When Bad Days Turn Good – Part 2

INTERESTING STUFF – 26 September 2020

EDITORIAL NOTE: It feels to me that this has been a momentous past week filled with terrible portents, especially from the president who refuses to say he will leave his post if he is defeated in November. I don't have words.

So a few of today's entries fall to heavier side of the scale.

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You remember Founders Sing, don't you. The Youtube group who debuted in February with their tune, The Day Democracy Died.

They have been releasing these original political songs ever since and this week they gave us I AM RUTH – By Founders Sing, In Honor of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


The number of new virus infections is not getting better. In fact, it is skyrocketing. This week, The New York Times reported,

”In a survey of 21,196 people in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, researchers identified a clear generational divide.

“Respondents 18 to 24 had an 18 percent probability of believing a false claim, compared with 9 percent for those over 65, according to the study [pdf], conducted by researchers from Harvard University, Rutgers University, Northeastern University and Northwestern University.”

People were asked to gauge their acceptance of 11 false claims:

”Those included false claims that the virus originated in people who ate bats, that taking antibiotics protects against the disease and that only people 60 or older are at risk of being infected.”

Read more at The Times. Talk to the young people in your life about staying safe.


The Guardian reports that young people yesterday led strikes around the world calling for urgent action on climate change.

”Greta Thunberg led a strike in Sweden, which was limited to 50 people by the country’s lockdown laws – 'so we adapt', she tweeted, with a picture showing strikers more than 2 metres apart. The day of action also marked the 110th week of her own school strike, which began in August 2018.

“'Fridays For Future and the youth climate movement are striking again around the world, in a safe way and following Covid-19 guidelines, to demand those in power treat this like the urgent crisis it is,' she said.”

Relatedly, TGB reader Mary Evans Young, sent this pertinent 18-month-old video from U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez titled A Message from the Future.

In the U.S., we are in the final weeks of fighting for the existence of our country, even for democracy itself. Untold environmental damage has been done by our president and his minions in just the year and a half since OAC's video debuted. So don't let up. Register to vote. Help others to register. Plan your vote.

Read more about the worldwide children's crusade at The Guardian.


...cannot be ignored at this blog. Titled Down and Out.

When you are feeling down and out,
give Ronni Bennett a shout.
She's a long-time blogger
and memories cataloger
who writes about her ills
and the long-remembered thrills
that bring smiles to her face
and maybe will help erase
some of the despair
that afflicts your debonair.


I've been listening to a lot of Willie Nelson lately – the old stuff and the newest too. He's 87 years old now. But in truth, he's ageless.

This is a medley he sang at Grand Ole Opry in 1965. Did you know Willie wrote Patsy Cline's huge hit, Crazy? I didn't until now.


Do people even use rubber stamps anymore? I guess so. According to the Youtube page,

”John Casey is the owner of East Village mainstay Casey Rubber Stamps, a local landmark that has endured for almost two decades.

“The iconic stamp and ink shop, located on East 11th Street in downtown New York, is beloved by locals. For years, residents and tourists alike have swung by to buy and make their own novelty rubber stamps.”

This short film is from Eric Maierson and Leandro Badalotti for Atlas Obscura.


This whale could have the gull for lunch in one bite but he (she?) didn't. Instead, they played.

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The young should be more gullible. They haven't yet spent decades learning to discern between probable and improbable. Willie Nelson? His voice is like finger nails on an old slate blackboard, to me. (I am shallow enough that his later-years lack of grooming sets me off, too.) Different strokes....

Thanks for keeping us entertained, Ronni (and friends).

Agree, it makes sense that young people would more likely believe false claims because they lack experience, critical judgment. Disagree about Willie Nelson. I like him .

The rubber stamp video was intriguing, I hope the proprietor is able to re-open soon. The seagull seem a bit put-out!

Willie Nelson, Beluga whale with a seagull and some rain in your area. It is a good Saturday!

