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INTERESTING STUFF – 12 September 2020

Blog Housekeeping: What's Not Allowed Here

Several readers have asked how I am doing in regard to the Oregon wildfires. Short answer? I'm freaking out.

Longer answer: The air here is awful and the sky is some ugly color for which there is no name.

In Lake Oswego, we are at a level 1 evacuation order which is the lowest and means pack up while you've got the time. (Level 2 means to pack up and be ready to leave at a moment's notice. Level 3 is leave now, no foolin' around.)

Did I mention I'm freaking out? Well, as much as a person who can't climb a single flight of stairs without stopping three times to catch her breath can freak out.

I'm half packed and as soon as I finish this blog note I'll get back to it. My wonderful neighbor Judy will drive and she has it all planned about where we will go. There is no expressing how grateful I am to her.

Here is the thing – if I had any doubts, I know for sure that I am old now and big surprises all but paralyze me. Yesterday, Judy dropped off a list of what to pack in such a situation as ours that she had printed off the internet and she did it just when I was trying to sort out that particular question.

I perfectly well know how to search the internet for such information. I've been doing that every day for 40 years. But while I dithered yesterday before she arrived, it hadn't occurred to me. I consider that the sign that I am officially old now in every way, dependent on others to think for me - at least in new situations.

Have I mentioned that I am freaked out? If my home burns down, I have nowhere to go. Worse, my mind simply will not pay attention to that question. Just call me Scarlett O'Hara on this point.

* * *

Am I really expected to tolerate a certain type of Christian who feels entitled to publicly hector, lecture and threaten with damnation everyone who does not believe in his or her god?

I think not.

Before I go further, let me congratulate the TGB readers who either responded with restraint to or ignored the recent comment intruder spewing irate Bible talk at what she perceives as heresy. You did better than I would have, or will today.

What is it about some kinds of Christians? You know the type: they are always angry, usually snide and seem eager for those who do not toe their particular line of religiosity to roast in hell.

They talk a lot about love but show not an iota of it to those who believe differently from them.

This one, Sue by name, jumped in on 2 September's story about Canada's ruling on psylocybin use, advocating scripture instead of mushrooms because “psycho-drugs are known to open portals - that need to stay shut.”

Oh lordy, look out for those open portals because – what? Monsters will crawl out? That is what she implied in a response that same day to Celia Andrews, some nonsense about “the use of these to open the third eye portal? Yikes.”

What is in that portal, do you think, that is so terrible and why don't those of us who have used psychedelics know what it is or been dragged down into the primordial swamp?

Sue had something to say, too, on Tuesday's Reader Story by Carole Leskin about faith in a time of horrific, worldwide upheaval.

I had argued with myself about publishing it. There have been troubles with a few religious comment trolls here in the past and I have always had to shut them down.

But Carole's story is not overtly religious, she does not solicit belief in whatever her god is and leaves plenty of room for non-believers or other-believers to think about faith without defining it by her values.

Nevertheless, there was Sue:

”Faith. And i thought there'd be atleast a phrase about whatever happens, the Lord is sovereign and or something along the lines that it's the grace of the Lord Jesus that's getting me through the drama. Shoulda realized the posts would be all about (temporal) salvation by ones own works.”

Besides being offensive, Sue appears to be unaware there are other definitions of faith beyond the religious.

On Wednesday's post about the two lovely children's books, Sue was back to warning of the godly wrath to be rained down upon anyone who does not believe in Jesus.

And with that, Time Goes By is done with Sue. Without notice or recourse, she has been permanently banned.

It makes no difference to me what religious beliefs people hold as long as they do not impinge on anyone else's freedoms and in the case of this blog, they do not disrupt the conversation.

You see, the thing about Time Goes By is that there is a great, good group of smart, interesting, knowledgeable people who take the time and make the effort to comment on the day's topic with original thoughts and ideas that I always look forward to reading.

So I'll be damned (yes, I chose that word purposefully) if I'll let a disruptive, little pissant spew her religious venom. That's not allowed here.


