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INTERESTING STUFF – 24 October 2020


I'm pretty sure I posted this a few years ago but it recently turned up again and I find it as impressive and encouraging as before. According to the Youtube page,

”When wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park in the United States after being absent nearly 70 years, the most remarkable 'trophic cascade' occurred. What is a trophic cascade and how exactly do wolves change rivers? George Monbiot explains in this movie remix."


Cats being as enigmatic as they are, I'm not sure there is much satisfactory explanation here but it's worth a few minutes of your time.


More cat vids showed up this week so here are two political ones. This from Tony Sarmiento:


And a kitty reminder in case you have not yet voted:


My friend John Gear sent this. It might be a little raw for some but hey, we're all grownups here.

More here.


A small, important life lesson for us all.


TGB reader Mary Evans Young sent this lovely video.


Yesterday, Friday, was a really rough day for me. Not pain as sometimes happens. Without tempting fate by saying too much out loud, that has been increasingly controllable.

But tiredness, dejection, weakness so deep I can barely walk across the room or write even a few words on the computer screen - so much so that I almost skipped preparing this blog post for today. Then, as a distraction, I checked email and found a note from friend Edie Birken.

It doesn't change the circumstance or what I'm feeling about it but it makes it go easier. This is what she sent:


* * *

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I love what Edie sent! Perfect!

Thank-you, I'm feeling better already.


Sitting here, swinging my legs....

I also enjoyed Edie's piglet.

What a wonderful and compassionate friend!

I think of you often, Ronni, with love and with every best wish for peace and comfort.

What a great friend you have in Edie! I hope we all have friends like that.

Wonderful Piglet friend, Glad she sent you the email, I wish you didn't have to go through this Ronni. Soft hugs and deep caring go out to you today.

Lots of Piglets out here, right next to you in spirit.

So very, very glad you received the loving message from Piglet via your friend, and that it helped. You are in all our hearts, there are many of us.............which means that in every moment someone is holding you in their heart. Transitions are hard. You're doing a great job.

And I loved so many of these today...........thank you.

Yes, Piglet and Edie, best friends ever. Thanks for sharing.

So nice to read the vignette from A A Milne. Probably made you feel better .... made me feel better too!

So sorry you had such a hard day. I hope today's been better. Sometimes little things come just when we most need them, and Edie had good timing with that note. Of course, you had good timing in checking your email, too. I know you don't need me telling you how many people are thinking about you and sending good thoughts, but there are so many of us in your corner and wishing we could do more to lighten the load. We are all lifting you up and holding you in our hearts and hoping that helps at least a little.

What perfect timing your good friend Edie has! And she has given us all a gift through you. Bless Piglets, wherever they are. All of us here feel that you are our Piglet and would be grateful to be yours, even in small, small ways.
Laughed over the graffiti, cried over the "seat without a ticket", thanked my lucky stars for your presence in my life, as I always do.
May you have a few golden hours today and tomorrow.
(sent with much love, gratitude and admiration)

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