The Alex and Ronni Show – 30 October 2020
Election Day

Ronni Bennett, 1941-2020

Yesterday, at 6:28 PM local time, Veronica "Ronni" Bennett passed away. Ronni bravely documented the aging process, with her Last Great Gift being the documentation of her death. We spoke for sometime yesterday, and throughout our conversation, she circled back to you. It was very important to Ronni that this amazing community continue to have a place to come and discuss this amazing journey we are all in together. Your support and love was a gift that Ronni never could have imagined when she started this blog 16 years ago, and she was forever grateful for each and everyone of you.

We all will feel the pain of this loss for a long time to come, and although 30 years her junior and far from a writer, I will continue to make TGB accessible, and comments are always welcome. I will make many mistakes, I am sure, and please forgive my lack of HTML understanding, but I will get there.

I will leave you with knowing that she was ready. Just before she died, she said, "When you get here, it is really nice. I am not afraid." – Autumn



My heartfelt condolences on Ronni's death. I enjoyed the Twitter contributions immensely, as well as her blogs. I started to follow her a few years ago only but really appreciated her inslghtful and honest comments on her life journey.

"When you get here, it is really nice. I am not afraid."

Oh... There is Ronni's last gift to us.

Thank you Ronni.

And thank you Autumn. You're doing a lovely job. And you are a writer.

This was thoughtful and lovely, thank you very much Autumn. To be honest, even though we knew this was coming.... I'm at a loss, I thought we had a little more time. I'll miss Ronni very much, but it's good to know TGB will go on.

Ronni, I will miss you. Thank you for it all. When I have come to this page I have been sitting with a personal friend. My love follows you.

Thank you Ronni and thank you Autumn.

Farewell as you go beyond the veil. From time to time I feel the moment for travel has come.
On the day of leaving, cast a veil
of humble sunset-glaze.
Let the time to leave
be quiet, still. Let no pompous memorials
build the hypnosis of grieving.
Let the lines of trees by the departure door
bestow the tranquil chanting of earth
on quiet heaps of leaves.
Let night’s soundless blessing slowly descend,
iridescent offerings of the seven stars. Tagore

So sorry to hear. She was a stalwart of the blogging world ... as well as a thoughtful, caring person. We will look forward to how TGB moves forward.

I knew it was coming but still a shock. Bon voyage, dear Ronni

Other commenters said it better than I can.

She was a gift to us all.

Autumn, thank you for your message and for continuing her blog.

It was a very sad, painful message to have received a short while ago. In the short amount of time that I knew her, from the time she entered the lives of Kathy and
Tom, I felt a close connection with her. This was Ronni’s gift to her followers in that each of us felt this connection. I enjoyed her blogs, I enjoyed our few personal emails. The ancient Hebrew prayer is so appropriate for Ronni:
May her memory endure as a blessing!

My appreciation to you, Autumn, for continuing forward with what she started.

I really wasn't expecting this quite yet, although I certainly understood that her energy was waning and life's pleasures were diminishing. Thank you, Autumn, for your lovely message about our mutual good friend. Thank you in particular for sharing that she was not afraid.

Another woman I knew died this week. I'm sort of in awe of these women dying at about the same time. I've so enjoyed Ronnie's posts here for years...seldom missing a single one. Thank you, Nancy Ewart, for Tagore's poem. May you find the way to the summer-lands, and may your family and friends know peace, dear Ronnie. What a blessing you've given to me here. Thank you!

Bye Ronni, it’s been good to know you.

I rarely agreed, but always read.
Ronnie, I will miss you.

Autumn, please let us know how we can help you celebrate Ronni’s life as well as mourn her death.

Thank you, Autumn. When "Interesting Stuff" was missing this morning, I feared the worst. I knew this day was coming--especially when Ronni said she could no longer get out of the bathtub. (That will likely be a marker for me as well when my time is near.) Still, her death comes as a shock, especially after viewing her on the Alex & Ronni Show only a few days ago.

I know she really wanted to hang around long enough to see the would-be Emperor of tRumpystan booted out of the White House (we hope, we hope!) I'm SO glad she was not afraid at the end. I look forward to "TGB 2.0" whatever form it may take.

"I am not afraid."

Great words to live, and to die, by.

She was unflinching, which I certainly appreciated. Opinionated, which I adored. Persistent, which I was jealous of. Clear-eyed, which I aspire to. Willing to say and reveal, which eludes me.