I have been reading your blog for many years and have never commented, but I have to thank you for blocking Sue. We don't need her hate on here. Carol

Good for you! I don't need those rants in my life either, so glad you shut her down.

As usual well said thank you

I don't even bother reading Jesus freaks. Stopped wasting my time and brain on them back in the '60's. B

Thank you, Ronni!!!! My sentiments exactly.

hahahaha loved it!

Haha! I'm sitting outside letting the dogs doing their morning thing, under a very smoky, dismal, almost-apocalyptic LA sky. Chuckled all the way through my coffee (with some head-shaking.). Thank you Ronni!! I was almost going to say "Bless you!" for giving me my morning laugh, but this Jewish gal is a li'l bit afraid of getting trolled. ;)

If only the rest of life worked this way...loved it!

Well done Ronni. Self righteous bible thumpers need to stay within their own boundaries. They spew negativity and hate if anyone isn't in lockstep with them. Bye Sue.

I so much enjoy your thoughts and your guts. I only comment occasionally but I must say that today my admiration for you is over-the-top.
Thank you for standing up to this type of Christian bullying.

You go girl or lady or friend. You certainly have my thanks and agreement in full. So sad how a loving God can be so vengeant, isn't it. Any type of god would likely be otherwise.

Amen!!! ;-)

When I see religious zealots like Sue, I always want to throw back at them one of their favorite expressions: "What would Jesus do (think/say)?" Because although I no longer consider myself a Christian, I was raised in that faith, and my impression of Jesus is that he was totally inclusive and respectful of others not like himself.

Once more, Ronni, you have demonstrated that you possess an abundance of brains, thoughtfulness, patience, and humor. You did great - congratulations! Love trumps hate.

I know, I know. I'm making a leap from "hate" to "evil" when I quote Mammy Yokum: "Good is better than evil because it's nicer!"

Thank you. Those kinds of people give Christianity a bad name. I've had 3 people where I live attack me because I'm a Unitarian. All men who supposedly follow Christ. They say they're doing it to help me get to heaven, which requires believing in hell. Good grief!

DITTO, Ronni!!!! Examples of Christians? A pastor here in Sanford, ME who is responsible for members of his church coming down w/ Covid-19. How about Jerry Fallwell, Jr., his wife, and "the poolboy?" I can name quite a few. I moved down to Florida years ago and lasted nine months after meeting too many born again Christians. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting only one true Christian who was my father's next door neighbor and was the most wonderful human being and example of what I thought a Christian should be. Unfortunately, most of them are pretty awful people. I'm so glad you vented today. Stay well as can be and chipper - despite it all. Hugs.

I love ‘Time Goes By’, and this morning’s post is such a good example why! “Give a person an inch and they’ll take a mile”.... you blew it, Sue.

Commenting on Sue and her ilk is a waste of time. Besides, you took care of it quite well.

I’m more concerned about the fires. They seem to be very close to where you live. Are they? I hope you are and feel safe. I was worried about you yesterday...and was glad to hear from you today!


Well done! And with your usual spot-on attitude and forethought! She will not be missed, but we will be a bit adrift when we no longer have your posts to remind us what love is all about! In the meantime, carry on--you are a bright spot in every day!

Evangelical Christian Radical Islamic Muslim la même chose

I am a Christian, but we are to lead by example, not by being judgmental and shoving it down others' throats. Sue certainly did not fit my idea of "example" by turning everyone off. Thank you, Ronni, for shutting her off.

Would you take a new position as deleter in charge of the president's twitter, please?

Thank you, well said!

Well put. Beginning to end. Thank you.

Bravo Ronni!

I was going to post a comment, but I have a very short fuse when dealing with people like Sue, so deleted it. Thank you Ronni for dealing with her, so we don't have to.

One of my very early influencers, G.K.Chesterton, put it this way: “Christianity has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult and not tried.” Oh, and this too: "The Bible tells us to love our neighbors, and also to love our enemies; probably because they are generally the same people." I consider myself a walked-away-Catholic-semi-proto-Christian-somewhat-Buddhist-wannabe-Jewish-orthodox-Druid-agnostic-whatever. (Today.) Thanks for clearing the space here in the sunlight.

