Answers to Your Questions About Medical Aid in Dying Drugs
INTERESTING STUFF – 22 August 2020

The Alex and Ronni Show – 21 August 2020

Any of you looking for a respite from this week's discussion of medical aid in dying will need to find another website today. My former husband, Alex Bennett, and I discussed it again on Wednesday.

There is one followup I want to make today from the questions and answers we did on Wednesday. At the end of that post, in regard to ageing, death and dying, I wrote that the subject should be less a secret in the culture of the United States and more a part of living.

I ended with, “Keep the conversation going.” TGB reader Shirley Thompson used a much better phrase, “Pay it forward.” If you haven't seen the movie of that name from 20 years ago, you can probably surmise what it means.

Here is this week's Alex and Ronni Show reshuffling some of the same thoughts as the two blog posts on Monday and Wednesday.

You can check out Alex's online talk show here.


Wow. The show definitely had a kinder, gentler tone this week, which given the subject matter... anyway, a pretty special ‘Alex & Ronni Show’. I know I’m hiding from the truth saying I look forward to more episodes of you two, but I do.

Ronni, have you read "Being Mortal" by Atul Gawande?

Well, you are about as far from "self-indulgent" as I can imagine. And you ARE - and will continue to be! - very helpful, for so many reasons and so many issues.

Loved being reminded of Faulkner's "I never know what I think until I read what I've written on it". It inspired me, too ... but got misplaced along the way, so thank you for that, too.

Thank you.

You two are magnificent together. I have a hard time imagining why you divorced. I wish these talks could go on forever!

Having the Talk, having the paper work in order for years my Five Wishes, and having you to share all the topics. I got a call from my Age Well Geriatric Physician's office, the Social worker wanted to make sure I'd told my kids what was in the file, as to my wishes. Not a good time to talk or see it for the first time when it's an Emergency situation, (my husband was flown to an ER for Heart Surgery last year, etc) In these Pandemic Covid19 times, even our kids need to have their Living Will in order, The December Project, by Sara Davidson, and A Bittersweet Season by Jane Gross both also good. My Dad was good about this, my Mom not so much. Dialog

As I'm listening to you and Alex, I found your 8/12/19 "Man Plans and God Laughs" as part two today, you had said the cost is between $3,000 and $4,999 and doubted if Medicare Part D pays, a privilege to those with the funds. ('maybe Medicare would be happy)
Glad you want to last through the election, m

On the Alzheimer's, my Mother in law, collected her pills, and never used them in those early stages of the disease. Later, she forgot, it didn't work. and she should have written out how quality of life was more important than living not knowing anyone, and being fed etc. I loved her so much and it was a difficult 12 years.

Ah, Ronni, your smile and your laughter are delightful! I am so glad that you are still able to do both! I agree with Doug that this was a special 'A&R Show'!

Ronni, thank you for using my suggestion of "Pay it forward". There are many good qualities which we humans have which would benefit us to pay them forward. I saw the movie when it first came out, and its simple message remains with me today.

As always, thank you for all YOU do to help us.

Well, Ronni, you are definitely not "just talking to myself," no way. Somehow, your talking about your experience, bringing it to light, is a big help to all of us. Not that our experience will be just the same, it won't. But hearing, thinking, talking about it, it just loosens it all up a little, it makes the whole topic more acceptable. And yes to your watching how you react, your curiosity. I'm always saying thank you, but I mean it, thank you.

Perhaps, Ronni, you have answered this question, and I have missed it so I apologize if I am repeating something already asked and answered. Do your death drugs have an expiration date as so many of our compounds seem to have, and, if so, and you don't use them before their expiration date, can you get a refill? I hope this doesn't sound crass.

I was a little late getting to this episode of "Alex and Ronni." I loved it.. Such a sweet and tender time of life,Ronni. I truly appreciated your discussion of noticing how you react--so vivid and meaningful.

Thank you.


Thank you Ronni and Alex for sharing this too-rare conversation about what it's really like to approach one's death. Forever grateful to both of you.

Always look forward to your chats with Alex.

Stay with us as long as possible, Ronni.

We're with you all the way.

Your Montreal Fan

I totally understand your whys of controlling when you decide you want to depart. You are fortunate to live in a state that supports this choice. I'm going to throw this in the conversation. My husband committed suicide by his own hand after many years of depression etc. I was shocked and not pleasant to witness. How is your choice not considered a form of suicide? Imagine cause the laws in your state allow it.

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