceived slights. Every day. Have you ever seen him laugh, genuinely laugh in enjoyment of anything? Of course not. He feels only anger and resentment.

There is one more group of American crazies, millions of them. The people, like some Congress members, who refuse to wear a mask.

Some have been known to spit on store employees who ask them to mask up, some believe not wearing a mask is a macho political statement and some even think there is no such thing as the virus. CRAZY Not to mention, stupid.

Make no mistake: people who refuse to wear masks are killing people. That's not hyperbole or fake news. it is fact.

Yes, yes, yes. I know we are not supposed to say such things aloud but I have no reason to care anymore what people think so here goes: anyone who refuses to wear a mask and to maintain distancing deserves to die. I have no sympathy beyond those who may mourn them.

There is way too much crazy and too much crazy-stupid in this country. It has infected millions of Americans but it starts at the top.

This is not a Republican versus Democrat matter. It is about saving lives and our sanity. Whatever else Joe Biden may be, he is not crazy. Trump and his enablers are.


Wow, Oh Wow, Oh Wow!! I agree with everything you have written. I also feel like you are "preaching to the choir." It's OK to do that because this "choir" understands how dangerous the Cheeto-in-chief is. Never have I feared so much for our country. I'm afraid he won't go quietly, and if he doesn't, what then?

As I watched and listened to the opening segments of Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon last night, I was saddened to realize that the people who need to hear their messages do not watch CNN. We will never change Herr Cheeto's base, unfortunately, but hopefully the rest of the electorate is so disgusted with what has been happening for the last four years, they will vote for Biden, no matter what they may they think of his potential. My feeling is this: vote, and if you have to, say to yourself, "Anyone but Trump," but please vote.

AMEN, sister! (Sorry but that kept shouting thru my head while reading this!) Yesterday during John Lewis funeral, when President Bush was delivering his part of the eulogy, I sat here & thought "Wait was there really a time when I despised this man?" My God I pray that Trump & his enablers get what's coming to 'em!

You are right on every count. I stand right beside you. This is the craziest time in my lifetime, and I hope it is a one-off, never to be seen again.

As for Trump, people must go VOTE. I am shouting from the rooftops. It will be the only way he can be defeated, a massive turnout at the polls (or the mailboxes) that vote for the "other guy." Heck, I'd even take Ronald Reagan now and I detested that man.

Right on Ronni!

Thank you for this! Well said.

Not one to mince words here, thank you!
Wonder how Politically Correct it would be to share with everyone... Have a healing weekend. I met a man years ago, he was a Social Worker turned Director of a Nursing Home back in the late 60's, he said to get out the "words" like you just did, just let loose, and let it out. Wishing you a weekend with comfort, and love, m

Totally agree with you, Ronni.
Bravo !

Yes, we need a massive voter turnout at the polls or early in the mail as he is even trying to destroy the USPS. So unimaginable and yet here we are.

I have come to strongly believe that 90% of Trump's crazy declarations are to further his goal of distracting us from the really horrible things he is doing. Every time there is a demon-semen video or a call to postpone the election or similar shocking news - look closely. Something else is taking place. Something bad.

We are living through a sci-fi hell every damn day. Alien abduction, anyone?

As usual Ronni, well said. Right to the point.

Thank you

Sadly, you are 100% right. Our president is the most broken person I've ever witnessed. I now think that, if we are able, we should fill out our vote by mail ballot, and then deliver it to the polling place. Some have metal receptacles that kind of look like mail boxes for this purpose.

Way to take the gloves off, Ronni! Crazy is not the only word for this period! Obama's remarks yesterday were also on target.

Those of us who do not live in the Unsettling States of America remember the halcyon days when the only crazy American we might hear was Russ Limburger or whatever his name was. It is time you all help to again make America that great.
Who knew that draining the swamp would give free rein (and reign) to so many swamp creatures.
We are keeping you in our thoughts, Ronni. We appreciate your wise words and if our thoughts can support you, you will live to see the dawn of a new era.

I work in an office with 6-8 men rotating thru - all refuse to wear a mask. Well, there's one, but he will only put it on when his Uber driver arrives to take him to the airport every Friday afternoon. I wear one daily (and the only gal in here) and the mask-shaming was intense until I told them they all sound like idiots. Yes, they are all T-rumpers. I'm too old too look for another job, one probably doesn't exist anyway.

