Rough Times Personally and Politically, Plus The Alex and Ronni Show

The Morning After the First 2020 Presidential Debate and

Two days after the New York Times Trump tax document dump.

I'm writing this note a couple of hours before the Tuesday evening debate between former Vice President Joe Biden and Donald J. Trump because I'll be too tired to think straight after the debate – or angry or frustrated or alarmed or...

And I won't be wide awake enough to be cogent first this on this morning after.

So it's up to you, dear readers, to write this blog post today.

What's your take on what may become the most important presidential stand-off in the history of the republic to date?

I'll follow along today and join in here and there.


An embarrassment to our country. A non-debate as T would not allow a debate. A temper tantrum by a bullying toddler who is out to destroy the country. He would not disavow the white supremists; in fact told them to "stand by". He would not agree to a peaceful transition of power. WTF--and that is no cruder nor ruder than was he. I know we need to find common ground with those on the other side of the aisle, but with him there is none. Biden and Wallace stood their ground as best they could, but this monster needs to be in a cage!

Chris Wallace had a hard time wrangling in 2 noisy toddlers. Kind of felt sorry for him. I think Biden did a fairly good job dealing with Trump's five year old whiny brat behavior. At least Biden attempted to address the people of the nation while Trump just continued his out of control nutty behavior. If there is another debate (and I think it's pointless), the moderator should have a "kill the microphone" switch to silence the talking over the other guy and use it liberally. Like Biden said "vote, vote, vote"...it's our only hope.

I disagree with the above comment. Joe Biden was not "a noisy toddler." He acted presidential & tried desperately to fend off the onslaught of constant, vicious interruptions. This was a dumpster fire of a debate for one reason only: Trump. He’s a national embarrassment in every way. Last night just solidified it.

I love the “kill the microphone” suggestion. Thank you, JJfromVA

I wasn’t expecting anything legitimate from Donald Trump’s side, but his onslaught of total crap was like nothing I’ve ever seen, I felt physically assaulted. Poor Joe, at least he stood his ground; I would’ve walked offstage, which is precisely what McDonald wanted. And by the way, not that it should matter but that idiot was so damn orange I messed up the settings on my tv trying to tone it down!

I think the age of the "debate" has met its match and run its course unless each candidate is put into an isolation booth and the moderator controls the audio output.

Watching that debacle was about as painful as I had imagined it would be. And responses from the public seem to indicate the definition of insanity -- that people apparently keep expecting different results from a man who has behaved the way he did last night for his entire life. This behavior is especially egregious when he is in a venue where he has to exert himself as top dog; he is a caricature. Remember his behavior at the NATO summit when he pushed the prime minister of Montenegro aside and stood there puffing up his chest and trying to looking imperial?

His parents responded to his undesirable and probably anti-social behavior from him when he was young by packing him off to military school. When young men go into military school (or reform school or jail or prison) with existing problems (and that's why most end up there) they don't generally emerge changed people; they typically come out with the same problems they went in with, and often additional ones.

Americans have been incredibly tolerant of Donald J. Trump for more than four years, but if last night did not show that he should not be in the office of the president of the United States again, and that he never should have been, I can't imagine what it would take to convince someone of that.

The one moment I wish Biden could undo was when he told Trump to shut up. I can imagine how hard it must have been to not say that to him all night, but it was not helpful and reminds me of Hillary's moment of calling people in Trump's base "deplorables." I know that many people want Biden to respond in kind to Trumps bullying and rude behavior, but I don't believe that's helpful, for the most part. Biden exerted strength, at moments, without resorting to the same repulsive tactics as the president. I'm not sure there is any point to future debates although giving Kamala Harris and Vice President Pence an opportunity for one would probably more more productive, informative and tolerable than last night's.

I've never understood why moderators in these debates are not given the power to cut off the microphones of debaters who refuse to stop talking when it is the other person's turn. Clearly, that's the only thing that would get Trump to shut up.

