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Monday Time Out

As I noted at the end of Saturday's Interesting Stuff post, it's been a few rough days in a row – weakness, lethargy, disinterest, lots of sleep and not much else. Even one of my top two or three favorite small pleasures, a hot bath, has been hard – it's too difficult to get out of the tub.

There is nothing new on cable news, just repeats of what the hosts said last hour and the hour before that, etc. My mind is too addled to read.

I sit in bed or at the computer and stare into space for long periods of time quite comfortably.

What is lovely are the email notes from you, dear readers. You say the nicest things and I wish I could answer every one. But I am just too weak right now So I'm taking a time out today, and tomorrow is reader story day so I have two whole days to rest.

Please don't think I am ignoring you. It is just that my body is screaming REST at me and so I am doing that.

Thank you all for being there. It means everything to me.


What heart and love you show by worrying about us! You are my go to place whenever I feel like giving up. My problems are psychological mainly, not physical, and somehow your realness always grounds me : this is it, these are the dice you're given, deal with it. But without either the harshness or the polyanna attitude. Just real warm, intelligent and funny.
Watching into the same space as you are, only from accross the big pond (the Netherlands)
Love from Amsterdam

Correction : staring into the same space

Wishing you comfort during these couple of days of peace and rest. I hope you have some soothing music to listen to, if you want that.

You are very, very precious to us, dear Ronni. Because of who you are, because of the haven of sanity and civility and real information on a wide variety of issues that you have created here at TGB and because we truly feel that you are family.
Thank you, with great hope that some rest will help and with much love

Hoping you have a comfortable day and a restful night. You may be sure that many other readers are wishing the same for you. I get up too early here on the east coast to say that your posts are the first things I look at, but as soon as 8:30 rolls around I'm back at the computer to read your words of wisdom and comfort. You've been an important part of my life for a long time. Most of my friends here know about my friend Ronni whom I've never met.

I know you are not religious, but I think of this more as spiritual--May the God of all comfort abide with you now and always.

I'm in the boat with you......sick, very weak, etc........ in hospital 3 days.....older than you......I won't go on. Fortunately I live with my daughter. It's a PIA!!!!! Feel better. Dee

Resting is wonderful. Thank you for writing when you can.

So sorry your body is not cooperating and making you not function on all cylinders.

Have you and your hospice nurse talked about it being time for steroids? They are so energy giving, if they are available and you can take them.

Just want you to know. You have been such a beacon for all to follow. Your writings have helped so many of us see new ways and meaning in that journey through life's last chapters.

And, never forget, you are surrounded by love and caring as you continue along, sharing this last chapter.

Rest up Ronni.... do whatever feels right for you.
Sending you positive thoughts and warm regards from England.

My heart goes out to you. You are in inspiration to so many. Just rest now. You have earned it.

Thank you for sharing all parts of you, fatigue included. Rest, it has been a busy, ongoing and productive life. Just be, holding space for you in my heart that you will feel peace and ease with each breath.

Sending wishes for smooth days Ronni.

You are loved.

Love. Just love. Accept, feel, rest. repeat as necessary.

God Bless you Ronnie



To you

I'm with you, Ronni. Rest.

We are on this journey with you, as far as we can go... Sharing these aspects of it, when your energy is low, when you haven’t the strength to be with us, that sharing, that time you take to be w yourself, those are GIFTS.

Your honesty and transparency are gifts Ronni. So know we are with you as well. Loving you for what you’ve given, cherishing your wisdom, wishing you a Good Journey w every breath.

You are teaching us all what the Journey looks like. What it feels like, what is meaningful... and I (we) thank you from the bottom to the top of our 💜s

Gentle rest, Ronni. There is not one person here that thinks you are ignoring us. Sweet dreams....

Time Out for Rest is so good...hang in there, and thinking if you have some interest in a gift to the community do it now, maybe get a hot tub, that you can get in and out of now, and then donate it or something like that, sending love and peace to you, and your family, and those wonderful hospice people... ;)

Dear Ronni,
Thanks for sharing the video about the reintroduction of wolves in Yellowstone, and the cascading trophic effect this had on the entire park.
You have had a cascading trophic effect on all of us readers, by covering subjects that remain untouched in other realms, thus making us more conscious and better prepared in our lives, and our eventual departures.
In days like those you are now experiencing, do only what makes you feel better. Rest and write when you feel up to it. We can always go back and read and reread the countless columns you have shared with us already.
Good thoughts and good vibes are sent your way.