Somehow I was drawn back to look and listen to the Ronni and Alex show today, and listening now as I'm reading about "I am not afraid" To everything there is a Season,
Her life and her soul shared with us, and may her family be comforted, Alex, her son and his family too. Feel that she's not in pain now, and will be watching over us.

Thank you Autumn, Ronni will be sorely missed. Years ago I and a friend got to meet her in her home, a gathering of her readers at the time. It was delightful to be with her and it will remain one of my treasured memories. Sending hugs to her readers, her friends and her family.

I mourn her passing. I am grateful for the community she built here.

I shall miss Ronnie and her mentor ship deeply. I have a lost a dear friend...I wasn’t ready ; I don’t think I’d ever have been ready. Her posts, her journey, her honesty have meant so much to me. 💔
But I will keep close to my heart that Ronnie felt ready and that she was not afraid. I am happy for that .

And thank you Autumn

I have to say I am surprised, though not shocked. I just watched the most recent Alex and Ronni show last night, and thought Ronni was glowing. Perhaps it was the serenity of letting go.

I am generally fearful of the whole sickness and dying part of aging, and at 70 just beginning to experience it with myself and my husband. Reading how Ronni dealt with it was very helpful for me, and in a way a role model, though I don't think I'll ever do it as well as she did.

Thank you Ronnie for sharing yourself so honestly with us. I am sad to lose your wise words. Rest in peace.

I logged in to read Ronnie's Saturday "Interesting Stuff" always interesting and funny. Instead I received the sad and unexpected news that this dear woman has passed. For some unknown reason I expected her to be here for the election (she wanted to be here for that) - she always seemed to bounce back and I thought maybe (just maybe) she might make it to Christmas - I also am happy that she was not afraid - "It's nice here" - similar to what my Mom said just before she passed. I'll always remember her - such a brave woman - sharing her feelings and experiences have really been valuable to me as I also have cancer - which I will fight until my own death - but Ronnie has made that journey easier - and I'll miss her - Rest in Peace - sympathy to all her family and friends - you are in my prayers

Learned so much about myself because of go. Sleep peacefully

Because of you. I can barely see through my tears

Love you, Ronni. Miss you and always will.

What a gift she was.
Jackie M

Saturday mornings will never the same. I feel a bit like I might have as a child, if I had woken up one morning to discover the cartoons had been discontinued. At least in this case, Autumn will be carrying on and this site will still be here. Thank you for that commitment, Autumn.

May you rest in peace in Ronni Bennett. Thank you for your creation of Time Goes By and your unflagging devotion to it for all these years. You will be fondly remembered. I'm sorry that you will not be here to celebrate when Joe and Kamala beat the pants off the current president and his VP.

Feeling so sad, but grateful. Just made time to watch the last Alex and Ronni show and it was bittersweet (for me) but Ronni looked happy. I’m going to miss everything about her!

Thank you, Autumn, for delivering Ronni’s message. I look forward to hearing more from you.

I’ve lost a good friend who taught me so much over the years. I hope you knew how much you’ll be missed.

I am comforted that Ronni was able to leave on her own terms and that she was not afraid. For myself, I am very sad. I have lost a smart, funny friend and cannot explain to anyone how the author of a blog came to mean so much to me. I was not ready, I thought she would wait for the election, but I suppose towards the end, you let go of earthly concerns.

I am comforted that Ronni was able to leave on her own terms and that she was not afraid. For myself, I am very sad. I have lost a smart, funny friend and cannot explain to anyone how the author of a blog came to mean so much to me. I was not ready, I thought she would wait for the election, but I suppose towards the end, you let go of earthly concerns.

Oh. Ronni, you left a space in my heart that none other can fill.

I am saddened, but not surprised. It felt like she was signaling in her last few posts tha the end was near. I had hoped for more time–now I realize that was my own selfish hope. I am profoundly grateful she is at Peace.

Also grateful for you, Autumn, that TGB will continue. We will not be wandering about like lost sheep . We will still have the community that Ronni built.

Many, many thanks Ronni Bennett. I will remember you and your mom as long as I'm here. My condolences to Ronni's family.

Thank you Autumn. No words yet -- but joy that she was ready.

I followed her for years and I will miss her. Thank you Autumn for letting us know she is now whole and free.

Thank you Ronni, for a life well-lived.

Thank you Autumn, for letting us know.