I want to mention two lawn signs. The first one was in my neighborhood. It said, "Vote. Tell them Ruth Sent you." It had an accompanying photo of one of RBG's famous lace collars.

A photo of the other was sent to me by a friend, a South Dakota native who said the photo was taken in South Dakota. It said, "I'm a Republican but I'm not a fool. Biden 2020."

I had to keep turning away looking for something to lift my spirits. Anger I don't need and I felt plenty of it. I found an editorial cartoon that fit it but don't think I can insert it here.

Regarding Biden’s “Shut up,man!” comment... He just said what most of us were thinking at home! (Or shouting at the tv...)

Someone suggested that Kamala Harris moderate the next debate which I thought was amusing.

My strongest reactions were to T refusing to condemn White Supremacy and questioning whether he would accept the results of the election! Really?

It is a sad state of affairs when the only way to control a president of the USA is to put him in an isolation booth. I have heard that suggestion several times now. I also heard a clip interviewing some Republicans after the debate and they all thought Trump was wonderful.
Not trying to be smug but I am so glad I live in Canada where the only thing we have to be worried about is how cold it gets :-(

My suggestion for the next debate, if there is one, is to encourage viewers beforehand to put their desired ante into a kitty every time the 45 interrupts, thus giving money to Biden every time he opens his mouth.

I agree completely with what Cathy J. said. I had to do deep breathing throughout, and I am still outraged this morning at our country having gotten into this mess. Trump is a philistine and needs to be voted out (nothing like stating the obvious). What I'm most worried about now is the Supreme Court and the Federal Courts Trump has been packing. I wish Biden had responded to Trump's noting how many judges he's gotten in compared to Obama by pointing out the Moscow Mitch wouldn't bring any of Obama's nominees to a vote. By and large, however, I think Trump did himself no favors, and I think Biden came off much the better man, and better President. We just need to make sure he IS the next President!

My take on the debate in case you didn’t watch it.

We watched it to the bitter end. And then we watched the commentary, post-debate on the Rachel Maddow Show (excellent commentary, btw). The next debate I will accompany with alcohol, copious amounts of alcohol, to ensure sleep. That said, we’re glad we watched.
Hair Drumpf was incapable of restraining himself from butting in; Chris Wallace is to be pitied. Someone forgot to tell him that if you think you‘re safe having a vicious animal tied tightly at the end of a rope, think again. It might just turn and charge at you. And it did. The Big Orange tea-bag attacked Wallace, as well as Biden, who literally laughed off The Angry Man’s bigoted insults. Wallace was overwhelmed and not up to the task. We both seriously think the next moderator needs two mic kill switches.
Biden generally kept his cool, made his points over, under, and around the screaming, increasingly red-faced person to his right. He turned to the home audience many times, clearly ignoring his enraged opponent, and spoke calmly, but forcefully, directly to us.
The President threatened out health,welfare,and happiness. He would NOT, when asked directly, condemn White Supremacy. He refused to tell the Proud Boys to stop what they’ve been doing; he said to them,"Stand down and stand by."
Biden solemnly, and believably, promised to care for us. Biden won this.

I'm still exhausted this morning, but the comments above have given me new life and more than a few laughs.

The debate was a debacle, although I thought it was interesting to see Joe Biden turn to the camera and address the viewers instead of getting caught up in Trump's histrionics.

Sorry, friends. While the isolation booth might work, the kill switch on the mike would not. You'd still hear the haranguing if the offender was anywhere nearby. And both sides would have to approve such a device, and we know that would never happen.

I felt for Biden and Wallace, being forced to deal with the Toddler in Chief for 90 minutes. I thought Wallace did an admirable job, without the tools and the rules that he needed. I think the only solution would have been for WALLACE to walk off the stage, so the lights could go dim.

Look forward, angels. It will get worse. The next "debate" is a town meeting, moderated by Steven Scully (CSPAN). Then Kristen Welker takes over for the final event. I'll be stunned if either of them can convince the President to behave himself when Chris Wallace failed.