Your blog, your rules! Appreciate you taking care of this. Grateful to have one forum where we aren't forced to read through the judgmental lectures. THANK YOU!!!

RONNIE. I apologize for intruding in this comment thread with my grave concerns since reading minutes ago in the NYT. If possible, please let us know how this horrifying news affects you, in Oregon.

"Wildfires Live Updates: 500,000 Under Evacuation Orders in Oregon
The mayor of Portland declared a state of emergency as fires burned toward the city. California and Washington State are battling growing fires, too...."

Hearts and laughter to Ronni and all of you/us!
I especially agree with Cop Car's 1st paragraph.

A closed mind is just closed, whether it's wrapped up in religiosity or politics or any other issue.

I heard Ricky Gervais, who claims atheism, (youtube) say to Steven Colbert, Christian, this paraphrased comment: There are about 3000 gods being followed around the world. So, you believe in 1 god but not in about 2999 others.
I only don't believe in one more than you don't believe in.
Found this somewhat profound and funny.

Thank you, Ronni. for so many things: today it's for walking your talk, again.

Yes to blocking intolerant rants. They're tiresome and unpleasant. Someone can tell what they believe, that they believe differently can be very interesting, but to try to play the shame card is unacceptable. Mother Meera had followers from many faiths. When asked how she dealt with that she simply responded, "All rivers lead to the same ocean."

There are a lot of reasons I admire you (and read this Blog) but one paragraph in the piece on faith is imprinted on my soul and posted on my board. "Faith is purpose. Faith is potential. Faith is possibility." When you think about it like that, it doesn't seem so obscure. Thank you.

I have always been both amused at the idea that a religion must be true because you just happen to have born into it or, in infinitely fewer cases, chose it (for whatever reason).
Sue identifies as a Christian because she was born a Christian (most likely in a Christian country).
Abdul believes there is no God but Allah because his parents were Muslim and so is he.
Chaim believes God "chose" the Jews because he was born into a Jewish family.
That's it.
Any one of us might choose a different religion if born to different parents or in a different region of the world.
Your particular faith is an accident of birth.
What is not an accident is how you behave as a person. What Christians call the Golden Rule ("do unto others as you would have them do unto you”) and which has almost identical iterations in every other faith is all that matters.
And, yes, I also apply this logic (such as it is) to nationality.
I'm American because my ancestors were born here (or immigrated).
I think this is the "greatest country in the world" (at leased I used to think so) because I happen to live here and was taught (indoctrinated) that it is.
We all need to stop believing that just because something is true for us it is true for everyone.

PS. I am a Methodist. I'm willing to bet I wouldn't be one if I had been born in Japan or Israel or Iran.

"Keyboard crackpots" seem to be sprouting up even more these days, probably because that's their only form of socializing now that no-one wants to actually be in the same room with them.
You do not need to tolerate them - in person OR online.

Excellent post, Ronnie and others. Glad to be done with the likes of Sue and others of her ilk. I am a lifelong atheist raised by the same. I try to practice the tolerance that I don't always witness in those that claim they are " Christians. " But, so goes life. All that said, sometimes I catch myself thinking just maybe there is something to the story of the Devil especially when I observe Trump in action and all of the lost lives thanks to him. Why oh why does someone like him who deplores eating well and living a healthy life and remains maskless and then does not have a stroke or heart attack or covid? That makes me think maybe I am wrong and the Devil does exist and is maniuplating this entire horror show...oh well...

An element of humor to add to the post.


Re your response to not so sweet sweet Sue - Ronnie, I LOVE you.

I was raised as an Episcopalian and never really believed in God, and certainly not in any of the other tenets of the faith. Now I would consider myself a pantheist.

I wonder what the "Prince of Peace" would have to say about Sue. So many sick people in the world!

You go, Ronni, and get rid of all the slimers in your life!

Reminds me of the famous bumper sticker:

"Dear God, Protect Me From Your Followers!"