I love Willie Nelson even though I discovered him only a few years ago. My favorite song is Crazy and my favorite version is one on Youtube with Diana Krall, Elvis Costello, and Willie. I listened hundreds of times. Unfortunately, it was a concert performance so it isn't available on any of the streaming services.

Thanks as always for bringing us joy along with something to think about.

You many not be RBG, but you have made an impact on a great many people.

Until he started singing, I wouldn't have believed that was Willie Nelson. He sure has changed. But I imagine we all have.

tRuth without Ruth? We'll see if it's possible ...

That ‘Ruth’ video was clever & sweet, but dammit heartbreaking too. I still can’t believe she’s gone. I appreciate what you said at the top... this week has somehow been even more surreal than the others. Who knows when it will end.

Um... I loved, LOVED the Willie Nelson video. So handsome & polished here, but still him through & through. I DID know he wrote ‘Crazy’, the only surprise here was when it ended too soon. Anyway, I appreciated everything here, thank you for this week’s stuff dear Ronni.

Thank you Ronni, as always for giving me a chance for my best memories today instead of me obsessing over the news.

Your comment about this fine old gentleman is true... "But in truth, he's ageless"....and a fine actor too I discovered in "The Electric Horseman" with Jane Fonda and Robert Redford. in 1979.  Still an uplifting movie.

I can add that Willie literally saved our marriage, believe it or not.  We were having a difficult time with 3 very young kids and my  youngest teenage brother living with us for a while.  My husband was often on the East Coast dealing with demands of getting the data for new Engineering job in NV for a week at a time. I was dealing with measles and chickenpox quarantines  alone  in Nevada. 

When he returned from the last trip with a 45 RPM  copy of Willie's "Always on My Mind" he heard on the radio in his briefcase, it was the perfect bridge we needed to cement a marriage that lasted 56 years.  Just a short *love story* that's ....non-political!!
And yes, I still have the same record.

Willie is clearly a modern 'Renaissance Man' in his current activities and attitude.

Didn't like Willie years ago.............but now! Oh yes...........His music had to grow on me. And the suit and shiny face didn't do much for me...........I like the braids, etc.
How I'd love to go to John Casey's rubber stamp shop! Why didn't I go there in those New York years???? Wish I had a couple!
Oh la, thanks again Ronni.

I loved seeing Willie in a suit and tie! He’s a real character with an amazing voice and talent for saying something beautiful in a concise and poetic way...my favorite is “Angels flying too close to the ground”...that might not be the title?!

Enjoy most of these selections. I, too, do not experience pleasure listening to the quality of Nelson’s voice and much of that music’s instrumentation, but most country genre music is unappealing to me and always has been.

Willie is one of my favorites, and I love his braids, too. His version of Stardust does me in (in a good way).

I've had a number of rubber stamps, but only the plain vanilla office type, which I'm regretting now. Thanks for the inside look at how they're made.

I agree with Heidi that the seagull looked a little put off, but on the other hand, didn't take off either. The whale approached another seagull who got out of the way fast. So I think the gull was also intrigued. Great video.

Another reason I'm increasingly disinclined to chat on social media is that hardly anyone fact-checks anything before posting it. I have learned that one can block attachments which enables me to keep my page clean without unfollowing my friends but it is irksome that people don't vet information before forwarding it.

How interesting the rubber stamp and of course the Beluga and gull.

Speaking of rubber stamps: at you can purchase a stamp of Harriet Tubman's face, to be used on $20 bills. As you probably remember, her image was slated to replace that of Andrew Jackson on these bills, until Trump called "political correctness" and Mnuchin muttered something about counterfeiting concerns. This rubber stamp is designed so as to let you place it precisely over Jackson's face. I stamp all my 20s with it, and only once has anyone questioned whether the bill was valid. (A cashier checked with her manager, who reassured her that it was.)

Many thanks to Henry Lowenstern for his celebration of Ronni. I tried singing the verse to the tune of Bridge Over Trouble Water, which has that verse,
When you're down and out,
When you're on the street
When evening falls so hard
I will comfort you....
Maybe Willie Nelson can make it fit..... :-)

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