I am so sad.

RIP, dear lady.

I logged in early this morning looking for the Saturday post. Not there, so I began watching the latest Alex and Ronni show. Got interrupted, the day went by, and I'm just returning to the blog now. My stomach just fell to my feet. I was not ready for this, even though Ronni did her best to prepare us. In a year of so many losses, this is a big, big one. More than anything, Ronni had, what only the really good writers have, a distinctive voice. I will miss that voice, and her fearless wisdom, so very much.
Thank you, Autumn, for being an in-person friend to our dear Ronni, who so many of us came to know only through this blog. I am glad that her end was peaceful, but I am typing through my tears.

Sail away on that good ship, Ronni. We remain with you as you do with us. Thank you for everything. And thank you, Autumn. I am very sorry you have lost your dear friend.

Friday I was thinking of how profoundly I would miss Ronni's straightforward ways and words; I didn't know I would have to focus on it the next day. Despite her having done everything she could to prepare us for it, it is still a harsh, harsh stab in the heart ... and will continue to be so.
Her words to you, Autumn, the umpteenth gift to us, as is the knowledge that thanks to the two of you, we will still have this community to come to and share our grief with. I always told Ronni that her posts were gifts that would keep on giving (I have saved so many of them) and her presence in our lives is another gift that will keep on giving.
As Tony said, please let us know what we can do to help you celebrate her life and mourn her death.
Thank you, Ronni, and thank you, Autumn.

I'm so very sorry, Autumn and everyone. I guess I was in denial, because at first I thought the final message was from Ronni. But her final words are a comfort. Thank you, Ronni, for all you did for all of us. RIP.

Ronnie, you made us laugh, you made us think and you made us care. You will be so missed.
Thank you Autumn for being there for her and letting us know she wasn't afraid.

Autumn, thank you so much for being there for Ronni—and us.

A book should definitely be made from Ronni's most timeless, pioneering posts on the journey of aging. She blazed a trail and began a conversation the whole culture needs to be continuing, and she didn't prettify or mystify it—hers is such a forthright, honest, modest, humorous (and when called for, angry!) voice.

Let's do it.

Oh no, Autumn. I am sad to hear this news.

I was hoping Ronni would witness T losing the election.

Even though we never met in person, Ronni was my NYC friend.

We shared a similar sense of humour.

I picture Ronni walking around her former NYC neighbourhood, chatting with friends.

Her cat Ollie looking out their apartment window.

Walking through WS park.

People watching.

Hanging out in Ronni’s Cafe, sharing stories, laughing.

Ronni, thank you for mentioning my books on your blog, and your kind comments.

Your Montréal Fan forever.

Missing Ronni's usual Saturday interesting things post, I ventured to Bored Panda, a site she often pulled from. There were a number of items I think Ronni would've liked, including "30 Unusual Maps People Shared On This Group That Might Change Your Perspective On Things." I wish I could have linked it here, but I thought I would include the title in case anyone else would like to check it out. I already miss her voice so much.

I found Ronni in 1997 on The Ageless Project when I began my blogging. She was a wonderful writer and she allowed all of us an outlet for our writing through TIMEGOESBY. We laughed with her and many others and we cried also. Cannot believe this day has finally come. Blessings to you Ronni. We all loved you so.

Thank you, Autumn. An inspiration she was and will be.

Goodbye Ronnie...loving you on your journey and standing with all of us left behind. I will genuinely miss you, dear one. Sad and loving

Ronni you have crossed the bar and I wish you Bon Voyage in this second voyage through life--of a very different kind.

I am so sad to hear this news. I looked forward to her blog. I hope I will go into the final sleep with dignity and courage. It is comforting to hear her final words. Leaves me peaceful that she is no longer in pain.
comfort to you Autumn . She is an inspiring woman.

There are no adequate words to describe the pain of loss. Our friendship went back over 40 years. An incomparable woman of spirit and valor.

Thank you for being willing to keep Ronni's blog going. i know you will do a beautiful job, because it is being done with great love and care. I will miss Ronni. She not only offered lessons in dying, but in living, as well, and for that I am very grateful.

I am very sad and moved by your news of Ronni's passing.
She was a strong, inteligent, witty, brave woman, and she will be so missed.
I'm glad that I have kept many of her writings.
Goodbye my friend and thank you!