What is it about some organized religions that makes people so intolerant? When I was in second grade my mother signed me up for swimming lessons at the YWCA. My Catholic school teacher said I should not take lessons there because "C" in YWCA stood for "Christian" and it was wrong for the YWCA to consider all Christian faiths equal in value. I repeat, it was for SWIMMING LESSONS, not religious instruction- and I went ahead and joined the class.

Good on you Ronni for evicting Sue.

I hope you are tucked safely inside, the AQI in Portland and LO is hideous. All my sisters are in the area too. I'm worried for you all; this is very no good for COPD people or anyone really.
Sending you love and hugs.

To which I can only see, Amen! Sorry, I couldn't resist!

Yay, you!!! You don't need that kind of hatred. It's just so sad that there are people out there with such closed minds and hearts. Love, Kali

As to the's a clear view into a belief system that is very sad, in nature...that humans are inherently dark and bad, and life here requires control over the aspects of our being and psyche that are 'of the devil.' That if we let our god down, evil reigns. (I once had a friend who told me that teaching yoga in elementary school to help kids be more mindful would do the same.) I sat stunned....just wow. Really, I usually just glance over this kind of thing, but in the TGB environment, it stands out, and I appreciate you making note of it. All of this really ties in with the fear and spewing of hatred I so often see outside of party lines...and of course, dems have fear and hate too...just the election igniting the superstitious fears and 'moral' misbegotten outrage that is so prevalent these days.

Bravo Ronni! There is nothing worse than hypocritical believers who think their’s is the only way. When my husband was in hospice one of my friends offered to spell me while I went out to go shopping. Then she said “ What is his relationship with Jesus?”. I declined her offer. She became highly insulted.

I, too, disagree with Sue. But I think simply banning her, perhaps after a private warning, would have been sufficient. A public denunciation and piling on by 40 commenters is no more attractive or acceptable than her comments. (FWIW, I'm an atheist.)

Susan R...

The policy at this blog for trolls of all kinds has always been banning with no recourse and it will not change.

I am a one-woman band here. I do all the writing, all the html, all the photo and image prep, all the thinking up what to write about, all the research and answer all the email. I have no time for people who are hateful.

Thanks Ronni.. she was really getting on my nerves. In this day and age it just seems religion has taken a dark turn into hate and judgementalism.

I am pleased to see so many thoughtful intelligent commenters...makes me feel not so different in my lack of belief. I live in the South where religion of a certain brand is very in your face. Ugh!

I wish there were more people on the planet like you Ronnie.
I've always struggled with judgey, angry, Jesus pushers. I love what I know of Jesus and consider myself a Christian with Buddhist tendencies. I agree with Woody Allen's line from "Hannah And Her Sisters" that if Jesus came back and saw all of those using His name, He'd never stop throwing up.
I believe you have a great deal of strength and Grace. I wish you even more these days.

WOW, guess I missed her comments because I usually read your posts earlier (our time East Coast) and thank you for your comments, your blog, your rules, and in response to Tamar, how are you doing with the fires out in Oregon? And with Mike, we are born into some faiths and Sue may have not ever understood the idea of live and let live. Thank you for the book by Leo Bascaglia on the Leaf, I sent it to my grandkids and kids who just lost their pet dog, Merlin, understanding how life ends and new life begins is so important. Have a good weekend, and may G-d bless all who are reading this, and may we learn to live in peace. This being 9-11 of all days may be learn to live with tolerance as well.

I appreciate that you have not taken the "tolerance" bait and drawn a line against a really nasty set of beliefs that do not reflect the general tenets of Christianity, as I have understood them for over 60 years.


Thank you, dear lady, for your intelligent assessment and decisions about YOUR blog. 

So often you are "singing my song" again. Can you hear me, Ronni? Well, maybe not all the way from smokey Portland ? The nay-saying mask folks are likely rethinking their position here. :-)

Energy is low today but I must say something, as it also reflects back to your post regarding telling a child about death. Do they think a child doesn't notice or feel grief?  Who knows? We are all children at heart when losing someone (even beloved pets) we love.