I didn't watch the debate, taking care of my mental and emotional health. Plus, I see clients all day, who are sharing how the dark state of our nation is affecting them. It is work, everyday, to maintain a center of non reactivity while feeling that the country, environment and our freedom are being destroyed, the foundations undermined by a prez who cares for nothing but himself. I'm grateful I stayed away, the comments everywhere only validate my knowing that this would not provide anything near what a debate is meant to provide. I cannot imagine why we get locked into these antiquated forms when they no longer hold any relevance or make any productive impact. The fact that 45 is allowed to use this pulpit and show to foment a base of white supremists and deplorables is intolerable.

I still have a low grade headache from last night's debacle. Biden did a fine job with most difficult circumstances. It is hard to believe anyone would support the bullying, ignorant and racist Trump, but there are certainly those who do.
I hope the undecideds have moved to Biden, a true gentleman.

I agree with the posters before me. I only made it half-way through the "debate." I actually felt physically ill at the boorish and bullying behavior-- and lies voiced by the Orange One. I'm longing for a future when I feel proud of our actions and we once again become contributing World citizens. And when our nation becomes the great melting pot it once was without inciting divisive hate groups. I feel a great sadness.

We learned again, what we already knew:

Trump is a bully and he prides himself on it. He is also a racist; as evidenced by his failure to denounce white nationalists..Oh wait....that is his base.

Best next-debate suggestions from the interwebs:
IF there is another debate,
1. the moderator should be a middle-aged mother of multiples, used to dealing with hyperactive children.
2. if either person interrupts, his microphone goes dead and his spotlight goes out,
3. if that doesn't work, then an electrified cone of silence drops over his head, so that each time there is another interruption, he gets zapped with increasing voltage... in the dark and in silence so that we neither see or hear his frustration.

I was appalled at ,as CNN appropriately labelled it , the shit show
So very sorry for the United States right now
I am so glad to live in Canada and as the mayor of Toronto pointed out this was a very bad example for our future generations

I watched it in its entirety. Unlike other commenters, I do blame Wallace. He obviously came in unprepared to deal with this man. Did they not prepare in advance of how to handle various possibilities of bad behavior from Trump? That's a fail. As for Trump, this kind of misbehavior is really his only option. If they had a "normal" debate, there would have been plenty of time to explore in more detail the recent revelations from the NYT, among other things - he can't afford to have that happen. As for future debates, I'm sorry to see that others think the debate is now worthless. I think it may be worthless when Trump is a participant, and I'm not sure that I think Biden should agree to do another; however, as a tool for the citizens to see candidates responding in real time, I think it has value in future elections.

There is a method to Trump’s seeming madness, and he learned it from Roy Cohn. In the novel “The Topeka School” there is a style of debate called “the spread,” the purpose of which is to overwhelm your opponent by going on the attack, talking as quickly as possible and never allowing a response. What is said is of no importance. I doubt anyone’s mind was changed by last night’s circus. I do hope undecideds decide on Biden.

Just when we thought we had seen it all… . I was amazed by the brilliance of all the comments in this blog about what people saw last night. Everyone here shows much more intelligence than our so-called president. As to a comment on being smart not to pay your taxes, I hope that somebody, Biden especially, puts it out there that it is not smart to not pay your taxes. That’s how we keep people in our country smart, by supporting our schools , by supporting firefighters, and other very necessary governmental agencies. How far did his $750 in taxes go in 2018?

I am sure that many of us who watched the debate/debacle have conjured up a number of retorts this morning that might have been zingers but those of us outside the United States wish that Mr. Biden had taken the opportunity to look directly into the camera and say to the American people, "What you are witnessing from my colleague is not Presidential behaviour and it is not civilized debating behaviour."

Just couldn't watch, turned on recordings of John Oliver This Week Tonight, followed by Amanpour with some great interviews, thank you and I too thought the Isolation Booths, might have been a good idea.

We have shown the world what an asinine election system we have. And how incompetent our current president is. Zoom has taught all of us the sensibility of mike muting. Let's hope the next debate (if there is one) has learned this lesson.