Take all the time you need....we will be here when you are ready to write again. Praying for rest for you!

I would sit with you and do for you whatever you need if I could. Unfortunately I live across the country in Georgia - my wonderful husband and I take care of my 99 year old father, who lives with us. Please know you are not alone even when you seem to be. So many far away friends are walking this road with you.

Please accept my caring.

I'm here, just being on this site is enough, with you. The priority is that you are getting good care.

Thanking God for you and your blog! Rest and do whatever you need to do! Your body deserves it along this journey!Sending Love and good thoughts!

Ronni - My advice would be to take as many days off as you need. It's very kind of you but there is no need to apologize or explain. Just do it.
You are a treasure to all your readers.

Rest and nap and rest and nap! You deserve it. Thinking of you.

Ronni, you have three sisters (my two older sisters and I) who have been reading your blog for years. We have remarked how your approach towards life, your insights and your tireless crusade to seek the truth and share it so succinctly have been a delight and a godsend. We feel like you would not only fit in beautifully with our family, you are like a member of our family. You have served such an important purpose—not only keeping us informed and articulating the outrages of our time—you have shown us how to age and deal with serious illness with grace and pragmatism. Even your openness re your lack of religiosity has been reassuring. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. With love from your Three sisters from California—Jorgia, Leni, and Annette.

You are wise to listen to what your body is telling you! Not always easy to do, but generally a good thing to do. We will be here when you come back, rested.

What all of the above said! I couldn’t put it better. We all love you! From Canada’s west coast.

So your body is screaming REST.
Heed it. Relax as much as you can.
Think comforting thoughts.

Think of those doleful sounds the wolves make as they communicate
—with each other, with their young.

Close your eyes.

Think of the vast world all around you.
Think of all you have experienced.
Think of all of us loyal readers reading
your words and always, always benefiting from them.

Breathe deeply. Take a nap!

Just relish life as long as you can live

Know how much you are in our thoughts—how much you are
appreciated and loved.

And then think of all the words and thoughts you have sent our way.

And the resonance of all that!

I think about you every day.

Love, Ruth-Ellen

No one deserves a little respite more than you. Rest comfortably knowing how much love you are surrounded with. I know I am so grateful to have found this blog. I don’t pray but I am thinking of you with love and hoping whatever energy is keeping this universe running will be gentle with you.

I often wish for eloquence, but here on TGB I need only a few words:
What They ALL said!
You are loved, respected, and often quoted here in southern NM.

We do not feel ignored. We feel cherished–––as I hope you do. You are so loved and so special.

Rest. Rest and may it be refreshing.

Just a few words to say: Thank you for posting. I hope you will be able to take a hot bath soon--one of my own personal pleasures. We are all thinking of you and sending love and good wishes through cyberspace.

Rest, sweet lady, rest. You are well loved, and in my belief, you are held in God's comforting arms, resting, just resting. 💕

Sincerely thinking of you. Your strength and lack of self pity is inspiring and remarkable. Thank you for honestly sharing so much of yourself with all of us. Rest up.

Sweet rest to you, dearest Ronni, you've worked hard and with heart for all of us for so long.........and before that as well. Much love, many blessings, Salinda

Ronni: Thank you for going us such a lovely gift online...I am wishing you some comfort, rest and peace... ellie

So glad you are listening to your body and taking the time you need right now.
With all best wishes,

Late as usual but in total agreement with what has already been said. . . For whatever the reason, it's a real kick in the butt when the body won't do what it's "supposed to" and has done for years. How DARE it not perform?! I know--that's a totally unreasonable reaction.

I cannot be more eloquent than all those loving thoughts before me, but I agree with them all. It is astonishing to me that you still communicate with us, and I am deeply grateful for every post. Rest well, dear lady, you have more than earned that right.

Wishing you a restful (and guilt-free) time. Take the time you need; and if your body is telling you to take it slow, then do that! I hope you've talked with your team about this. I hope that they are providing comfort, even if it means sitting in companionable silence with someone you trust. We'll all be here with you, no matter what. And maybe we'll all perk up a bit if things go well on Election Day!

Rest easy, dear friend. Wishing you comfort and peace.

Rest, Nap, Rest, Nap. The perfect plan!!!

While you are gazing into the distance remember all the good times, the beautiful places you've seen, the fun you've had with friends, the nights spent dancing, the excitement of new jobs and know you have many, many friends all over the world who are sending you love.