"Charlotte's Web" is a favorite of mine when talking to a child about losses. Yet, sadly enough,  what I have always thought of as...the "BAD NEWS " churches have spoken  again. This  lovely innocent children's book written by E.B. White was banned in Kansas schools because “talking animals are *blasphemous* and unnatural; passages about the spider dying were also criticized as being “inappropriate subject matter for a children's book. '”

Now, believe it or not, words fail me... but what do I know? I cried when Charlotte died and I was reading it to my 6 y/o daughter.

There are Christians and then there are those who claim Christianity while having no comprehension of what Jesus was about.
They are two very different people.

You go, girl!

I loved all the comments. And this Unitarian needs to go back and enjoy them again... especially that about Mammy Yokum!

You go, girl!! So proud of you and stay safe.

Thank you Ronni!!! I have no patience for people who have such blinders on that they cannot see or, heaven forfend, appreciate diversity in religious/spiritual beliefs. I'm glad you don't either.

Wish there were a "like" button here; I'd have pushed it for lots and lots of the posts today!

Thanks again.

Well done, Ronni! Thank you.

A friend of mine once advised, “Keep the crazymakers out of your life!”

If I sense an invasion of offensiveness or intolerance—always unwelcome—I follow my friend’s wise advice.

In the past I may have tried to deal with it differently, but now I keep it simple!

Thank you dear Ronni, my role model and woman of valor.

Ronni, I am so sorry about your plight with the fires! Fingers crossed that you do NOT have to evacuate and the danger lessens soon. I cannot imagine what it must be like for you just now, you and all those others! Be safe, dear.

Poor, miserable Sue.

Thank goodness for your neighbor and her generosity in looking out for you should you guys have to evaluate. Very scary to watch all those fires from the distance of Michigan I can't imagine what it's like to close enough to have to keep a go-bag ready. Stay Safe!

Thank you!

Thank you Ronni,

I saw Sue's first comment and started the timer for her departure. She lasted longer than I'd tolerate.

Don't come to the south coast. Not many escape routes. We have no idea what direction to go if there is a level 3. Fires to the north, south and east. I can't swim or fly.

Good for you!

Do hope you don't have to evacuate. We have the sun-blocked smoke-filled skies here, northeast of L.A. Am sure our air quality is filled with unhealthy particles we can’t see though the surrounding air appears clear. I’m staying indoors. Air can only get worse here with fires east and west of us though we’re not likely to be in danger.

I pretty much passed over Sue’s comments as I perceived the writings to simply be that of a troll, deliberately designed to stir up controversy, probably having little to do with a person’s sincere beliefs — best dealt with by ignoring as I learned from you early in my blogging life. Unfortunately, some readers took the bait by responding, so the troll succeeded in getting desired attention, altering the blog content’s meaningful focus. Probably banning that troll now is best as you have done.

There are extremists in just about everything and religions are no exception, so I just take their pronouncements as a grain of salt — not representative of the true beliefs of the larger group whatever the denomination — Christian, Jew, Muslim, etc. I object to any group judging me, forcing their beliefs on to me, as i make every effort to avoid doing the same to them in the name of tolerance.

Stay safe!

Good for you in banishing Sue's narrow gauge agenda! There seems to be a kind of fear-driven mentality among many conservative "Christians" that disables them from respecting viewpoints outside of their own.

Oh Ronni I haven't heard piss ant used in years. LOL You go girl...whoops woman.

Do take care now, getting your running shoes on in case.

Y-a-ay, Ronni! I departed religion 63 years ago when I was 20 partly because of people like her, and I've had NO regrets. It never ceases to amaze me that many so-called Christians continue to back the would-be Emperor of tRumpystan, who has violated essentially every religious concept I can think of offhand.

It seems like the entire West Coast is on fire, just as our "leader" weakens environmental regulations (and holds large, closely-packed, unmasked gatherings in COVID-19 hot spots). I'm north of you in Western WA. It's super-smoky here, but so far we're not in an active fire zone. For a variety of reasons, none of us at 75+ can move as fast as we once did, that's for sure. Hoping you stay safe!!