My husband's nieces are having what I call Covid Parties shortly- one for "high school graduation" and one large wedding. I am on everyone's shit list for refusing to attend either in person.

Too bad; I won't be laughing but I hope I'm the last one standing.

I'm getting more isolated by the day.

While I enjoyed the comic relief provided by "I might have sucked-in some of the virus" Rep. Gohmert and Trump's new favorite doctor there are far too many mainstream politicians who still refuse to acknowledge mask wearing and social distancing as a factor in fighting the spread of Civid-19. Those lawmakers, and their constituents who continue to support the President may be more dangerous than the obviously wacky ones.

Yes, Ronni!

My nephew (a lawyer in Dallas) told me his partner at the firm sent a photo of a sandwich board outside a DC law firm, which read, "If you believe that wearing a mask violates your Constitutional rights, come in for a free consultation with one of our lawyers. They will tell you that you are a f-ing idiot."

AGREE on every point !!!

Yes. Yes. Yes, Ronni.

What is wrong with people? Too much screen time? All that fluoride in the water? Since when did denial of reality become a political stance?

Metaphorically speaking, I am walking around with my mouth hanging open all the times these days.

Yes, a thousand times yes! Thank you for putting this in words Ronnie. I appreciate you and your wisdom. Crazy abounds in the White House right now.

Perfectly said!

I'm joining the amen choir here. And I'll add that this is a do-or-die election coming up and we all have to do what we can to made sure Trump doesn't get four more years. I live in a Red part of the state and support for him is very strong and very vocal. I'm so afraid he's going to get re-elected and if he doesn't he won't allow for a peaceful transfer of power which will drastically weaken our democracy. He's already setting the table for that with his crazy talk about mail-in voting being full of fraud. As hard as it is, we all have to use our voices to do what we can, where we can, when we can.

Crazy seems like too mild a word for what has been going on. I feel like when Trump was elected the lunatic fringe moved into the center of power and started trying to shove their ideas down people's throats through whatever nefarious means they could come up with. The worst part is that they have no shame; even when their corruption is exposed, they don't apologize, they double down on it. Nov. 3 can't come fast enough. I hope every eligible voter will be able to cast a ballot and that no one stays home out of apathy. Most important election of all our lifetimes!!!

I fear it maybe too late. The craziness and stupidity have become so entrenched and the latest of delaying the election, I fear could happen.

I don’t know if humans are beginning to de-evolve or if there is some kind of brain chemistry that has gone wrong in these people due to some virus or microscopic entity or something in some foods we eat...but something is amiss. I’m very serious here. Something has gone wrong with the brains of about 40%of the public or did we just not see it before...

You nailed it, Ronni. Every damn point. I hope the country survives through January. Then the real work begins, to undo and repair all the harm done in the last 4 years, and reinventing the democratic foundations that were so undermined by disaffection and systemic unfairness that we ended up here in the first place.
I won't repeat all the wisdom of prior comments.
What you said is a better expression of what I was feeling after watching John Lewis's funeral yesterday. Hearing Barack Obama speak reminded me of what it was like when we had a president who could speak coherently - and had ideas, real ideas, worth speaking.

You may not pop up on FB but you will with this one I just put there. Right you are, well said!

For months, I have been unable to post because my computer/system would not respond when I clicked "post." Strangely, it has recovered. Maybe the ghost in my computer got so pissed at the world, at Trump & Barr, etc., that it rose up from its supine position.

Anyway, I agree with all the above and am happy to be back!

And Ronni, on another point, I join with the group in thanking you so very much for what you have created here, for your candor, for all you've shared with us. We will so miss you!
Not to mention the loss of Crabby Old Lady!