So nice to hear you say you need us too! I am on the same journey and who knows what we will find right around the corner? I tell myself anything is possible when we get to who knows where - hell we don't even know when we will get there do we? PEACE be upon us!

Take care Ronni - thinking of you and thank you for sharing your journey ... Ralph from Melbourne Australia

Grateful to have been with you far a long time and grateful to be with you now.

Ronnie, I didn't have time to read all these comments...but I know they are similar to my feelings. You have given us soooo much, so take a break. You deserve it, and your body must tell you what it needs these days. I'll be here waiting patiently for when you return.

Ronni, you have all the best wishes, prayers, and adulation you could ever want from your faithful friends and followers.

I'd just like to add my appreciation to the faithful friends and followers themselves for their eloquent, compassionate and moving-beyond-words messages -- you've all created a circle of love and light that radiates through cyberspace and fills hearts around the world.

So grateful to be a part of you all.

Wise to listen to your body, so glad you respect what it tells you. Will look forward to reading what you may write whenever you're up to doing so. Meanwhile, am continuing to send those positive vibes up the coast, over the state border to you with caring, concern and well wishes.

Why not take some time off? You've been creating a near-daily blog for years now. And every one fresh and new. It's time...rest and relax guiltfree.

It's a shame you are not a baseball fan. The World Series is in progress and it's rather interestin' this year. Of course, as a Los Angeles Dodger fan, it's easy for me to say. But, at 96, with the same spouse for 70 years who also enjoys the game, it does take our minds off the various pains in our body parts. It not the same as your situation by any means, but it does take our minds off our day-to-day issues.

Best wishes to you,
Emiel aka Emiliano aka ole guy

Get all the rest you need Ronni, and I hope your strength and energy rally and you can do some things you enjoy.

In lieu of a hot bath (which I agree is one of the best things in the world) I use a small, heated micro-plush sherpa blanket ( I think it's about twin size -- maybe about 5'x7' or so) placed between my top sheet and comforter, positioned particularly to cover the lower half of the bed, and turned on to about the middle position for a half hour to an hour or so before I plan to go to bed, then down to the lowest position or off when I turn in, depending on how cold a night it is. I'd get far too warm if I left this on all night, but the gentle warmth when I get into bed is so comforting.

I thank you for all you have shared with us and are continuing to share...without the sugar coating. I love and appreciate your openness and honesty. ♥️

If anyone deserves a timeout and a few days rest, it’s you, dear Ronni. I hope you are enjoying some deep sleep and good rest. In the meantime, I went to your archive and read your first two posts to TGB in March/April 2004. In the first one you write about how much you are looking forward to growing older. In the second one you humorously tell us that, although you generally never look in the mirror after exiting the bathtub, that you finally took a good look at your naked body after packing on 40 extra pound after quitting smoking. You also announce your new crusade to lose those 40 pounds.

I so enjoyed reading your first two posts, and distinctly remember reading them the first time. Reading them took me back to my own time and place back in the spring of 2004. I wonder if I can find any posts I may have made back then...

The point being Ronni, that even if you need more rest as you continue your journey, we readers have a priceless wealth of your wonderful posts to fall back on. I think I will continue to read your early posts In chronological order, after reading your new posts. I seem to remember your love-able and beautiful cat...Ollie?

Take good care Ronni, rest and enjoy each day. Can you believe it, only one week until the election? Much love to you.

Rest, just rest! I'm sure you can hear the chorus from across!

...from across the world :)

Don't wait until your body has to scream at you--listen to its whispers. We will still be here for you when you feel up to doing what you want to do.

Ronnie, all that time you spent in your life honing your skill with words are paying off for us all now. You words are so open I am able to be right there with you. Tired, staring, being, leaving, living....
Thank you for this great gift you are able to give to us!

Dear Ronni, however you feel now—and I’m sorry it’s not so good—please always keep in mind how much you have done for all of us who have aged with you over the years. Until I discovered Time Goes By, I didn’t know just how much I had in common with so many other old people, mostly women but some men as well.

I have often forwarded TGB posts to other, mostly younger, family members but I know that until they get here themselves, they will not begin to understand what it’s really like to get old. It was our good luck that you were there with your intelligence and your skill with words, because it was you who brought us together to share the feelings and experiences of aging. And a shared experience is always better for the sharing.

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