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EDITORIAL NOTE: Interesting Stuff if shorter than usual today. The week just got away from me but I hope you'll enjoy these.


This is just lovely. Photographer Sujata Setia tells us on the Bored Panda page:

”Vera was only 18 when she first laid eyes on Mel at a hospital, and he himself had only recently returned from serving in World War II as a Royal Engineer...

“When I got the opportunity to run a photography masterclass in Wales, I had to visit Mel and Vera to gift them images that would showcase their eternal love.”

Here is their wedding photograph:


And here they are today:


There are 16 more photos of Vera and Mel at Bored Panda and it's worth your while to take the time to look at them.


Wild fires continue in Washington, Oregon and California. What I didn't know before now is the danger of underground fires. As the Youtube page explains:

'Dangerous fires are still burning underground. Don Tesdal, a volunteer firefighter with the Idanha-Detroit (Oregon) Fire District, was in Detroit over the weekend doing fire mop up when he came across a serious problem many might miss.”

“From above the mound it looked like a little smoke. But below it was an active fire just waiting for the chance to get out.”


According to Atlas Obscura, all our seasonal names have complicated origins but there is only one with two names – fall and autumn.

”Autumn shows up in English first around the late 14th and early 15th centuries, though it coexisted with 'harvest' as a loose description of the season for another 200 years.

“Fall is different. It first shows up in the mid-16th century in England, primarily at first as 'the fall of the leaf,' which was shortened to just 'fall.'”

Of course there is more to it than that. If you like words, their origins and etymology, check out the story of the seasons' names at Atlas Obscura.


Good old ordinary water, right? Pollution notwithstanding, it's all over the place, the entire planet. Actually, it's all over the universe and it does not follow the known laws of chemistry. Take a look at this:


The Smithsonian National Zoo is keeping us up to date with new baby panda video nearly every day. Not long ago, we showed you one of the first and here is another of the baby getting its first medical checkup.

There is more panda cuteness here and here.


I keep running across contests for funny pet and animal photos. Here's one that turned up at Bored Panda this week - The Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2020. Three examples:




More at Bored Panda.


I loved the video about water! and animals are so cute. Thanks for such interesting things, Ronni.

The additional photos of the 72 years wedded couple are breathtaking, those two were blessed for sure. Also LOVED the Pet Photo Awards! Oh fudge, these weekly animal pics on TGB are beginning to brainwash me into getting a cat of my own. When I do, I'm going to name he/she "Ronni".

Oh, the baby panda!

Wishing you nights of bliss-filled sleep, Ronni.

Enduring love, devastation, weirdness, cuteness and silliness. Thank you for the eclectic mix today, Ronni! Wishing you the best, always!

Stunning photos of Mel and Vera. Several reminded me of Norman Rockwell paintings.

Fall or autumn, it will always be my favorite season.

Dogs and cats. Can't live without them.

Your Saturday Blog is always special.
Thank you.

Pets are cute. The water is, er, weird. But it's the fire video that dropped my jaw in astonishment. Who knew?

Water is fascinating, but the underground fire is disturbing for several reasons. It's even more disturbing how long the fires have been burning and spreading, and all the destruction that they've caused. I fin it impossible to keep up with the progress of all the disasters in progress. Is the air quality better where you are yet Ronni and is the threat of evacuation less?

Thank goodness for baby pandas, funny animals, and long-long-term beautiful relationships. The help keep me on an even keel today.

Cathy J. and others re air quality in Oregon:

As bad as the fires are elsewhere on the west coast, my area of northwest Oregon has had beautiful air quality in the past week or so, some rain which is welcome and cool-ish weather. Today, the air quality has creeped up into the lower end of Moderate, as opposed to good area. That is, the yellow zone instead of the green zone.

But there are no fires nearby and my area is not on evacuation watch.

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