Loved this post, Ronnie. I enjoy your directness and you’d clarify. Your response to the Sue reminded me of something my son once said, “Religion is like a penis. I’m very glad some people have one, but please don’t wave yours in my face.”

Boo to Sue and three cheers for Judy! Freaking out on your behalf, but confident that you will NOT be roasting in hell or in Oregon.

A fiction just for the fun of it:
Sue wrote your blog is not as good as it used to be. Ronnie replied, It never has been.

I have been back and forth to the vet every day this week with my very sick kitty -- no humans at this vet overnight during covid times to monitor the animals, so even the sick ones have to go home at night. So I have been quite distracted and, while I have kept up with the blog posts, I have not read all the comments and somehow managed to miss all of those by "Sue". But Hooray and Huzzah that you banned her! We don't need that holier-than-thou fire and brimstone claptrap around these parts. (I do so appreciate those commercials by "Ron Reagan, livelong atheist, not afraid of burning in hell" ads.)

And a giant virtual hug to your neighbor Judy for looking out for our Ronnie! I hope you and she escape the need to escape, but I'm glad there is a plan.

Nothing to add to all the brilliant comments of today, except to sing the chorus:

YAY Ronni!!!!!

Take care of yourself in these horrific fires! I'm in southern California where the sun is bright orange and we have ash all over our outdoor space. Can there possibly be anymore climate deniers left in this world?

Oh, dear Ronni - I have (mostly) agreed and (sometimes) disagreed with you over the years I have been participating in Time Goes By. But when you banned the Jesus-freak and termed her a “disruptive little pissant” you had me completely. You can’t imagine—or you probably can—how soul-satisfying it is to have a blog such as this to check in on daily. TGB is so NOT FaceBook.

Here in Sacramento, with its yellow skies and falling ash, the situation is ugly and unhealthy, but not nearly as awful as it is in Oregon or even in the Bay Area, from which my son has posted shocking photos of red and angry skies. As an old person, I know it must be awful to dread the possibility of evacuation orders that may force you to move with an agility you no longer have. I hope the firefighters manage to control things before they get that bad.

And note to Irma - yes there are still numerous climate change deniers (including the person who lives in the White House) who persist in living as if their personal version of god was watching out for them in particular. The earth can be burning around them—as it is—and they will still not admit that humans caused this and humans could have prevented it. I hope it’s not too late for my grandchildren, but I fear that it is.

My heart goes out to everyone in harm’s way from fires in the West. So relieved you have a good neighbor, Ronnie.

My heart goes out to Sue, as well. A faith well-lived can allow the adherent great piece of mind and an expansive heart. It does not appear that she has been well taught in the faith of her choosing. I am always sorry when people demonstrate such intractable rigidity, because it speaks to me of tremendous fear. May she grow in understanding and love. But this isn’t the place for that.

Thinking of you and all dear friends in the path of fires now.

What an outpouring! I have to add my thanks 😊 Stay safe Ronnie.

Brava! So happy that pissant, Sue, will not be posting here again.

Ronni, I am concerned about the fires...Glad you have a plan and a neighbor who will drive you out if need be. Fervently hope it does not come to that.

I live on the east coast but I visited BC one summer when the fires there were intense. One of the things I noticed is that the heavy smoke affects your brain, it's harder to think straight. Your sense that you are not thinking straight might be more due to smoke than age, especially since your lungs are compromised. I'm with you on freaking out, it sounds terrifying. Poor Sue, she's probably going to end up in the bad place she seems to want to consign everyone else to (if she's not already there). How frustrating to not be able to vent on your blog.

Wow. Judging by the number of responses this generated I’d say You have touched upon a topic that people have strong feelings about. I too support your philosophy which is why I support FFR
Freedom FROM Religion!!

Oh, Ronni, I thought about you last night when the news reported the terrible fires near Medford, and in other places in Oregon. So glad to read the information you added about your neighbor, Judy, and that you have a plan to evacuate should it come to that.