Chris Wallace must have been given his marching orders from FoxNews to placate, appease and wheedle Agent Orange. I kept waiting for him to forcefully shout, "Please stop talking, Mr President!" (although Joe said it better with, "Shut up"). But only a Taser could've stopped the shite-storm spewing from AO.

I told my husband as we watched the "debate" to the bitter end that Chris Wallace should have a mute button for each candidate. As voters, we should be able to clearly hear each candidate's response without interruption. Trump showed who he is by his interruptions and refusing to condemn white nationalists. I will watch further debates and we are looking forward to the vice president debate next week. This is sure to be a different experience.

One point among many we could make - although I've heard many commentators note that Trump failed to denounce white supremacists, did nobody notice his answer about racism? The question was about racism, which he quickly pivoted to law & order. Not surprising, but very noteworthy.

I didn't watch. My mind has been made up-- possibly since 1973!!--so there was no point in putting myself through it. Everything I've read says that Trump was exactly what he was four years ago, except more so. The "debates," even before Trump, have become IMHO relatively meaningless. Candidates, for a long time, have been responding to questions by quickly pivoting to their talking points. The only exception has been the town hall settings. I'd prefer an hour-long show where each candidate takes the stage alone for part of the time and then responds to questions, preferably in a town hall setting. I don't see the point of two more of these, and the risk of Biden stumbling...and causing people not to vote...doesn't seem worth it.
That said, I am looking forward to the Harris/Pence debate, more out of curiosity than any chance that I will vote for Trump because Pence makes such a good VP.

The bully-in-chief excels again. Wallace failed as a moderator-he should have asserted loudly. Biden should have received extra time with all the "talk overs". The fact that the Chief refused to admonish White Supremicists should anger every American, but alas, it will not. Trumpers just don't care what he says or does. They adore the color Red and care not what the candidate does or says.

I simply have nothing positive to say about last night. I'm putting all my hopes in Kristen Welker's moderation! Scully will roll over like Wallace did.

According to The Economist, presidential candidate debates have not made a whit of difference to the outcome of the election in some time. I'm sure T knows this and knows his behavior won't affect anything. There are voters out there who take his behavior as signs of his authenticity. He doesn't dare condemn 'alt-right' activists because those are his peeps, his voters. Of course he's not going to say anything against them!

I think the CBS "insta" poll was right: the overwhelming majority were annoyed. B

But pro-life! Incredible I've had comments from Trumpers with no limb to grasp throw out an issue they just can't get to with Biden. Really! Further, if the undecided can only say it was a debacle, then they were actually a decided vote before the debate. They are now just attention seekers. The lot of them are thereby supporting white supremacists and deserve to go down.

This was a debate in physical staging only. The only debate that should go forward is Pence-Harris. If True-Biden have any further debates, a literal gag order is in order.

Hope you are resting peacefully, Ronni, in good faith that Trump is imploding.

I couldn't watch, I just knew it would be bad. I watched the highlights this morning and was glad I didn't bother. tRump is just an angry bully, a disgrace as a person let alone as the President of the United States.

True-Biden, hahaha. Gotta love autocrack and faulty proof-reading.

Anyway, I wanted to add a suggestion another friend made about using shock collars, but really further debates would be as useless as this one. Just let the truth continue to come out by whatever means it escapes.

Remember the sound proof booths that were used in the quiz show, The $64,000 question? They must be in storage somewhere. Bring ‘em out, put the debaters inside, give the moderator voice controls so their answers can be heard. Those two were worse than the women talking all at once on The View. Gayle King did the same thing on the CBS News this morning. Rude.

Okay..............I didn't watch. I know for whom I am voting. I am writing postcards as fast as I can for Biden, I am contributing money. For me to watch would have been pointless torture.

Further debates like this would be a waste of time (although maybe that's what Trump wants -- cancellation of further debates). Throughout I kept thinking about kill switches, shock collars, isolation booths, cones of silence, etc. And by the end, handcuffs on me to keep me from reaching through the screen, grabbing Trump by the throat, and screaming "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!"