I am so sorry and somehow shocked
I need to catch my breath...
Ronni will be missed
Her musings have brought such pleasure and insight
She helped me think
Thank you Autumn for continuing her legacy

After I gasped...

I expressed an expletive: her vote won’t count! At least as I understand it. If you’ve yet to vote and somehow weren’t voting blue, do so in Ronni’s memory.

Her life was a gift. Her helping us think about living and dying on one’s own terms was the greatest gift.

May her memory be only for a blessing.

Thank you, Autumn! Ronni spoke of you often. I'm glad you were available for her.
Wow...that's all I have to say, Ronni is gone. Wow...she's gone.

it's not fair!
just 2 days to go and she would have known!!

Thank you.

So many have expressed what I'm feeling this morning, hearing the news.
I feel like she left on her terms, flipping off all the political chaos of this time. She rose above it all. I will miss her as a writer, blogger, friend I never met, and teacher. I'm so sad right now.
Thank you, Autumn, for carrying on.

So sorry she missed the election results or it could be a good thing.

She will be so missed by us. She was such a gift.

Ronni & this blog have been part of my daily life for many years. She taught me so much & let me know I'm not alone in this experience of aging.

Condolences to all her close family and friends she will be missed.

No matter how expected, a death is always a shock. I am grateful for the way Ronni helped me think about aging. And how I loved the way she wrote!

A wonderful role model for aging with dignity. May her memory be for a blessing.

Oh, I shall miss her. I am so glad I was able to get to 'meet' her through this blog.

I’ve followed Ronni for a bit now and have gained wisdom from her living through and beyond her diagnosis. This diary, at times lighthearted, at times brutal in it’s honesty, has helped me grow towards my own end. I will miss this daily conversation.

I am grieving. Simple as that. Thank you Autumn. I think we all of us felt like Ronnie was our friend, our source of so much. So with tears in my eyes and the sorrow that comes with this loss I say thanks so much to Ronnie for it all--for her courage, her wisdom, her sense of humor, fairness, and her anger.

Like others, I somehow wasn't ready (although I feel that that is coming from a selfish place in me). Seeing Ronni in her last show with Alex left me feeling that there was more time. The fact that Ronni was ready to go so near the date of the election -- something that she had genuinely wanted to see -- tells us what these last few days/weeks had been like for her. I wish that she could have been here to see the election through, but her decision tells me that these earthly concerns had receded much more than I was able to sense. "When you get here, it is really nice. I am not afraid." Thank you for that, Ronni, and everything else along the way.

Goodbye, Ronni.
I will remember you as long as memories matter for me...
Thank you, Autumn.

Ah, Ronni, there was never going to be enough time but I was selfishly hoping for a bit more.
Wishing you fair winds and following seas as your journey continues. You are already missed.
Thank you, Autumn. Much appreciated.

I have never cried at the death of someone I didn't know, but I am doing it now. To see how brave and "centered" she was at the very end confirms everything I have felt about her since I first started reading this blog several years ago. And to know she was not afraid is a comfort.
I am so sad, though, that she didn't make it until election day. If the result is what we hope for, I will think of her when I celebrate.

My heart is breaking and the tears are flowing. I never met her personally but I felt I "knew her". It is at least comforting to know she is out of pain and free. Fly with the angels beautiful soul.

Thank you Autumn for keeping this blog alive.

Thank you, Ronni. Peace to your memory.

Thank you for letting us know. I am in tears.

I am deeply saddened but grateful for knowing Ronni’s final words. Thank you Autumn for being with her and letting us know.

We’ll miss you peacefully.

Ronnie's writing, always direct from the heart and eloquent in its simplicity, will be sorely missed. Her wonderful sense of humor and honestly likely belied much of the suffering she felt day in and day out. Like so many others, I will miss her terribly. A book is a great idea. I would love to be able to flip through the pages of her writings. Thank you, Autumn, for representing her. Condolences to all!

She was a gift, to her last message!
My own last innings have been immeasurably enriched by her research, writing, and wisdom.
Wherever, however, she is now, I hope she learns of the outcome of the election. 💘

Although I didn’t know Ronnie I read her blog daily. She will be missed. 😢

Thank you, Autumn. I am bawling like a baby. It is as if I had known Ronni in person. I wish I had. Rest in peace, Ronni, knowing you gave us all a great gift!

A great woman courageous until the end. She was and is loved and appreciated and her passion and strength are making my own journey easier now and when I, too, will get to my end.

