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Wow – Happy 95 Years, Millie Garfield

Okay, Millie's birthday is not until tomorrow, 18 August, but why not celebrate early and long. It's not everyone who gets to have this birthday so we should celebrate a lot.


I've known Millie almost as long as we have both been blogging which is going on 20 years.

We've even met in person which doesn't get to happen often with so many of our internet friends. Our friendship all this time has meant everything to me. We live on opposite coasts now so we keep in touch by telephone.

For many years, Millie wrote My Mom's Blog - her son Steve set it up in 2003, (hence the name) – one year ahead of me. I just found out from her blog that according to The Ageless Project, she is the world's fourth oldest blogger.

For a long time, she gained fame for her video feature, I Can't Open It. Here is one of them with a BIG container of animal crackers. The other voice you hear is her son, Steve, who is running the camera.

Back in April during the earliest days of the pandemic lockdown, Steve invited me to a Zoom meeting with Millie on the top left, Steve to her right, me in the middle row and few other people. Here's a screenshot:

ASK MILLIE Zoom Meeting

Millie and Steve keep in touch via video calls and these days Millie can be found on her Facebook page more than her blog. For her birthday this year, she is holding a fundraiser for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

”I've chosen this nonprofit,” writes Millie, “because their mission means a lot to me, and I hope you'll consider contributing as a way to celebrate with me.”

You can get further information and do that if you wish on Millie's Facebook page.

For many years, we have played a silly, little game here on Millie's birthday. I add her age (95 this year) and my age (79) which, this year, gets us to 173.

Now you get add your age to the total, add it up and post it in the comments. Then the next reader can add his/her age and so on to see how high we can get the number of years we have collectively lived.

Of course, because comments pass in the ether the total is never really quite correct but that's part of the fun and it's close enough.

Meanwhile, let's all sing Happy Birthday to Millie and her amazing 95 years. I love you, Millie.




Happy Birthday Millie! Best wishes for another great year!



483, until next Sun. when I turn 78



641 Happy Birthday!!!!

710 Happy Birthday

769 Happy Birthday MILLIE!!! :-)

Happy Birthday, Millie.
710+77=787 Wow.

Happy natal day Millie! Enjoy your special day, you are special to so many!

798 Happy Birthday

794 Happy Birthday Millie . I love your Boston accent. And what a fun game!

you look great !

934 happy birthday!

835 What fun!! Happy Birthday Millie!!

1013. I think.

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday, Millie!

1140 + 77 = 1217

Way to go, Millie!

Happy Happy Birthday🎉🎂💐 1291 years


Yay, Millie!

1349! Happy Birthday, Millie! Keep on truckin’.

Hi Millie, I will be 95 in November (if nothing goes wrong).
Have a great day. One thing about being this age is that I have no contemporaries anymore.
Enjoy your birthday!

All good wishes to you, Millie, on your 95th birthday. Have a wonderful day!


Happy Bithday, Millie!

Happy Birthday, Millie! Best wishes for a wonderful year!

Ah, math even I can do! 1774
Happy Birthday, Millie, and Best Wishes for many happy and healthy years ahead!

Happy birthday Millie!!

244 - Happy birthday, Millie! Animal crackers in your soup!

2114 Happy Birthday, Millie!🌻

2114 + 75 = 2189

Happy birthday Millie!

2114 + 76 (today) 2190
Happy Birthday Millie. I hope you don't mind but I'm sharing your birthday vid card for my birthday today.
Long may we prosper!


Happy birthday, Millie!

Happy Birthday, Millie!!!

Happy Birthday , Millie.

2343 cause I turn 80 in just a few months. Happy Birthday Millie.

You represent the epitome of the phrase I end my emails with:

"Try not. Do or do not...there is no try!"

Thanks to all of you special people for your good wishes. Many happy and healthy days ahead for you too! Hugs to all!

2413 - Happy birthday Millie!
Carla from the UK

2423 but in Oct. I'd have to add a 1. Best birthday ever. Don't I see your coloring on FB Millie?

2494 and Happy Birthday, Millie!

2577. Happy B'Day, Millie.

2577 + 76 = 2653 !

Happy Birthday, Millie 🎂

2719 !!!!

Happy Birthday Millie :)

2719 + 77 = 2796 !

Happy Birthday, Millie, from Barbara in Arkansas

2796 + 73 = 2869
Happy Birthday Millie, from Adelaide, Australia

2869 + 70 = 2939

Happy Birthday Millie!
From Mesa, Arizona

Happy Birthday Millie!


Happy birthday Millie

Love from Amsterdam

Happy Birthday Millie.

I think of her and smile every time I can't open something. Which seems to be happening more often... Happy Birthday Millie!



3110 + 69 = 3179
Feliz cumpleaños!
Bon anniversaire!
መልካም ልደት
Maligayang kaarawan

Buon Compleanno, Meravigliosa Millie!
3179+68 = 3247


Happy Birthday, Millie!!

3301 + 79 = 3380

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