No need for more debates.

It was a shitshow. Hard to comprehend a sitting President telling his supporters to crowd the polls to “observe” meaning intimidate voters. Glad Joe told him to shut up. I thought he was very controlled considering the abuse of the bullying Trump. There should be no more debates. Trump should not get any more airtime.

Please send all these comments to the debate sponsors. Quite seriously they should cancel the other 2 debates and keep only the VP event. As so many others have said, it was painful and disgusting to watch and, unless someone mistakenly believed that Trump had any sense of dignity or decency at all, nothing was learned. It served only to embarrass us as a country. I hope at least a few of Trump's 2016 voters are wondering what on earth they had been thinking.

I recorded the debate knowing I would have had difficulty sleeping if T was himself.

Watched the interview Wallace did of T earlier this year and thought he did a good job of trying to keep T on topic. I thought he also showed admirable restraint trying to wrestle with the T childish behavior during this debate. Also thought VP Biden showed remarkable restraint.

Make no mistake, T cannot be allowed to sit in the Oval Office for 4 more years. And shame on the Republican senators to allow him to get this far. He should have been impeached.

Judy Carrino is spot-on, and gives the reason I did not and will not watch this man. He is a bully and a racist and his supporters love him for those reasons. Nothing is going to change. And, as Joe Biden has been quoted, VOTE. It's our only way out of this mess.

The good news, insofar as there is any, is that polls report Trump is losing elders. We're smarter than they think we are.

Ignore Trump. Spend the next month making sure everyone who wants to vote him out has a plan to vote and carries it out. This is OUR country, not Donnie's playpen.

First of all these sessions between candidates for the office of Presidency are not true debates and I wish they’d stop using that term. As for what occurred last night, my immediate reaction was that it was a fiasco to say the least. I was exhausted listening as I tried to ferret out of the morass of malarky the candidates policies.

I was able to garner a few actual policies from Biden. What was all too obvious with Trump was his policy continues to be to undermine citizens belief and trust in our democracy, altering our form of government to an autocracy with him in charge. What he offers can best be described as a Capitalistic Theocratic Autocracy with our democracy, freedoms sacrificed in the process.

I was most alarmed with Trumps’s continued encouragement to lawless vigilante groups who claim to be patriots. Basically, they are nothing more or less than the equivalent of the Brown Shirt groups dedicated to violence like those that emerged in the 1930s to carry out the dirty work of a wannabe autocrat/dictator then. They do not defend or represent the ideals of a democracy or law and order.

I came away from the exchange between the two thinking I shudder at the prospect of four more years or longer with more of the daily chaos and worse from our current President as we’ve been subjected to the past four years. I am sick to death of his lying, bullying, name-calling, viciousness, deliberate divisiveness, betrayal of the security of our nation’s people and our capitalistic constitutional democratic republic.

The "debate" was a perfect showcase for how a spoiled elementary-school bully operates. SO disgusting! The would-be Emperor of tRumpystan is a thoroughly detestable example of what we do not (or should not) want in our leaders. Civil discourse? With this guy? Not gonna happen!

I'm sure that neo-Nazi groups throughout the country are high-fiving like crazy with the green light he gave them. This man has shown us who he is--believe him.

I have had many of the same thoughts and appreciate everyone's input. Good to be with like-minded people. As others have said, we need to get everyone out there voting. I can't believe that this evilness can continue.

Just reading his sweaty, spastic, body language T appears to be desperate. He acts like a rodent that just caught his tail in a mousetrap.

He'll do anything to get loose; even chew his tail off.

Trump's behavior was enraging and appalling, but he has a voracious appetite for attention, and his behavior brought him that. I can see him exulting how everyone is talking about him. To such a person, any attention is better than no attention.

Excellent comments all. I’m so glad to see so many intelligent thoughtful men and women on this post. I don't feel so alone, in the middle of trump country in central Fla.

