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There are several very old videos in today's post. They qualify as Interesting Stuff to me but aside from cute kittycats which never get old, it feels like fewer items I come across are as clever or creative or interesting as some in the past. Maybe we have reached peak YouTube. Or maybe it's just a lull.


This is one of those old videos – I may have posted it in the distant past and if not, I've certainly seen it before and I had just as good a time watching it again this week as the first time.

The Irish comedian is David Allen, who died in 2005. If you enjoy this, there is a lot more of his comedy on YouTube. Thank TGB reader Mary Evans Young for sending this.


Another TGB reader, Joan McMullen sent this one. Apparently, this kid's father creates special effects for movies and he put together this video of his kid.

There is a whole series of Action Movie Kid videos at YouTube. Just search the name, “action movie kid” for more.


The U.S. federal government has bungled the information on wearing masks so badly for so many months that there are now millions of people who refuse to wear them because hoax, according to the president, endangering every person they come into contact with.

The only tools we have against the coronavirus are masks, distancing and hand washing. If we can't do those three things, I believe we are doomed to millions of deaths.

Through a convoluted trail I cannot now retrace, I found this on the Facebook page of Janet Batchler. I'm pretty sure TGB readers don't need to be reminded to wear masks but I think you'll find this article interesting anyway. Do click over to read the whole thing - it's worth your time.


I'm pretty sure Gary Larson's weird and wonderful The Far Side was my all-time favorite cartoon and I have missed it ever since Larson retired in 1995.

But wait. After 25 years, it's back. In a personal essay about his return, Larson explains that it took a good while to make the transition from hand-drawn cartoons to digital. He writes,

“Believe me, this has been a bit of a learning curve for me. I hail from a world of pen and ink, and suddenly I was feeling like I was sitting at the controls of a 747. (True, I don’t get out much.)

“But as overwhelmed as I was, there was still something familiar there—a sense of adventure. That had always been at the core of what I enjoyed most when I was drawing The Far Side, that sense of exploring, reaching for something, taking some risks, sometimes hitting a home run and sometimes coming up with 'Cow tools.'

“So here goes. I’ve got my coffee, I’ve got this cool gizmo, and I’ve got no deadlines. And—to borrow from Sherlock Holmes—the game is afoot.”

Respecting copyright, I'm not posting a cartoon today. You can go here to see the first three new ones. You can see a selection of original Far Side cartoons here, updated daily.

You can read some interviews with Larson about his return here and here and elsewhere around the web.


Here's another oldie video – an animation from 11 years ago when I may have posted it. It's still a goody.

About the story, the YouTube page tells us that a rookie secret agent is faced with a problem seldom covered in basic training: what to do when a curious pigeon gets trapped inside your multi-million dollar, government-issued nuclear briefcase. It was directed by Lucas Martell of Mighty Coconut.


A case of bubonic plague turned up in China this week. CNN reports,

”Authorities in the Chinese region of Inner Mongolia have closed several tourist spots after a case of bubonic plague was confirmed this week.

“The case was discovered in Bayannur, located northwest of the capital Beijing. Five nearby grassland scenic points have now been closed, with visitors "strictly prohibited from entering the affected area and visiting the surrounding region," according to state-run Xinhua news agency...

Doctors officially diagnosed the case as bubonic plague on Tuesday. The patient is being isolated and treated in hospital, and is in stable condition, Xinhua reported.”

You can read more at The New York Times, the Washington Post, the BBC and elsewhere around the web.


More than once and probably more than twice, I have posted videos of local macaques basking in a Japanese warm spring pond in the middle of winter.

Now there is a new video from Zfrank (ncluding his um, colorful, jokes) with a whole lot of new-to-me good information about these interesting monkeys.


Like I said up front, there are a lot of repeats today, this one from my friend, John Brandt. As he put it in an email, “A gorgeous wedding gift from Russian lovers of American music.” And so it is – a wedding celebration in the middle of winter.

I'm pretty sure I posted this video a long, long time ago. Maybe in 2012 when it was first published at YouTube, and it feels even better now. Just forget all our troubles in the world for a few minutes and enjoy.

* * *

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Lovely to see happy people, and to see happy Russians.
Thank you

Oh, what joy you brought us this morning! Thank you!

Side note: bubonic plague rears its ugly head periodically in the Southwest USA.

Thank you so much for today’s, and every day’s, posts. You are one special and much appreciated human being.

Larson is back! Now if Bill Watterson would somehow decide to resume Calvin & Hobbes(C&H), my life would be suh-weet! Thank you for the update, the link to cartoons, and the other videos.

On a side note, Colorado is also having an outbreak of the plague. Now we have to worry about boobs (in the WH) and buboes!

So maybe it's just as well that I'm locked down in my house - plenty of time for me to absorb all the content of my new infatuation, zefrank! Funny guy. And that Facebook post - I would like to plaster it all over town. The Lucas Martell animation was also wonderful. Thanks for another great Saturday selection, Ronni.

Great selection, but. . . no kitties?? SO glad Gary Larson is back.

No tears this Saturday (I get a little emotional from your animal videos), just big smiles from 'Action Movie Kid' & 'Pigeon Impossible'! My god, how funny -AND- clever!!

Thanks Ronni, hope you had a good day.

Im a Gary Larson fan, too! Really liked all this stuff today!

The macaques video was hilarious. And informative!

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