As for Sue, good on you. I was raised attending Sunday school, and church service, and mid-week youth group in the First Baptist Church of Burbank (ca) but after I left home for college I never looked back as I could not tolerate the Hellfire and Brimstone that was preached, also that "man was evil". No thanks. When I was going through a difficult period of my life in my early 40's I attended the Unitarian Church as it was comforting to have the human contact, the spirituality and the freedom to believe whatever one wanted, as long as it was comforting and sustaining.

I like the 12 step saying "religion is for those who do not want to go to hell. Spirituality is for those who have already been there."

Thank you, Ronni. You made the right call. Hoping you are safe from the fires.


THANK YOU for your update at the top of this post. I will be checking back here and in the media on you, Judy, your neighbors in Lake Oswego, and all living creatures in the immediate multi-state area (and beyond). Living across the pond from you has no bearing on the depths of my caring and concern. You are always present. Sending much love.

Oh no. I was so hoping, Ronni, you'd assure us you were out of the line of fire, but relieved to learn of your good neighbor Judy. Stay safe, both of you!


I finally decided that the issue was for you to address, Ronni, or not, and not another reader. Till then it took restraint I didn't know I possessed to not post this:

Ah! Such a useful reminder, Sue, to never stop thanking the founders for the blessed freedom to live among heathens whose idea of choice is not to warn others to believe what they believe, or burn in hell.

I was raised in a wonderful family who happened to be Christian. I am not but there were a lot of good things I learned from them. None of them were anything like that woman and the other nasty zealots who pound on non-Christians, pass judgment, try to control all according to their belief or ask what one’s relationship with Jesus is.

Good for you for banning her and for letting us know. I loved your final paragraph. I detected a bit of Crabby Old Lady and I’ve always loved her.

I think Jesus would block the Jesus freaks too! Stay safe Ronni.

I just basically skim over the comments. I don't get into with religious extremists. I skip comments that are really long.

I hope the fires don't reach your town, Ronni. Where will you & your neighbor go?

Jesus, Ronni!!—No no, don't worry, this is not another religious post. I'm not a religious person. I'm as agnostic as it gets. (To paraphrase Oprah, all I know for sure is, I don't know sh*t.) No, I'm just cursing. Cursing those wildfires, foremost among many reasons, that YOU should have to deal with them, just now, on top of everything else. That you, who have enough trouble to breathe, have only acrid smoky air. That this, which rightly should be a time of peace for you, at least outwardly, might turn into an exodus, a physical flight.

Truly, we have created a world in which there can be no peace. As the protestors say, No justice, no peace. Collective karma is a mercilessly impersonal force, no respecter of the individual persons we love.

But (still not religious!) I also have to say, God bless Judy. Thank God such a generous and unperturbed person is right there for you.

And not a religious person, I pray for the firefighters. I hope you can stay put.

I’m with you, Ronni!
I live in the SF Bay Area, the Land of the Orange Skies a few days ago. We seem to be sharing smoke back and forth with you to the north of us. I, too, feel paralyzed by situations public and private.

Just wanted to share that when my former neighbors in the Santa Cruz Mountains were evacuated a few weeks ago, Red Cross paid for hotel accommodation for them. Several met each other in pet-friendly places. So, in the short term at least, having somewhere to go should be taken care of if evacuation is necessary.

And bless your neighbor Judy! I sincerely hope you never progress to a Level 3.

Atta lady, Ronni -- old, crabby or whatever.

Orange haze is giving way to blue skies, perchance a metaphor for the election?

Staying at home isn't being stuck, it's being safe. Hoping you're there.

Sending you love and support.


You do have a way with words.... and with the banning button.... you rock!
You and Judy can drive down to Tucson; we have 2 empty rooms waiting for you.

My laugh-out-loud of this morning “ disruptive, little pissant ”... you nailed it lovely. And I can just hear you saying it xx

The wildfires are starting to be reported this side of the pond too - they look truly truly scary; no wonder it causes brain freeze. And Judy is clearly someone we all need in our lives... and by association she is! Big hugs to you both xxx

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