Thank you Ronni where ever you are, you will be missed.

Thank you Autumn for sharing with us.

I started following this blog just around the time when Ronni was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. How wonderfully generous of her to share her journey with us. I learned a lot about living life to its fullest. Rest in peace, Ronni. And thank you, Autumn.

I just got this news with a shock! I definitely thought she would be here to see the election through. I am so sorry. I will miss her. But her last words were really helpful and beautiful. I'm so happy to have known her. Thank you, Autumn, for continuing her blog.

"And the bush burned with fire but the bush was not consumed."
Thank-you Ronni and Autumn.

From Ronnie’s beloved book, the Fall of Freddie the Leaf, A story of life for all ages by Leo Buscaglia, Ph.D.

“It’s been about the sun and the moon. It’s been about happy times together. It’s been about shade and the old people and the children. It’s been about colors in Fall. It’s been about seasons.”

Goodbye for now, Ronnie.

Thank you for allowing me to be in your intimate space of dying. It was an honor to care for you and to know you for the last chapter of your life.

Ronnie was so proud of making a difference here with all of you and felt so loved, appreciated and challenged in the best way.

Ronni and RBG will be watching together to see that we as a nation do the right thing this week.
I for one do not want to risk their displeasure.
My appreciation, Autumn, for your commitment to carrying on in the midst of your own grief.

What a gift she was. We followed her journey like a road map for our own lives and the final gift of reassurance to us at the end of her journey gives us all hope that this life is just part of the destination. The authenticity of her writing and her willingness to reveal all aspects of her experience should become a book of instructions on how to live and how to die. May we all aspire to her ability to see life in the midst of death.

I, we, knew this moment was coming; certainly sooner than we hoped it would come. However, I am thankful that Ronni was not afraid, that she knew it was time to die. She certainly had been preparing us for this time; one of the many instances when she showed her care for us. My gratitude to you Autumn for letting us know.

Condolences to her family and friends and all who cared for her. There will be a hole in all our lives that likely will never be filled. Thanks to you, Autumn, we will be able to access TGB.

I will sorely miss Ronni's bravery, directness, humor, and ability to just deal with things. She set such a good example for all of us, of all ages.

Now the tears are coming my best wishes to all who loved and cared for the remarkable Ronni Bennett.

I, too, find myself in tears and feeling deep sadness for someone I never met. I was always interested and touched by what Ronnie shared and what she believed in. She had conviction and determination. Her final words give me a image of her stepping over a threshold, turning her head to us and giving reassurance as she moves on to the next shore. It really is a passage. I will miss her and so appreciate all she gave us. Thank you Autumn for giving Ronnie a way for this blog to continue. I am sure that was hugely important to her. Good luck and we are all out here, open to what you might offer. Nancy R. Canada

Thank you, Ronni. And thank you, Autumn. Everything I might have said has already been said and I can only endorse those comments.
Another Dee

My mind sees Ronni, free - prancing about in her Old Lady Fancy Pants - while I thank you, Autumn, for carrying on a tradition.

As Edie Birken wrote, "May her memory endure as a blessing!"

It’s been a wonderful ride, Ronni. Thank you for welcoming all of us. I learned, laughed, and now I will weep.

We’ll miss you.

Thank you, Autumn for all that you have done for Ronni and for all of us.

Thank you Autumn.

Like all here, even though we knew it was coming, I too feel the shock. And the tears keep coming.

She gave us all a community. And she was not afraid, such a gift.

Wishing you the very best Journey Ronni... ✨

"Now cracks a noble heart. Good night, sweet Ronni, may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest."

I'm so glad you went in peace and will miss your voice.


Thank you Ronni. Thank you Autumn.

Thank you, Autumn. I am crying too, and yet only knew Ronni, through the blog, which I read everyday.
I also like the book idea.
Rest peacefully, Ronni.

To know that you “made a difference” for the better seems to me to be the best summation of a life well-lived! Ronni made such a difference to me and to so many.

I hope that as you embraced her and held her hand, she felt the love and gratitude from so many of us!

I hope she wrote her own obituary because I would love to read it!

Bless you, Ronni, as you continue on your journey. You have shared much and taught many. You remain a part of all your friends. My love is with you.

Unexpected, though I knew this was coming at some point. I am saddened. But also heartened by Ronni's final words, a gift to be sure. I hope wherever she is, it is good.

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