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INTERESTING STUFF – 19 September 2020


It's amazing skill but also speed – really, really fast.


More than 20 iconic retailers that have filed for Chapter 11 perotection this year of the pandemic. It's also a list of stores that have defined the lifetimes of most of the people who read this blog. In no particular order, some of them are:

Lord & Taylor
Brooks Brothers
J.C. Penney
Neiman Marcus
Pier 1
Gold's Gym
Dean & Deluca

See the rest of the list and read more at AARP.


From the Youtube page:

”Eclipse, a black Labrador retriever, loves going to the dog park with her human, Jeff. They usually take the city bus together, but one day Eclipse got impatient and decided to hop on by herself..."

Watch the full story:


It has never been more important than in this year of pandemic to get a flu shot. They have been available for about a month and I got mine – the version that is specifically for old people – a couple of weeks ago.

If your health care provider is Medicare, the shot is free. Well, except for me and others like me. For some reason, the physician or pharmacy or other health care provider who administers the shot is not reimbursed if the patient is in hospice. So it cost me $82.69.

More information at


The finalists are in for the 2020 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. Here are three of them:




You can see all of the nominees here.

And you can vote for your favorite here. The winner will be announced on 22 October.


It wasn't until a work trip to Spain in 1988 that I had the slightest idea where cork comes from. A local explained it to me as we drove through a cork farm.

This video, about cork growing in Portugal not only explains it, but shows how it is done.


Presidential voting season is almost upon us and many more states than in the past are allowing a form of vote-by-mail. Links are here for deadlines and other information in every U.S. State.


Me? I'm a Haagan Dazs person but that doesn't make other brands less good and the manufacturing process is probably similar. This video was made at a Ben and Jerry's factory in Vermont.


According to Big Geek Daddy,

”Birds are attracted to running water so I can imagine that this might not be as difficult as it seems but it’s still pretty spectacular to watch.

“If you love to watch birds in your yard get rid of the traditional bird bath and get one that has flowing water. You’ll be amazed at how many more birds the running water will attract.”

But the running water isn't the real surprise. It's at the end when the camera shows us the big, burly guy who's helping out the teeny-tiny bird.

* * *

Interesting Stuff is a weekly listing of short takes and links to web items that have caught my attention; some related to aging and some not, some useful and others just for fun.

You are all encouraged to submit items for inclusion. Just click “Contact” at the top of any Time Goes By page to send them. I'm sorry that I won't have time to acknowledge receipt and there is no guarantee of publication. But when I do include them, you will be credited and I will link to your blog.


Thank you for the respite from the news, dear Ronni. Profound sorrow over the loss of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and profound gratitude for all she gave us.

I've been distracted with old body parts and "no good repair  shop" for a few weeks.  Your offering today about Eclipse the bus riding Lab is just what  I truly needed, Ronni.  Thank you so much, for I know the energy it takes to do the simplest things now....(even typing this.)

I remember a Seattle news story from a few years  ago. A young woman living in the hilly area of town rode the bus to work, due to limited parking downtown.  She had a pet Poodle that occasionally escaped her back yard so she had arranged to pay a local Taxi company to bring him home when or if anyone found him and responded to the information on his Vet Tags and collar.
On a typical rainy Seattle day she had missed the last bus and decided to just walk the half mile home with her umbrella.  While trudging up the final hill to her house, a Yellow Cab whizzes by with her elegant black Poodle sitting in the back like  ROYALTY.  
It still makes me laugh whenever it is brought to mind. Laughter is good medicine for all of us I hope you too.

Love these videos and photos. Makes my day!!

My favorite................the bird bath!!!!

And I thought I juggled a lot at my last job... those “performing workers” in that first video make me really glad I’m retired! Loved those comedic wildlife photos too, the full gallery is astounding.

Anyway I am so damn naïve; I just got my flu shot (along with my shingles “booster” shot) at Rite Aid last week, and I assumed the flu shots were free! You had to pay over $80.00 for yours because you’re in Hospice?! That’s awful.

I too am down in the mouth about the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg... those Republicans were circling overhead like vultures. Thanks for this morning’s diversion from them, Ronni.

I loved Eclipse and Charlene's story about the poodle riding home in the taxi while the owner walked home in the rain! And I would like to live in the area where they harvest the cork: "we take care of our trees like we take care of our sons." What a concept.

Thanks for the great distractions from the distressing news about the loss of Justice Ginsberg, a true icon. What a loss.

How I hoped RBG could have lasted just another month or two. But, the pain must have been horrid. She was truly heroic, and I so much admired her!

Let's have a moment of silence, and quiet prayer for this heroine, and many thanks as well.

And... cast your vote as soon as you can!!!

Another delightful Saturday assortment, Ronni.

A sorrowful item, though, when the man said they take care of the trees like they take care of their sons. What about the daughters, are they not equally treasured and cared for. The man didn't mention daughters; such people "...know not what they do." In other words, they are unconscious of the harm they are doing.

My favorite day of the week to check your blog is Saturday. I've been to Ben & Jerry's Factory tour. There is a tasting after you finish the tour although not sure how it's being handled during COVID. Vermont has strict rules for outside travelers.

The video of the Eclipse riding the bus in Seattle brought joy and a smile to my face today. Thank you Ronnie for so many interesting posts. It's a good and healthy distraction from the crazy world we live in each day.

The comedy wildlife photography awards put a smile on my face! Thx Ronni!

With these gentle videos, you took me out of my sorrow at the passing of the marvelous, notorious RBG, Ronnie. And to Carol, in Portuguese the words for "sons" is the same as the word for "children," so the slight was far from intentional. The fact that the masculine plural is meant to include all genders is still a problem, of course. That's why we are now seeing words like "Latinx," which deliberately avoid gender.

Love this blog! It refreshes me everytime I land here. Deep sadness about RBG. The Republican are &^%$#@!!!!! I just stammer.

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