Thanks for this, Ronni. Everything you felt and wrote resonated with me so much! What a fantastic writer you are. Last night, I finished reading the book, "Thanks, Obama", written by David Litt--one of Obama's speechwriters. It's an insider's view of our former President and his two terms in the White House. Such a bitter-sweet reminder of when we had an intelligent, caring leader who was respected globally. And who wanted to achieve things to make our lives better. And how the Republican-dominated Senate did everything they could to block any bills that would benefit every-day Americans who were not super-rich. Once upon a time we had a literate, ethical and true public servant to represent us. Why does it seems so long ago? And will we have, once more, a President whose values and ethics we can respect?? Oh my Lord, I sure do hope so! Let's do everything in our power to Make America Sane Again...

I am with you all the way on this Ronni. I think we could add some adjectives to crazy – like dangerous, treasonous, and maleficent. I just went to Kroger to pick up some fruits. There is a large sign saying “Masks required.” As I came to the door a 40 something woman came too, without a mask. I said “Mask?” she replied “exemption!” and waltzed inside. Two more 20 something, very healthy looking, without masks, said to me, giggling “exemption, too!” No one inside Kroger stopped them or asked questions. No wonder Nashville is in the red zone now.

My voting address is still in Atlanta. I requested an absentee ballot since I am in Nashville. But if the ballot does not come in time, I’ll for sure drive the 9+ hour round trip to Atlanta to vote. Every vote counts. This madness has to stop.

Watching the funeral yesterday I found myself wondering whether the supreme leader will attend the funeral of Herman Cain who basically laid down his life for his master. Now I never liked Cain but I feel somewhat sorry that he was so taken in by his master as to attend that dangerous Tulsa rally where masks were not worn.
How did we get on such a wrong track here?

I wish I could say something more intelligent than what is already written, but I can't.

Thank you, Ronnie for always stating your truth (mine too) in such a simple straightforward way. I totally agree with everything you said!

I wonder if Trump is laughing at his supporters, who are his fans even though he "could shoot somebody and wouldn't lose any voters". Even though he gave an international platform to a "doctor" whose beliefs seem crazy, literally crazy. This power-mad despot seems to have hypnotized his adoring supporters. He knows it, and is seized by an inflated ego that seems to know no bounds.

Thank you Ronni for saying what all of us feel. In addition I feel depression after waking up to a new atrocity every day! When I think that it can't get worse, it does!
To Misadventures of Widowhood, first we have to survive the next 3 months. Do not fear transition. The incompetents could not even manage that traditional passage from one administration to the next. VP Biden has WH experience & would appoint QUALIFIED Experienced personnel who could step right in. Their task is huge, to repair the mountain of destruction spewed by the SWAMP. Stay safe & have hope!

My niece is an RN on a covid floor in a Chicago hospital. She has an 11-month old baby. She risks her life to take care of people who have no regard for others. What is wrong with them?

Totally agree, Ronni and others! We must VOTE as if our lives depended on it--because they do. Literally. The would-be Orange Emperor of tRumpistan must be sent packing by a vote so overwhelmingly against him that even he will have to accept it.

Not much to add to all the brilliant comments of today.

It's difficult to even think of all the craziness on a daily basis from Trump. I fear we're all becoming immune to it because every day there's some new outrageous comment or idea. The fact remains that 1,000 people have died daily in the last 3 days from the virus that shows no signs of slowing.

Having said that, I was truly inspired by the funeral service for John Lewis yesterday, especially by Barack Obama. He's such a wonderful orator (when Trump can't speak even one cogent sentence). I hope he inspired the next generation to follow John Lewis's example and his own. It's no longer our fight, except to make sure we all vote!!!!

If it wasn't so dangerous, I too would take to the streets!! I love the "Moms" who have gone out to support and protect the protesters.

This too shall pass???? I sure hope so!

Cindy makes an excellent point--"whether the supreme leader will attend the funeral of Herman Cain who basically laid down his life for his master."

We will have to wait, watch and see.

After I read your post-totally agreeing with it I read this quote from Clarence Darrow in a Nobel I’m reading.
“I have never killed a man, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.”

Herman Cain comes to mind.