I watched it and listened to most of it (I had to mute Trump many times though.) It was exhausting, embarrassing and uncivilized. I felt terrible when I heard that CNN said that this sorry spectacle (I can’t call it a debate) was being shown on CNN International all over the world. Now we are for sure being mocked and pitied - the US has been diminished by this performance. His incoherent and desperate attacks and fits of rage were seen by all. I felt the viewing public had been abused by Trump with his nonstop bullying, shouting over both Biden and Wallace. When I had the mute button on it was scary to see his glowing enraged orange face shaking with furry as he babbled non-stop.

I think because Trump has a terrible record to defend and not much of a platform or plans for the future his approach was to overwhelm Biden and Wallace with loud non-stop chatter and evade questions. He was also trying to unsettle Biden by constant accusations and smears about his son. There should be a running tab on the TV screen spot-checking all the lies. His disgusting base is used to hear all Trumps’ distortions and lies on Fox New and they believe and relish them; they have no way to get to know the truth.

Trump had said he wanted Biden to take a drug test, but I wonder if Trump himself had not taken some type of stimulant/amphetamine which can create aggression and hostility – he was totally out of control. This was an unpleasant, disgusting and repelling disaster.

I loved every minute of last night's debate. But, then again, I'm a big fan of Professional wrestling. Next time how about a Trump/Spence vs Biden/ Harris tag team.

Thank you Ronni and all commenters. So much wisdom and great good humor.

About last night: I think Chris Wallace and vice-president Biden made valiant efforts to operate within the confines of the debate process and it is my understanding that the Trump team agreed to the debate format. Trump, however, does not "do" debates.
Like the hyena on the Savannah Trump "creates and exploits chaos" by engaging in character assassination, outright lies, fear mongering and stoking violence.
In my opinion, this should be the first and only presidential debate this season. Trump is not going to change.
We have to be vigilant in monitoring and protecting this election ......from this moment until all the votes are counted.

The good news:
'Orange Crush' gave the few remaining 'undecided' voters an exhibition of the daily chaos that he creates in the White House. He showed them why 'broken norms' are important. For many of those 'undecideds', their likely thought process will be: "I see now that My Country cannot be run safely and properly by this man. So I'll either vote for Biden or I'll just stay home." The man alienated his only way to get to 50%. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!

I wish Biden had been able to mention (in between the orange person’s snark & tirades) that the orange person has already temporarily defunded Social Security and that if elected to a second term (good lord deliver us!) he plans to make it permanent. The Trust fund is already dangerously close to running out. It needs a commitment from a new President Biden 🤞🏻 to find ways of shoring up its financing rather than defunding it. IF there is a 2nd or 3rd debate, I hope this critically important point (to our demographic especially) is brought to the forefront. Faux news is NOT telling their people this, and they need to know. Many of their watchers either are retired or aspire to be. This might help bring more over to the Biden camp. Blessings be, fellow elders!

Dear god. What a mess.

Presumably since the comments above were written, the board that manages the debates announced that coming matches clearly need to be and will be formatted differently. ...

For any who don't know (Ronni certainly does), Howard Stern is a shockjock who has done some indefensible things but whose insights often deserve attention. Smart guy. He's no fan now but I believe used to use AgentOrange on his show. The New York Daily News reported today, “I would have walked off that stage within five f--king minutes,” Stern said. “I would have made my statement and said ‘[...] I’m not going to sit here and be part of a f--king circus. I’m not on a reality television show.” "I felt dirty,” Stern said. ...

Just about every offense AgentOrange accuses adversaries of is a projection, so I take his carrying on about Biden and drugs to guarantee he stuffs himself with chemicals. I've read a lot of speculation that he shows unmistakable symptoms of longtime use of drugs used to treat profound psychiatric disorders. ...

I don't think this comment can be topped (obviously, Alex excepted) :

Rebecca Ballhaus Retweeted Josh Jamerson @joshjame · 30 September 2020: “I don’t know one suburban mom that I’ve ever met in my 47 years that would watch what happened last night and would go, ‘Oh, I’m going to go for him,’” Rep. Tim Ryan told ⁦@kristinapet⁩. “[Trump] came across last night like every woman’s ex-husband.”