If we look closely and pay attention it is possible to somewhat understand some of them.
After Ruby Ridge, Waco and then Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing of the federal building many Trumpers came together politically and with a huge hatred of the federal government. So they were primed and ready when Trump came along.
They fear immigration, thinking as the Latino population grows they will come after white people.
I lived out on the Columbia River in eastern Oregon, tiny rural towns, and gathered these thoughts from the people who have lived out there all their lives.
They are so proud of Trump and I get the sense that they will do anything for him. They’ve wanted war with the feds for quite some time now and they see Trump as getting rid of the elite and law enforcement who they feel has mistreated them for years. Much like American African Americans, they believe the country has been prejudiced toward them and sadly, Hillary played right into that sense of prejudice when she referred to them as Deplorables.
Looking at it from their POV it is easy to understand their anger toward the elite and academia. When they see us getting so freaked out over lack of masks and social distancing, I believe they take a peculiar pleasure in our fear.
And also they genuinely believe the CoronaVirus is a hoax.
I believe we got Trump because of how America is so focused on money. This greed has created a culture that is more concerned with the market than with people.
We now look at BLM and some want to facilitate change for the better but who wants to make things better for the poor and uneducated?

Amen Sistah! And what is so sad and frightening is that what you wrote is only a week's worth of crazy. And to those who don't want Biden to be President, I count myself among you. But, as someone else pointed out, voting is not marriage, but transportation. And Biden will get us away from Trump. And that is critical. It is also critical that the Republican Party, as presently constituted, must be defeated. They have enabled Trump and what they have wrought paved the way for Trump in the first place.

I'm about to give up on Americans . I think we've been told way too many times that Americans are special. Americans are Number One. We can do what we damn please.

Living in Berkeley, CA, I have been impressed by the respectfulness of the mask-wearing, gratitude-expressing, concerned citizens with who I am in (physically distanced or virtual) contact. I’m no5 gloating, just noting that there’s no reason to give up on our nation just yet.

I think we are being very selfish. Yes, our country has problems. But other countries are even worse off. We at least have a president who is an expert in virtually every aspect of human affairs. And as far as I know he is independently wealthy so has little need for income. Shouldn’t we be offering his services to other less fortunate countries? Can’t we start a registry where interested countries can sign up for a free term of his leadership? Or perhaps even create a country of his own? Perhaps the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea could be his to rule as he sees fit. Develop its economy to rival any in the world. Create a country that would be the envy of all. Our loss of course but I think we could endure his absence somehow. Anyway. Just a thought. But I don’t have the internet presence or reach to get this idea launched. Please feel free to promote this idea in anyway you like.

Agree with all that's been said.
I am a proud american, but truly worried that if he's reelected , we will only see the continuance of his tyranny and as Rome fell so will we.

P.S. I watch as much as I can stand on t v, try to be informed but here I find the most intelligent, writers and comments anywhere.
Thanks, Ronni

Thank you for getting right to the point. No fluff, just facts.

Trump is no doubt a “malignant buffoon” (George Will) but for damage done to our country, he has some competitors. Reagan’s detestable attitude toward government (“it IS the problem”) started us on the path toward destruction of the social democracy we had been building since FDR. And I could never give Bush 2 a pass. For starters, he chose the evil Dick Cheney as his Veep and appointed Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court. His minions did considerable damage to our environmental laws (who could forget Katrina?) and they went as far as they could toward privatizing Social Security.

Bush launched the so-called “war on terror” in Afghanistan that continues to this day. I will always hate him for sending troops to invade Iraq on completely false evidence, compromising Colin Powell in the process, and permanently devastating the Middle East. So, although I am solidly behind any effort to unseat Trump, he is not the be-all and end-all of evil doers who are responsible for the downfall of this nation. He is simply the most vulgar and, yes, the craziest occupant of the white house in many years.

Trump not only brought out the crazies, he legitimized them.

Who are the Trumpers? Rubye has some good insight into this from her experience in eastern Oregon. I have in-laws in San Diego who never managed to go to college, stayed near home, came to resent Mexicans and went ballistic when Obama was elected.

I think racism is a big part of Trump's base and that a vote for Trump was often a conscious repudiation of the very idea of a black president. On the other hand, some people who voted for Trump had earlier voted for Obama, which I personally cannot understand.

And this may be a controversial statement, but I worry about Biden being required to chose a black woman as VP -- it will stir up the Trumpian base big time.

Hi Dear Ronni. I may not post often, but I want to assure you that I still follow your posts. Hang in there. Your loyal friend--all politics aside :) John

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