I yelled at my TV: "Will you SHUT UP!!!" and knew that I wasn't the only one.

T's tone was relatively reasonable in the beginning - I'd expected his latter belligerent behaviour from the get go. He DIDN'T like being called not smart - that really triggered him.

Biden looked weak and old, and yes, did get lost in his responses at times. But his decency shone through. He kept his cool despite his opponent's best efforts. I really admired how he kept his cool, remembering he had a stuttering problem. The only time he became emotional was when his son's memory was attacked.

I thought Wallace, and his questions were good. No moderator could keep control of t. The only time Wallace failed was when he tried to placate t ("... this next question will make you happy..."???!!!). But I cheered when Wallace said "... well, you're doing most of the interrupting".

I think, after deliberation, no need for a mic shut off. Let t be shown for the bully that he is.

The end scene when the wives came on stage was amusing.

Please stay well, and take care of yourself.

Biden stayed awake. Trump was Trump. Therefore, advantage Biden just for mentally showing up. Wallace is an undercover democrat lap dog as the apple does not fall far from the tree. Of course Trump is angry as he goes up against most of Hollywood and the media, plus desperate democrats wanting his demise--subjecting Trump and the country to three years worth of effort to remove him from office in a soft coup throwing everything at him but the kitchen sink. Yet, the man has a record of remarkable achievement and he's winding down the endless wars, one tough man. All in all, he may or may not win; We shall see. Either way, I am too old to get wrapped around the axle on this election's outcome. I will stay informed, watch the events and vote, but in no way will I get angry over it, risk my health over it, nor destroy friendships over it. Good luck folks and, especially, I'm rooting for Ronni to see the election results and just continue as long as possible. From Tallahassee tonight, Goodnight. John

Couldn't watch. And from my husband's summary, I'm glad I didn't. Am going to do my utmost to never hear the Orange Menace's voice again.

DFisher: I loved the comment you related that T came off like every woman's ex-husband. Both true and hilarious.

But I disagree with Howard Stern's comment that Biden should have stormed off the stage. He couldn't - the media would have killed him the next day for being a coward and slinking off the stage (Trump beat him down; he couldn't take it, etc.). As I watched the debate, I kept trying to think of what Biden could do in this moment, and the answer is there wasn't anything at all he could do except keep his cool and try to get his own calm message across when he could. And he did that. I admire his ability to remain calm and unprovoked. Total win for him, IMHO.

As an European, from a very old established country (almost 900 years uninterrupted as an independent country) I'm still shocked that such a being was choosen to be president of the richest country in the world, may be even the most powerful. In Europe, such a rude, dishonest, bullying moron would not remain for very long in power, unless he was the dictator in a totalitarian country. I cannot understand a democracy that has no appropriate mechanism to expel such a person from office. He is a shame to your great country and its people. He thinks of nobody but himself, he lies as he breathes, he steals from public property by witholding his taxes, he loves and admires Putin, the Korean dictator, the Chinese dictator, the Turkish dictator.
And you know ,what shocks me even more is that, after this desplay of incompetence, total lack of control, ignorance and selfishness, Americans will still vote for him!!
I think Biden was very dignified and a gentleman, but, hey! he is just human!

When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.

Maya Angelou

My wife watched it and hasn't slept well since. Her review is that I missed a shit show.
I am most upset by family, friends, old work partners and classmates that still, to this day, support the orange buffoon.
Thanks to SusanG for the quote. That is the truth.

I would be concerned with a "Town Hall" type debate setting. Who remembers the Trump/Clinton town hall debate where Trump called attention to himself by stalking the stage and looming behind Hillary while she was trying to answer questions? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0bULxydHX0
The unsettling thing I am hearing is, because of this debate, more people are opting to vote for an Independent as a protest vote and they are not realizing that no-voters and Independent voters will more than likely help Trump's numbers.

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